Best Books For Kindergarteners To Read – If you have the opportunity to read to your child’s class during story time, these kindergarten read alouds are sure to be a big hit! You have been asked to be a mystery reader for your child’s class. Or maybe you are asked to simply come and read …

Best Books For Kindergarteners To Read

Best Books For Kindergarteners To Read – If you have the opportunity to read to your child’s class during story time, these kindergarten read alouds are sure to be a big hit!

You have been asked to be a mystery reader for your child’s class. Or maybe you are asked to simply come and read to the students at their weekly family story time.

Best Books For Kindergarteners To Read

Best Books For Kindergarteners To Read

You get so excited! After all, you’re a pro at reading to your kids before bed! But then you start to panic.

The Best 20 Kid’s Books To Teach Vital Social Emotional Skills

And there is no doubt about it. Children can be the harshest critics. So what do you read if you want to be engaged and captivated? How can you make them laugh and deliver a great message too?

Many teachers want you to read more than one book when you come to read the class. Typically, then, I armed myself with two options – one kindergarten read-aloud that is guaranteed to make you laugh (we just love funny children’s books!), and another that gives a great lesson.

Go with the fun book first. Once you hook students up with a book that gives them a solid case of the giggles, it makes it easier to read another great book that helps them learn something too. Whether it’s a message about confidence, adopting a growth mindset, or understanding their complex emotions, the possibilities are endless. There are even great early kindergarten books if you are reading in early school.

To make it even easier, the kindergarten read alouds below are divided into three simple categories: stories that deliver great messages, funny and imaginative books, and kindergarten read alouds that teach confidence and -self love.

Valentine’s Day Books For Kindergarten

So what are you waiting for? Grab some of these awesome stories, and head back to class!

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Best Books For Kindergarteners To Read

Everything on this list! The books on this list are stories I share with my kindergarten students in the school library. These books attract children with their humor, fascinating story lines, or unique plots. You can’t go wrong with any of the books on this list!

Best Kindergarten Books To Get Your Kid Ready For School

Most children start learning to read in kindergarten, but remember that every child is on their own unique timeline! Some children can start sounding out words in pre-kindergarten when they are only four years old. Others learn to read in kindergarten, typically around five or six. Some countries don’t even start teaching children to read before they are seven years old! The most important thing you can do is to read to your child as often as possible. When he or she is ready, they will be sure to let you know. Children become readers at different ages, and that’s a-ok!

I Will Forever Love Mary Wears What She Wants, by Keith Negley (featured below). This book is a joy! Inspired by Mary Edwards Walker, a pioneering physician who rebelled against the traditional clothing typically worn by women and girls in the 1800s, this fantastical picture book centers on one girl who decides that girls should they can wear pants like the boys, and therefore rebel against the status quo in her town. A book about voice, courage, and being true to yourself, Mary Wears What She Wants is a timeless favorite.

This fabulous book is inspired by Mary Edwards Walker, a doctor born on the street who rebelled against the traditional clothing typically worn by women and girls in the 1800s. Why? Because girls had to wear dresses, and only boys could wear pants. But pants were more comfortable – they allowed for more freedom and movement. So what did Mary do? Supported by her parents, she had a new idea — she would wear whatever she wanted! My family and my students love the way this fabulous children’s book about clothing and girl power conveys that our individual voices alone have so much power to make positive change, and he is always a favorite in the classroom! For our full review of Mary Wears What She Wants, click here!

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Not only is this a fun and fabulous kindergarten read aloud, but it’s also an important one for your shelves. Apologize when you have made a mistake

The Best Read Aloud Chapter Books For Kindergarten

, and we all sometimes need a good reminder on how to say sorry. With great advice, cheerful humor and honesty to boot, this book helps young and old readers see that even though apologizing isn’t always easy, apologizing can make situations and people feel better. when someone gets in the way. This is a great starter for young readers, an important refresher for older readers, and a fabulous book about forgiveness to read during Yom Kippur!

Oh, how I love this book! We all know someone like Jenny Mei, the kind of friend who always smiles and makes others laugh. But her good friends know that behind that outward happiness, Jenny Mei is sad. And a really good friend will be there to support Jenny when she needs it most. With tenderness and a keen insight into the mind and psyche of childhood, this book helps little ones understand sadness, friendship, and how we can support our dear friends not only through the ages fun, but also in hard ones.

Something bad has happened to Taylor — she can’t get over her devastation when the tower she worked so hard to build crashes to the ground. Her friends try to help. They offer unsolicited tips and advice, try everything in the books to calm her down. But only when the rabbit sits and listens – just listens, quietly and calmly – you start to feel better. How I love this one! This is a favorite picture book about friendship that emphasizes the always important quality of listening to a friend rather than jumping in and trying to “fix” things.

Best Books For Kindergarteners To Read

One of the most common questions that all children ask sounds simple, at first: “What will you be when you grow up?” But simple questions don’t always have simple answers, prompting one girl to think about all the possibilities for her future. After all, as the child learns from her abuela, our potential is limitless. We love the message this book conveys, encouraging children to nurture their curiosity and dream big. The brilliant illustrations are a perfect addition to this vibrant read!

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The Best December Read Alouds For Kindergarten

This is a sweet story about a lovebird who doesn’t like to be kissed. In fact, she shouted emphatically, “no kisses!” if another bird tries to get too close! This causes drama among the other affectionate birds, and this big game that sets her apart from the other birds makes Rissy feel strange too. When Rissy talks to her mother, mother gives a valuable message: “Your body and your heart are yours, and you choose how to share./ You can choose the ways you want to show us that you care.” This is a perfect consent book for children and a wonderful story to introduce the concept of bodily autonomy to children of all ages.

This is such a treasured book to add to your collections about the power – and magic – of words”

.” Introducing this word into your child’s regular vocabulary is a huge way to foster a growth mindset and teach them that even if they haven’t conquered a particular skill, it doesn’t mean they never will. Instead, it simply means he hasn’t won yet. This book, about our special companion called the Gadha, offers a powerful lesson for children and gives all of us parents a fun way to drive home this important concept.

Malika receives the perfect pair of shoes as a gift from her Nana, and wears them through many new experiences throughout the year. But then— oh no!! Malika grows up and her shoes get too tight! She is so sad to part with them, but when she takes the shoes to a second hand shop, Malika hopes that someone else will wear them and love them too. Then Inna Ziya spies the shoes in the window and gives them as a gift to a little girl who loves them… in Africa! I love the way one pair of shoes connects two children around the world. Letting go of precious possessions is not easy for many children, but this joyful story helps children recognize how letting go can be sad but can bring so much joy to others!

Picture Books About Starting Kindergarten To Read Aloud

Vashti can’t draw, and because she knows she’s not an artist, she doesn’t even want to try. To prove her point? She makes an angry dot on her piece of paper. Vashti’s teacher makes her sign her drawing with dots, and thus begins the beginning of a beautiful journey. We adore the way this book encourages play and experimentation as an antidote to failure. For our full review of The Dot, click here!

This book is so, so good, and such an informative and wonderfully perfect story

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