Best Project Management Software Construction – It is an understatement to say that the market for mobile apps in the construction management sector has expanded recently. In recent years, there has been a huge increase when it comes to the amount of different construction management applications developed for portable devices. This is due to one …

Best Project Management Software Construction

Best Project Management Software Construction – It is an understatement to say that the market for mobile apps in the construction management sector has expanded recently. In recent years, there has been a huge increase when it comes to the amount of different construction management applications developed for portable devices. This is due to one particular advantage that mobile devices can offer – mobility. And mobility is one of the biggest benefits any construction management app can offer right now.

The construction market is huge, and it’s growing at an incredible pace – bringing more income and more jobs. For example, predicts that we will see a total construction market value of $22,873.96 billion in 2026, more than double the $13,570.90 billion this market had in 2021. At the same time, employment rates relative to the total workforce are massive – about 8.8% of the total US workforce is in the construction industry alone, an incredibly high result for such a complex industry.

Best Project Management Software Construction

Best Project Management Software Construction

Construction project management is purely theoretical and practical, which means a lot of work needs to be done on site. In most cases, you can’t bring your working PC to the site and always work there – this is where construction applications come in.

Best Construction Management Software

This is not to say that both the flashlight app and the general calculator are now useless – they still have their use cases, but the construction project management field has more than that – they try to bring at least some independent software. Functionality in the form of an app that can be installed on a mobile device.

This process is not as easy as it seems at first glance. A key issue in this case is the difference in the way you interact with mobile devices – that’s why not all build app vendors are keeping their common desktop interface in the form of an app and can’t adapt it later. The definition of a construction management application starts to vary a bit for everyone.

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In this article we will look at various examples of construction project management applications. It is fair to say that they differ greatly depending on a lot of factors, from the position of the person who is going to use the app, to the problem that the app in question is meant to solve. Our list includes apps like:

Autodesk BIM 360 is a combination of construction applications, each of which works with limited features.

Best Construction Management Software For 2023

The area of ​​BIM 360 is report generation and problem identification, promoting accurate and rapid problem reports and transferring them between on-site workers and their remote counterparts.

BIM 360 project is more focused on resource planning and production, it can be used in different ways with the same goal – saving time and money by correctly calculating expenses and other methods.

BIM 360 Glue, as the name suggests, is a general-purpose mobile application for viewing BIM models online and offline. Additionally, BIM 360 Glue has the ability to interact with intelligent objects in several ways.

Best Project Management Software Construction

All three of these construction project management apps are free on their own. Still, they are attached to a comprehensive BIM platform called Autodesk BIM 360 – a comprehensive BIM platform that provides a wealth of BIM-related features, including easy collaboration, detailed analyses, quality management, document management and more. At the same time, BIM 360 is not a free solution, and there is no public pricing available for this particular solution, meaning each customer will have to contact Autodesk to receive some sort of price tag for this platform.

Construction Project Management Software: Best Providers, Benefits, And Tips For Choosing

The iPad manages to fit all the features that normal desktop software can provide into a single application, thus making various BIM operations much easier than before.

’s mobile app can work with 2D and 3D plans and models, enable custom properties for objects, support point clouds, utilize project status communications in the form of photos, and all of this – using the same interface you are using with your desktop software.

It follows the same model as BIM 360 here – the iOS app is free, but the platform it runs on is not. Additionally, there is no public pricing available on its website, which means customers have to contact the company independently to get a price tag. At the same time, this approach offers more room for customization in terms of payments, so that small companies don’t have to pay for features or elements that aren’t necessary for their workload.

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ClockShark is technically one of the best construction project management-related apps out there, yet it focuses on just one feature – time tracking. With ClockShark, it’s easy to track various time-centric parameters of your construction crew, and there are other features that make this process more user-friendly. These features include time tracking automation, cloud-based time tracking, easy integration with various construction applications, etc.

The Best Construction Project Management Software For 2022

ClockShark’s app is free, but using it requires an active subscription to the service — which also includes a 14-day free trial. Apart from that, ClockShark has two different pricing plans. The Standard pricing plan is a good option for small businesses, starting at $16 per month for a basic license and $7 more for the same period for each additional user that needs to be tracked. This includes basic GPS tracking, attendance/time tracking, third-party integrations, and more. On the other hand, the Pro pricing plan is almost twice as expensive, with $30 per month as a basic license and an additional $9 payment for each additional user – offering clock-out queries, multi-office controls, advanced work cost controls, paid time off, etc.

It’s worth noting that ClockShark has a monthly and yearly payment model, and in this case it’s cheaper to pay for a year of service as two out of twelve months are offered for free. Additionally, ClockShark offers a 50% discount to all new users for the first three months of payment (excluding additional per-user fees).

Again, the main feature is in the name – iNeo Pro Field Daily Reports is an app about professional reports. It can work with daily reports and less frequent, but more detailed reports.

Best Project Management Software Construction

All reports generated in the iNeo Pro field can be easily archived using e-mail or one of Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud storages. You can easily attach various notes and photos to each of your reports, and the reduction in time for the person creating the report allows more time when it comes to more important construction-related tasks.

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Comparing The Best Project Management Software Of 2023

Small contractors can use iNeo Pro Field Daily Reports for free because their basic plan should be capable of accommodating many of the needs a small company has. Besides the Basic plan, the Pro plan ($9.99 per user per month) offers project-sharing capabilities, extensive site reports, and more. Also worth mentioning is the Advanced plan ($19.99 per user per month), which expands on the features of the Pro plan, bringing custom forms, report sharing, report storage in the cloud, and custom checklists.

Geared more toward small or mid-sized construction companies, CoConstruct is a comprehensive construction project management application with its sights set on a variety of design-build companies, custom builders, and remodelers.

The app itself has standalone and web-based versions, is capable of working with both Android and iOS devices, and offers a surprisingly broad list of features.

CoConstruct’s pricing model is complex. The app is free, but the service uses a subscription-based model. The three levels have different advantages and features. They may bill on a monthly basis or once a year, confusing the final price.

Best Online Construction Project Management Software

Firstly, there are three main pricing plans that CoConstruct has – Essential, Advanced and Complete. The Essential plan ($399/month) is a more basic package that offers project scheduling, email marketing, daily logs, receipts, etc. Compared to Advanced Planning ($699/month), working with proposals, budgeting, bills, surveys, WIP reports, bid management and change orders. Lastly, there’s the Complete Plan ($1,299 per month), which is the ultimate package of everything CoConstruct has to offer — RFIs, warranties, options, and every feature mentioned in previous subscription tiers.

The first point of confusion here is that CoConstruct offers a discount on the first two months for all its new users, dropping the price of the Essential plan to $99/month and cutting a large chunk of both the Advanced (up to $399/month) and Complete ($899/month) plans. Additionally, CoConstruct has an annual billing option, which offers another discount to the base prices of all three plans. With that in mind, the Essential plan costs $339/month, Advanced is now $599/month and Complete is $1,099/month.

Another example of technology

Best Project Management Software Construction

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