Best Business To Start In Kenya – The city of Nairobi has long been a business center in East Africa. Businesses in Nairobi include the trading of agricultural products, the real estate industry, the tourism sector and the export and import of economic goods. The capital city of Kenya, Nairobi is the commercial nerve center …

Best Business To Start In Kenya

Best Business To Start In Kenya – The city of Nairobi has long been a business center in East Africa. Businesses in Nairobi include the trading of agricultural products, the real estate industry, the tourism sector and the export and import of economic goods. The capital city of Kenya, Nairobi is the commercial nerve center of the country offering people various business opportunities.

Many young people are turning to buying old clothes. Business centers in cities and residential areas have stores or shops that sell these clothes. It’s a great business idea because it produces results quickly.

Best Business To Start In Kenya

Best Business To Start In Kenya

For example, most women in Nairobi’s offices are afraid to go to Eastleigh to buy cheap bags and clothes; women are aware of this concept.

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The best thing about this business is that you don’t need a physical location, you just need a Facebook page and a lot of friends to get you into the offices.

Instead of working and earning a monthly salary of Ksh 15,000, why don’t you try chicken farming. This business is not difficult to start, especially if you have a small plot of land, less than a quarter acre.

There are millions of cars plying the roads of Nairobi. Since most people live in rental homes, they prefer to take their cars to the car wash for cleaning.

I can testify that none of the car wash business owners in Nairobi are missing out.

Best Business Opportunities To Start In Kenya Before End Of 2019

Starting a shoeshine business is easier when you have Ksh 15,000 in your pocket for a license and equipment. Sometimes it’s hard to get a shoelace in Nairobi CBD but you have to visit one of the City Council staff and have a good chat with them.

To start a Barbershop, you need a chair, a machine less than Ksh 5,000, Methylated spirits, a mirror, a towel and learning skills. All this will cost you less than Ksh 20, 000. The only thing that needs a good amount is the room where your business will operate. If you are educated, unemployed and living in Nairobi, try opening a Berber shop instead of sitting idle at home; it may be a turning point for you.

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Best Business To Start In Kenya

Capital injected into Kenyan Start-Ups is expected to reach Ksh 100 billion in the next three years. These predictions were made on the 7th

Ease Of Doing Business Index

Edition of Digital and Technology Week (DTW) 2022 formerly Social Media Week. The annual conference brought together 600 participants from across industry, private sector and government agencies.

Go Gaga Experiential CEO, Norah Muthoni Mumo, speaking at the event said that startups in digital payments and remittances are set to receive the largest investment in funding. .

“The payment and lending sector faces a major issue of payment and payment. The site is a large company with a good track record with investors such as sites that have proven value and attract large investors,” said Norah.

From January to March 2022, Kenyan Start-Ups can raise Ksh 48 billion in venture capital more than the total raised in 2021 when start-ups raised Ksh 41 billion. Kenya ranks among the top four countries in Africa that attract the most annual remittances with Nigeria topping the list with Ksh 60 billion.

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The CEO of Go Gaga also said that the growth of corporate finance is compounded by investments from companies, incubators and innovation programs and capital from successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.

“Kenya is the hub for entrepreneurship on earth due to the growing number of international entrepreneurs, a large tech-savvy population and a growing number of start-up support organizations that are active in the system. organic,” Norah said.

On her part, ICT Executive Secretary Maureen Mbaka said the government is committed to supporting startups in Kenya. “As the government, we assure you of our support to create an environment for startups to grow, we are on the way to engage more than 2 million Kenyan youth with skills digital that is necessary to help startups reach the next level. We will continue to create support policies in order to increase investments in this area, “said the CAS, Mbaka.

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Best Business To Start In Kenya

Collectively, startups in Africa raised over Ksh 100 billion in the first quarter of 2022, breaking the previous record set in the third quarter of 2021 by a few million. Funding will more than double in the next quarter from the third quarter of 2021.

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Despite strong financial growth, African firms receive only one percent of global capital. Norah has called on relevant government agencies to help stimulate start-ups by creating positive policies to promote the growth of SMEs.

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Business is the stronghold of the Kenyan economy, as it is what everyone depends on for survival. According to research, 2023 will be a sad year for Kenyans due to the depreciation of the Ksh against the US dollar. In order to survive in 2023, we need to develop strategic plans to get into tactical survival mode.

In order for us to win this battle, we must find a way to earn dollars instead of Kshs. Due to the economic impact caused by the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, worldwide, we do not expect the economy to recover anytime soon. We have some businesses or side jobs that you can look up to for the profit you made in Kenya.

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Best Business To Start In Kenya

If you are looking for ways to increase your investment, this article will help you. Sit back and find out what the business needs below;

Funding For Kenyan Start Ups To Surpass Ksh 100 Billion In The Next Three Years

Get a business that will earn you more money and use it for a better life below;

Give people a sense of home away from home and great Airbnb experiences that will keep them coming back for more. Consider the amount you’ll be pulling in with a well-renovated rental property in a clean and safe environment. If you want to live for these houses, consider the new renovation method. Having an Airbnb property online and advertising gives you the opportunity to host guests from all over the world and earn you a lot of money.

It is better to include the necessary items such as a refrigerator, microwave, and cooker, among many other home appliances that can help them during their stay. Plan your home business so that you can set up a website for it. Make sure you have the right information, the amount going, and the location so people can find you.

A good example of the best Airbnb that you can check for accommodation bookings is the Airbnb plug in accommodation across Kenya that is ready for booking. You can find houses of different price depending on where you want your home, from as low as Kshs 2500 and above.

Starting A Business

Whether it’s a place to stay or a short stay, they’re sure to pick you up. They provide excellent service to their customers and include MPESA application services as a payment method. They have also included price lists for each house they offer along with locations and photos of each house.

Have you ever thought about how many people need professional advice every day? It is good to start consulting services, if you can give professional advice to people and at the same time earn money. Make a plan by connecting with other consultants and getting their advice on how to go about your business.

You can also check out these top consulting firms in Kenya

Best Business To Start In Kenya

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