Best Business Ideas Below 10 Lakhs – TODAY 2021, Franchise business in India has become popular and popular. As these companies have high demand & huge customer base, franchise business is becoming a demand these days. Most of the famous brands expand their business through franchise model. In this article, let’s talk about the top …

Best Business Ideas Below 10 Lakhs

Best Business Ideas Below 10 Lakhs – TODAY 2021, Franchise business in India has become popular and popular. As these companies have high demand & huge customer base, franchise business is becoming a demand these days.

Most of the famous brands expand their business through franchise model. In this article, let’s talk about the top 10 franchise business in India in 2021, here you will get an overview of the top 10 franchise business in India under 10 lakh, the price of ranchise, the profit, the required area, the number of employees required to start the business and much more.

Best Business Ideas Below 10 Lakhs

Best Business Ideas Below 10 Lakhs

Franchise businesses are known for their unique advantages. Franchise businesses have advantages for the parent franchise owner as well as the franchise buyer. The franchise model helps the brand to expand the brand without spending money, with the increase in the number of franchisees, the brand becomes more popular and the franchise costs cover their money.

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On the other hand, franchise owners have high profits, get established brands to work with, a well-established customer base and high profit margins. Marketing is also done by the company.

Tata 1 mg is a proprietary brand of Tata Sons Company known as Tata Sons. One mg was recently acquired by Tata sons in 2021 with an unspecified amount. Tata 1 Mg is a healthcare e-commerce platform known for its quality medicine delivery services. Tata 1 Mg offers franchise opportunities and has launched a franchise program called Sehat ke saathi at low cost. You can learn more about how to get a 1 mg franchise. In the vessel, 1Mg provides:

Startup Authority is India’s fastest growing B2B portal and a leading portal for business services like company registration, Gst registration, trademark registration, trademark registration and various legal services. The Startup Authority launched the franchise with a minimum registration fee of 2000 rs. They provide affiliate commission for these services and the best part is that they provide recurring commission on recurring services like GST filling. They also provide a referral commission for this franchise.

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Tata IndiCash Atm franchise is also provided by Tata. Let’s see how to get ATM franchise from Tata Indicash bank with working credit of 3 lakhs. This type of franchise has more opportunities in areas where ATMs are low or non-existent. 2 lakhs is required at the time of franchise registration.

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In this company, Tata Indicash manages all the operations and you have the responsibility of ATM security. Profit is calculated according to the number of trades made.

Generic Adhaar is one of the latest healthcare business franchises in India with an innovative approach. Generic adhaar franchise is owned by Arjun Deshpande, best entrepreneur in india 2021. This franchise provides Generic drug & prescription management system at cheapest price compared to the market. A single Generic adhaar franchise is also allowed for 500 meters.

Patanjli is one of the biggest and most trusted brands in India and needs some familiarity. They already have a huge customer base and all their products are known for their quality and performance. Participating in such a brand is a very profitable deal. Patanjali gives its franchise for 7 lakhs. All you need is to have a shop in the market and have the patanjali franchise.

Best Business Ideas Below 10 Lakhs

MBA Chaiwala franchise is among the best franchise companies in India under 10 lakhs. The total investment in MBA Chaiwala Franchise requires 7-10 Lakhs INR including the business fee, space cost, maintenance cost, advertisemnet & other costs along with the 5-year contract.

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With this investment, you can get a profit of at least 35% on all your products. MBA Chaiwala is one of the popular topics in the franchise world.

Founded by Anand Nayak & Anubhav dubey, chai sutta bar has also appealed to the franchise world. Anyone with extensive experience in the food service industry can apply for a chai sutta bar franchise.

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With the advancement of technology, internet access, and the use of smart phones, the world has opened up to eCommerce and how to make money selling online. Well, the term is clear, and we are going to talk about various ways on how to earn lakhs in minutes and that too with a small investment.

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Did you know? The global shopping market will grow to $4 trillion by 2020, and online shoppers are expected to grow to nearly 300 million.

Online marketing means selling your products to online buyers through the Internet and the right platform if you advertise on social media, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. An ECommerce platform can be a B2B or business-to-business platform like Shopify, a B2C or business-to-consumer platform like Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, etc., or a C2C or consumer-to-consumer platform like eBay. So what is the best online shopping option that can help you earn 1 lakh per month online?

As with any business with a brick-and-mortar store, you will open your eCommerce store in a B2C or C2C model because online stores have a large market. Therefore, the steps required to open your store may be the same as opening a physical store, and here are the essential steps.

Best Business Ideas Below 10 Lakhs

Step 2: Decide on your store name and legal structure, be it a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited partnership (LLP), limited liability company (LLC), Pvt company etc.

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Step 4: Obtain business licenses and permits such as Goods and Services Tax (GST), Tax Information Network (TIN), etc.

Step 5: Choose a suitable platform like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, etc., and create your store website using your own platform and hosting.

Step-7: Market your store globally through friends, relatives, social media, etc., and earn 1 lakh per month without investment.

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Starting your e-commerce platform is a B2B business like Shopify, where other stores sell on your platform and use your payment processing. It is very similar to being a center that receives commissions from all weapons and sales. But this is an expensive method that can be very profitable once it is up and running. It allows websites on the platform to host their website on your server and manage their operations, sales, marketing and website for a fee. And, the great part is that even the medium sector can earn you a lot of money and you can easily learn how to earn 5 lakhs per month.

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When investment opportunities are low, but you have great skills, you can leave your skills on many sites such as Freelancer, Fiverr, Simply Hired, Flexjobs, Guru, and many others. You can write, teach, proofread, edit, design, code for others and earn more than 1 lakh per month from home. You can be your own boss, work full time or part time and from wherever you want. Just use your time to improve your skills and start freelancing.

Becoming a consultant requires experience, relationships, and confidence to accomplish a variety of business-related tasks. This business area again depends on your skills. A business consultant is a professional consultant who acts as a consultant to companies and other companies, helping them to improve operations, achieve goals, achieve results, obtain licenses, etc. There are different types of platforms to work on. such as finance, IT, supply chain management, marketing, HR, engineering, operations, legal and security. This is a great way for those who want to know how to earn 1 lakh per month.

Dropshipping is an online business method where the seller never owns the product or inventory in the store. Basically, as a dropshipper, you take the order and send it to the product manufacturer, who delivers it to the customer without your intervention. You earn a fee or commission on the payments collected. All you need is an online eCommerce store which means little investment, and you can learn how to earn 2 lakhs per month.

Best Business Ideas Below 10 Lakhs

You can use a platform like Shopify or create your own website. Most shops and stores use Shopify, because creating your own website can be expensive and cumbersome when dealing with sponsors and sellers around the world.

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How to earn 1 lakh per month online? Do you like to write creatively and express yourself? Try blogging as a good money making option. Here are some simple steps to start your WordPress website.

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