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Best Books To Read When Starting A Business

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Best Books To Read When Starting A Business

Best Books To Read When Starting A Business

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* By subscribing to the newsletter, you also agree to receive communications and offers from selected partners. You can unsubscribe at any time. These days, it seems like there’s no cut-and-dry path to the perfect career, and unfortunately, that feeling goes double when it comes to starting a business. Whether you’re establishing yourself in an industry or making a career a focal point all together, starting a business is a process that takes a long time and requires a lot of patience.

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For those with entrepreneurial ambitions, the amount of potential opportunities to go down can seem endless, and without the gift of lived experience, it can be very difficult to determine the best place to start. Help narrow down all these potential options and choose the most productive path with these 12  insightful books about starting a business!

The Best Way To Read More Books (and Remember What You’ve Read)

It’s no secret that starting a business is stressful, and when you’re shouldering the bulk of household responsibilities as well as raising children, it can seem almost impossible to keep yourself healthy. Women entrepreneurs and CEOs need different tactics than men in business to maintain their sanity and peace of mind. Girl Code is a testament to the strength of female entrepreneurs and the kind of support they need to achieve success and maintain their happiness.

OK, this book isn’t about business per se, but it’s a great resource for those who want to learn more about prioritization. Learning to prioritize is an important skill for those looking to start a business. It allows you to set aside the aspects of your entrepreneurial activities that can wait and give more attention to the things that require immediate attention. Hello, productivity!

Among all the books recommended for budding Internet entrepreneurs, Pat Flynn’s Will it Fly always makes the cut. In our busier-than-ever work lives and access to the best versions of everyone’s lives on social media, it’s impossible not to feel like you’re lagging behind in the race for self-fulfillment. Will it Fly reminds entrepreneurs to take a breath and make sure you’re pitching the most well-developed idea.

Best Books To Read When Starting A Business

Let’s be honest, the relentless hustle and endless grind we’ve attributed to starting a business isn’t entirely realistic, and it certainly doesn’t work for everyone! Arianna Huffington has famously pushed back against the widely accepted belief and offers a different perspective in her book Thrive. Learn how to launch your career while maintaining healthy sleep, kindness, and space to honor your inner wisdom and follow the entrepreneurial path that works best for you.

Use Your Job To Quit Your Job: A Proven Blueprint To Forming Your Best Entrepreneur Ideas And Starting Your Business. By Jake Lang

This is one of those books that I would not recommend reading before bed. Not because it’s scary, but because it will make your mind race! If you have an inkling of a business idea, but you’re not sure how to turn that idea into a marketable business, read $100 Startup and you’ll be one step closer to going it alone.

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Don’t get swept up in the idea that your business needs to be bigger than you want it to be in order to be successful. Paul Jarvis argues the opposite in The Company of One, where he encourages entrepreneurs to worry about being their own bosses first, as opposed to quickly scaling their companies. Not only is this book great for the budding entrepreneur, it’s also a great resource for introverts who want to go it alone.

Claudia Altucher’s book, Become an Idea Machine, will teach you everything you need to know about taking your incredible ideas and running with them. In a world where content is a commodity, ideas are fuel and an invaluable asset to building a brand, growing a business or starting a business. Learn how to flex your idea muscles every day and become a productivity machine.

If self-help is a genre you’re struggling to get into, then this intersectional manifesto on modern feminism and entrepreneurship by THINX co-founder Miki Agrawal might be right up your alley! Miki has dealt with everything – from sexism in the workplace to internal sabotage – and has come out triumphantly on the other side. Find out how she learned to deal with the stressors women often face as they enter the professional world, and hear her call to action: Work through it.

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It seems strange to put a book on this list with “struggle” in the name, but Bobby Herrera’s collection of stories about leadership encourages those with entrepreneurial dreams to embrace their weaknesses and become effective leaders themselves. Don’t give in to conventional thinking that says we shouldn’t share our struggles and learn to lead with vulnerability.

Is there a bigger buzzword these days than side weather? Probably not. But Chris Guillebeau’s book on turning your passion into a business is a great resource for those looking to take their side hustle to the next level. If you need inspiration and advice, look no further!

Don’t let this modest book fool you, it’s packed with essential information about managing your money and writing contracts – the nitty-gritty aspects of starting a business that no one talks about! The next time you have an afternoon off, tap into this wealth of knowledge and emerge as a more confident budding businesswoman.

Best Books To Read When Starting A Business

Another important aspect of starting a business is branding! It’s so subjective and for many it can be so hard to even know where to start. However, these obstacles do not make branding any less important. Find out how to discover your brand and master an aesthetic that embodies your company’s unique qualities.

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The Most Anticipated Books Of 2023

Sign up for our weekly newsletter for exclusive content delivered straight to your inbox – including Trader Joe’s articles you won’t want to miss! Starting a business is exciting, but it is also full of challenges. Books recommended by top business schools and thought leaders can help, so we’ve compiled a list of the best books for starting a business in any field.

There will never be a “one size fits all” approach to starting a business. Nevertheless, there are common challenges founders face as they navigate the long but rewarding process of business formation. As you embark on your own business journey, what better place to look for answers and advice than top business schools?

To help you improve your business acumen, we’ve scoured must-read lists, online newsletters, and alumni-written books from Wharton, Harvard, and others to find what they recommend to their students and alumni. While we can’t promise you an MBA, these books might just be the next best thing.

With a no-nonsense, science-backed approach to starting a successful business, this book details how entrepreneurs can tilt the odds of success in their favor. Even better, it does it all in under 100 pages.

Start Here: How To Get Your Book Published

Written by the founders of project management platform Basecamp, this actionable guide can help overzealous founders avoid burnout. Learn how to start a business without hiring outside investors, why it’s smart not to obsess over your competition, and why you don’t have to sacrifice your personal life to thrive professionally.

Anyone starting a business must first understand the competition. A follow-up to their first successful book, Blue Ocean Strategy, this book explains their actionable five-step process to help your business stand out in a crowded market.

Creators aren’t born with an innate ability to conceive and build $100 million companies—they work at it. In-depth interviews with moguls behind companies like Yelp, Zipcar and Chobani and process analyzes of their companies provide fodder for education and inspiration.

Best Books To Read When Starting A Business

This no-nonsense guide to making sure your new business doesn’t fail shows an effective way to change the way businesses are built and new products launched. The author is the founder of Lean Startup

The 29 Best Business Books In 2023, According To Goodreads

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