Best Retirement Homes In India – The decision to choose the right city for retirement is a huge one. There are several issues that need to be addressed such as – standard of living, affordability, affordable healthcare facilities, distance from children, safety rates, overall weather conditions and many more. Priorities differ from individual to individual. …

Best Retirement Homes In India

Best Retirement Homes In India – The decision to choose the right city for retirement is a huge one. There are several issues that need to be addressed such as – standard of living, affordability, affordable healthcare facilities, distance from children, safety rates, overall weather conditions and many more. Priorities differ from individual to individual. Here, in today’s post, you can find a list of the top 7 cities that consistently rank highly as the best cities in India to buy senior citizen homes.

According to figures released in the 2011 census, India had over 100 million senior citizens, and that number is projected to double by 2030. As families adopt nuclear installations and children move abroad or to other cities for work and education, there is a sharp increase in the number of older people living alone or with their aging partners.

Best Retirement Homes In India

Best Retirement Homes In India

This has led to increased demand for senior-friendly retirement communities. These are residential communities with a range of amenities and facilities intended for the elderly. From basic services such as housekeeping, maintenance, security, errands, health care, food and nutrition to value-added features such as recreation areas, clubhouses, indoor and outdoor sports activities – senior living communities offer everything for seniors to enjoy their golden years in care and peace.

The Golden Estate Best Assisted Living And Senior Living Facility In Delhi Ncr

Until a few years ago, senior living communities did not exist in India. With the increasing demand and popularity of this real estate model, there is a huge increase in affordable and comfortable senior living homes across the country.

Additionally, some of the cities they enjoy are better suited to the needs of seniors than others. Although the ideal city to retire to would be the city in your home state where you lived during your working years, there are other factors to consider such as regional language, weather, culture, population density, safety, cost of living, etc. Two other key factors in choosing a retirement city are easy access to medical care and CCRC facilities.

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Here we are sharing with you a list of top seven cities in India preferred by retirees.

One of the main things that make Lavasa one of the best cities to live in after retirement is undoubtedly its pleasant climate, all year round. Pune often finds a place on all the lists that rank the best places to retire in India. It is even called the city of pensioners, because of the large number of pensioners.

Why Nri’s Should Invest In The Best Retirement Homes In India

What makes Lavasa even more unique is that it is a quaint hill station, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Wide open spaces, undulating green hills, make it feel like a piece of paradise. Affordable medical care and the availability of quality nursing homes within the budget range make Lavasa an ideal choice for retirees.

Bhiwadi is an up-and-coming destination that has yet to gain national focus. Although technically located in Rajasthan, Bhiwadi’s strategic location on NH8 makes it an excellent choice for retirees in the NCR region. It is just 40 km from Gurgaon, 60 km from Faridabad and 55 km from Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Furthermore, the cost of living in Bhiwadi is lower compared to Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi and other neighboring cities, while Bhiwadi offers similar infrastructure and living standards compared to metros. Green areas, well maintained roads, large number of private hospitals, nursing homes and clinics make Bhiwadi an excellent choice for retirees.

Best Retirement Homes In India

So it’s no surprise that this city has a significant retirement population with communities like Ashiana Nirmay and Utsav housing 800+ senior citizens.

Chartwell Griesbach Retirement Residence

Since Bhiwadi is an emerging market; property prices are lower making them an affordable choice for seniors looking to buy their retirement homes.

Also known as the Pink City, the capital of Rajasthan manages to straddle old and new with ease. Jaipur is a bustling tourist center and commercial zone rolled into one, offering all the amenities and facilities of a metropolitan city.

Congested free roads, ample parking, spacious open spaces, numerous health clubs, vibrant food scene make Jaipur one of the best destinations for retirees not only from India but also from abroad. Yes, a large number of senior citizens from UK, USA and other countries prefer Jaipur to spend their retirement years.

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, is seen as a haven for the elderly as the trend in South India is changing. Social infrastructure, lower cost of living compared to other metros like Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi, Chennai offers a safe and secure space for retirees to spend their golden years. Chennai is considered the health capital of India. Availability of qualified nurses, modern healthcare facilities, no waiting period in hospitals make senior citizens to choose Chennai for retirement.

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Retirement Homes In Kerala

Although the summers in Chennai can be quite intense, by choosing retirement homes that have the right infrastructure and amenities, you can escape the scorching summers with ease.

The second largest city in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore is one of the best retirement cities in the country. Located near the majestic Western Ghats, Coimbatore enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year.

Compared to Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, the cost of living in Coimbatore is lower. With large plots of land available at affordable prices away from the city center, Coimbatore has seen rapid development of retirement communities.

Best Retirement Homes In India

Excellent healthcare facilities, low pollution and reliable public transport make Coimbatore one of the top cities preferred by retirees in India.

Retirement Homes In Bangalore

The Silicon Valley of India, bustling Bangalore, is not the first destination that comes to mind when you think about retirement. Although the city is known for its insane traffic jams, high cost of living, there is still much to consider for seniors looking to retire.

The biggest advantage of retiring in Bangalore is that you have a plethora of medical facilities offering top-notch healthcare across the city. With an efficient and modern commercial and social infrastructure, Bangalore makes it easy to make friends, even after retirement.

If you are brave enough to brave the chaos of this bustling city, then Bangalore could help you spend your golden years in style. However, keep in mind that Bangalore, along with Mumbai, is one of the most expensive real estate markets in the country, making it expensive to buy a home to spend your retirement years in.

Just like Bangalore, Mumbai is another top metro that is an unlikely contender in the race for best cities to retire. The disadvantages of Mumbai are similar to Bangalore – high real estate prices, congestion, traffic, pollution and chaos of a big city.

Assisted Living Facilities

But, if you have family living in the city, or if you prefer cities, then Mumbai could be a good choice for you to retire to.

There is no one best city that works for all retirees. There are several factors to consider – finances, health care, proximity to family, amenities, preferences, and more. Ultimately, the choice is a very personal one. Be sure to consider the pros and cons of each city listed here and choose the right retirement destination that allows you to enjoy the golden years of your life in peace and happiness.

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Ashiana, Ashiana Housing builds houses. Houses surrounded by spacious green areas and fresh breeze. Houses closed in protected complexes. Homes where the future is created and there are opportunities for growth. And homes in environments that are full of healthy activity, trust and respect. At heart, we build communities with care.

Best Retirement Homes In India

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Tips For Saving Money After Retirement

Join 1000+ fellow readers. Get expert real estate knowledge straight to your inbox absolutely free. Just enter your email address below. In the past, nursing homes had a bad reputation because it was assumed that grown children would leave their parents there when they reached an age where they medically or emotionally needed help. But India’s perspective has recently seen a change in this regard. Nursing homes that provide both social and medical benefits for the elderly are steadily becoming more popular in the country.

Nursing homes in India are considered places where the elderly can live in a social environment with people who share their interests and needs, as well as receive medical care 24 hours a day. Let’s take a look at some of the best nursing homes in India for senior citizens.

Graceland Foundation is a nursing home in India offering apartments and villas in a beautifully landscaped 3.5 acre area in Mulanthuruthy, Kochi, Kerala. There is a 16,000 square feet clubhouse with various facilities such as a yoga and meditation room, an Ayurvedic treatment center, a well-stocked library, a spacious games room, indoor and outdoor dining, a mini-cinema theater and round-the-clock medical care .

The socialization and sense of community in this one of the best retirement homes in India are two factors that can be used to gauge how long an individual will be able to continue contributing to society.

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Anandam at Bahri Estates in Bangalore is a haven for the elderly – thanks to its superior medical care and hospitality. It’s one of the older ones

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