Best Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment Centre – There are Ayurveda resorts in Kerala at every location, from the mountains to the tea fields to the backwaters to the sea. This 5000-year-old Indian medical practice originated here in Kerala, which is all the more reason to experience authentic Ayurveda here in this beautiful South Indian state. Ayurved …

Best Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment Centre

Best Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment Centre – There are Ayurveda resorts in Kerala at every location, from the mountains to the tea fields to the backwaters to the sea. This 5000-year-old Indian medical practice originated here in Kerala, which is all the more reason to experience authentic Ayurveda here in this beautiful South Indian state.

Ayurved can be used to treat almost any ailment or disease, but even if you are healthy, it can help you live a balanced and healthy life that is most conducive to YOUR body. I think spending a week or two doing Ayurveda in Kerala is one of the BEST forms of self care out there… I mean, what could be better than spending weeks just doing GOOD things for you body and live in a healthy way?!

Best Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment Centre

Best Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment Centre

Kerala Ayurveda resorts are all-inclusive, but not as you may be used to…they include an all-inclusive wellness regimen from start to finish, including yoga/meditation, diet and food, herbal medicine and ayurvedic body treatments every single day.

Ayurvedic Treatment Centre In Kottayam

If you have already made the decision to visit Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala, give yourself a pat on the back for doing something really good for yourself. If you’re still researching, keep reading and you’re sure to find a resort that’s perfect for your needs. This list includes some of the major / major players and also some smaller and newer hidden gem Ayurveda resorts.

The cost of ayurvedic treatment in Kerala usually varies a lot depending on which program/treatment you do, for how long and how many people are in your room (it’s usually cheaper to go with a partner to share the room with) . But on average, with two people, you’ll want to pay around INR 9,000-12,000+ per person per day. See below for prices per resort.

An Ayurvedic resort in Kerala is a retreat where you can stay and live an authentic ayurvedic lifestyle for a period of 1-4 weeks. This means that you will consult with a doctor about choosing the best treatment plan for yourself and your health, and then you will have a regimen of daily yoga/meditation, two ayurvedic treatments a day, herbal medicines and a customized diet for the duration follows. of your stay. Makes you feel rejuvenated, detoxified and healthy.

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Ayurveda Treatment Programs: Detox + Boost Immunity, Panchakarma Therapy, Body Cleansing + Detox, Obesity Management, Arthritis Treatments, Remove Stress + Tension, Beauty Care

Top Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment Centres In Anantapur

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Special features: Ayurveda programs include informative Ayurveda lectures with the hands-on doctor so you learn while you heal, an Ayurveda cooking class, forest walks, use of bicycles to explore trails in the area, beautiful infinity pool with a view, tours of the area to travel AND heal, produce grown on the property

Au Revoir Resort is one of the most personal and hands-on Ayurveda resorts in Kerala. I say this because they ensure that you have ample opportunity to really learn about ayurveda and all aspects of an ayurvedic lifestyle during your visit. You will have plenty of one-on-one time with the amazing Dr. Chithra, so you can ask any questions and actually the

Best Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment Centre

The property has a slight European feel due to the architecture of the cottages and of course the French name

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(for your aches and pains). The setting couldn’t be more idyllic – it’s at the very end of the Malapuzha Reservoir on the border of some dramatic fog-covered mountains that occasionally decide to reveal their cliff tops to you.

Au Revoir has a ‘normal’ part and an Ayurvedic part, called Vaidyam Ayurveda Centre. Ayurveda patients will spend their time at the Ayurveda center and its own special restaurant. The cabins all have fantastic mountain views, and they even have a private pool penthouse villa that is EXTRA opulent.

The yoga shala, pool and viewpoint overlook the property, which spreads up the natural shape of a hill to a cliff above. This means each new view is even better than the last, and no matter which part of the property you are on, you can look out over the Palakkad forests.

On an average day at Au Revoir, you start with an early morning off-site activity, such as a walk to the lake or a bike ride through the forests and villages nearby (or a forest walk led by a guide – they do get some wild animals in the area too)! After some fresh air and exercise, it’s time for your ayurvedic breakfast and first morning treatment, which will be 90 minutes long.

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Best Ayurvedic Hospital In Kochi, Kerala

In the afternoon you have some free time and a private yoga session with the talented Yogi Vinod (yes, private)! The yoga shala is open to the breeze with an amazing mountain view and is extremely peaceful. Lunch will also fall by this time, and you should also take a dip in the beautiful infinity pool that overlooks the cottage mountains and the lake sometime in the afternoon.

Your afternoon treatment will begin between 130 and 4, at which point you can bask in all the day’s health and wellness until an early dinner around 6. The food here is delicious and really changes from day to day, so you experience a few new exciting dishes every time you sit down in the Ayurveda restaurant.

After dinner you can go back to your room with your herbal water and relax for the evening, get some work done, watch some movies and relax before an early bedtime – early to bed and early to rise is the ayurvedic way ! Check out this Tiktok video for a full day at Au Revoir.

Best Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment Centre

The prices here are fully adjusted depending on which program you want to book, how long you stay and what the doctor decides you need.

Best Ayurvedic Treatment Centres In Kerala

As Au Revoir currently operates as both a hotel and an Ayurdeva resort with the aim of becoming only the latter, the prices vary greatly with single and double occupancy. For a single person, prices will hover around INR 15,000/day, but it can go as low as INR 10,000/day for a double occupancy room as the second person only pays for treatments and food. Book a consultation to get a more precise quote for your needs.

They were gracious enough to give me a discount code for my readers; in the contact form make sure you enter “code:kimmieconner” to get it.

Ayurveda Treatment Programs: Marma Chikitsa, Ayurvedic Routine, Aphrodisiac Therapy/Infertility Management, Healthy Living, Anti-Aging Therapy, Weight Management Program, Detox Panchakarma Program, Beauty Care Therapy, Awakening the Senses, Stress Management Program

Special features: Kalari area + daily session (Indian martial art), climbable watchtower over the property, elevated windy yoga shala, surrounded by beautiful high mountain peaks, much cooler than much of Kerala, more than 185 plants grown on the premises make all their own products

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Best Ayurvedic Hospital And Treatment Centre In Kerala India By Ayurmana India

Jeevess Ayurveda is an absolutely STUNNING property in the mountains of Vythiri, Wayanad. Although not at a very high altitude itself, it is surrounded by high mountain peaks (and tea fields) and has its own microclimate which results in cooler temperatures, morning fog and often an afternoon rain.

The property is laid out on a hill with 16 villas surrounding some brick paths through gardens. The open-air lobby has a small souvenir shop with handicrafts, oils and spices grown on site, as well as a library. As soon as you walk down the central path, surrounded by luscious tea bushes, you will begin to notice the variety of plant life – all labeled with their common and scientific names so you know what they grow.

The Yoga shawl will come up on your right, with the Kalari area below. Both are spacious and equipped with everything you need – they are also breezy. The Ayurveda center has treatment rooms on either side (one for men and one for women) with a relaxation room at the end that stays cool all day. The doctor’s offices are also here – where you will consult to receive the treatments that are best for your body.

Best Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment Centre

On site, there are over 185 different plant species growing in gardens, which are used to make all the medicine and food served on site. The restaurant is also open to a great view, with ayurvedic food and also more options for those who want it.

Kerala Ayurveda Treatment Center In Gurgaon

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Yoga starts at 06:30 in the shala on a cool (but not TOO cool) morning. around 7:30-8 it will be finished, and the first treatments start between 9:30-12. Breakfast is from 8:30 to 10:30, so guests can always eat before their first treatment.

Lunch is from 12-3 to accommodate different treatment times. Guests will have free time in the afternoons to relax, read, use the wifi, walk the property, and more. The second treatments are between about 2:30 and 4:30, and the afternoon meditation starts at 5 and lasts about half an hour in the yoga shala. Kalari sessions follow the afternoon meditation. Dinner is from 7:30 to 10:30 in the restaurant, and other than that there is plenty

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