Business Model Canvas Dansk

By | February 24, 2023
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Business Model Canvas Dansk – A business model canvas is a helpful tool for organizing your overall business blueprint. Developed by Alex Osterwalder, the canvas captures all important areas of a business and helps ensure nothing is overlooked.

Defining who your customers are at an early stage is key to formulating your business idea. Without knowing your customers; It will be difficult to sell to them.

Business Model Canvas Dansk

Business Model Canvas Dansk

On the business model canvas; ‘Customer segments’ suggest that your customers generally have many things in common, but there may be many different groups to your target customer base.

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From there, think about other people around this customer who might be interested in your business. These will be your other customer segments.

Once the different customer segments have been identified, their age, using the above descriptions, income Lifestyle etc. Get as specific as possible.

What makes customers choose you over your competitor? The value they feel doing business with you.

Think about the products and/or services you are offering and write them down. What value will your customers get from them? If you have a few different customer segments; The value received (and product/service received) from each may be slightly different.

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To help you do this, to obtain your products and/or services; Or imagine someone having to choose between your opponent’s items: items that make them choose yours.

Channels are the connection between your business and your customers. Channels help raise awareness of your business and help customers access your business.

This can range from a very personal relationship where both you and your customers get to know each other well, to having a self-service or automated business where your customers never see each other.

Business Model Canvas Dansk

Can you think of a business you know well that has excellent relationships with its customers?

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These typically fall into two different categories: one-time payments and ongoing payments. Yes, You can also choose both income streams.

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Think about the type of income stream that works best for your business. Then get more specific ways to bring income into your business. How much do you charge for your products and services? Can income vary depending on income stream?

For example, If you need ‘people’; What job roles or specialist knowledge will these people have (eg accountant, sales assistant) IKEA is one of the largest furniture retailers in the world today. In 2020, IKEA became the seventh most valuable retail brand worldwide. With a value of nearly $19 billion, it operates over 400 stores in multiple countries and has generated over $35 billion in sales. The Swedish Multinational Group is an affordable, High quality ready-to-assemble furniture; Designs kitchen appliances and other household items.

Dominating the retail furniture market since 2008. Despite the popularity of online shopping, IKEA still attracts millions of shoppers to its physical stores. in fact, In 2020, IKEA stores had 825 million visitors worldwide due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Last year they sat in 1 billion stores.

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IKEA is clearly a formidable company, but how does the company do it? How have they consistently offered high-quality, innovative furniture at affordable prices for nearly eight decades? How do they manage to attract millions of customers to their stores?

If you’ve ever shopped at IKEA, you’ve probably been a victim of the IKEA pull. When you pass through the doors, time seems to stop. Instead of getting the piece of furniture you’re looking for, you go home with two new kitchen appliances and some Swedish meatballs. This effect is by design.

The success of IKEA’s business model can be attributed to many things. The “IKEA Effect” is one of them. However, the most important factor in IKEA’s success is its iron grip on cost control during product development. Its financial success as one of the world’s largest private companies can also be attributed to the thrifty character of its founder, Ingvar Kamprad.

Business Model Canvas Dansk

So let’s take a deeper look at how IKEA can sustain this business model without investment.

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IKEA’s story begins in 1943, before the end of World War II. Raised in rural Sweden, Kamprad started his first business selling matchbooks at the age of five. Pen at 10 years old. Sold pencils and flower seeds.

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In 1943, 17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad was given some money by his father to do well in school. It was a considerable achievement because he had dyslexia and had to work extremely hard. Kamprad used his prize money to start a small business selling common household goods and personal items.

The Swedish countryside where Ingvar lives. Especially in Småland, Sweden, there are very few. As the war affected the Swedish and global economy, the teenagers quickly realized that there was a market for cheap goods. The average person sought to save as much as possible.

Kamprad pens, wallets table runners; clocks jewelry, postcards Nylon stockings and picture frames are on sale at a discount. His distribution route was his mother’s bicycle, which he rode to various farms to deliver his goods.

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His business strategy was effective, and by 1945 Kamprad could no longer handle making individual sales calls. So he started advertising in local newspapers and turned his business into a mail-order service. He teamed up with local milk truck drivers who would deliver his products to a nearby train station.

Five years later, Kamprad introduced furniture to the IKEA product range. After World War II, the world is on the road to reconstruction. Post-war Sweden had young people and families looking for modern and affordable furniture.

Traditionally, younger generations receive furniture handed down from their families. From 1935, a furniture association made up of Swedish manufacturers and retailers reached an agreement to keep furniture prices high. This resulted in a 41% price increase over other household products.

Business Model Canvas Dansk

With the post-war Swedish government building lots of housing and issuing home furnishing loans, Kamprad saw a gap in the market. In the province of Småland, where he grew up, many small furniture factories used wood from local forests to produce furniture. So he started ordering from local factories and selling the furniture at discounted prices. This did not go down well with the Swedish furniture mafia.

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1951: IKEA launches its flagship furniture catalog, facing resistance from the Swedish furniture cartel Furniture catalog and first display store.

IKEA has launched its first official catalog with the MK wing chair on the cover. The launch was met with public criticism. Compared to the average price in Myanmar, it is very low. Many were skeptical about the quality of the furniture, believing it to be poorly constructed. There is a problem with returns because customers expect something different from what they ordered.

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Kamprad always sees challenges to improve his business. So instead of being discouraged by the lukewarm response, he found a way to solve the problem. He opened the first IKEA showroom in a rented old workshop so customers could see what they were buying. This significantly reduces the number of items that customers send back.

When IKEA entered the furniture market in Sweden, it became a significant threat to the existing furniture companies. When IKEA participated in its first annual furniture fair, The gang was banned from selling them directly to consumers. IKEA is prohibited from displaying their prices during the exhibition.

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Eventually the cartel took it a step further and pressured the factories to stop selling to IKEA. This cut off the company’s source of supply in Sweden. Retailers no longer buy from manufacturers who sell to IKEA. The cartel has so much influence in the industry that most manufacturers are too afraid to defy it.

The strike caused a huge problem for IKEA as it led to bankruptcy. The political situation at the time made it unpopular to do business with communist countries. However, IKEA took the plunge and set its sights on Poland’s suppliers.

The unusual move comes as Polish suppliers are offering lower prices than the Swedes. IKEA was able to charge even less than what they did in the past. This combination of low prices is hard to beat. IKEA has established itself as a significant competitor in the Swedish furniture market.

Business Model Canvas Dansk

1953-1959: Establishment of the first showroom and adoption of flat-packing 1953: Opening of the first showroom and birth of IKEA in-store restaurants

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Initially, The display store solved the skepticism IKEA faced when it first started selling furniture. However, most of its products are sold by mail order. Unfortunately, The mail order industry in Sweden faces significant PR challenges.

Due to fierce competition, prices have fallen. The furniture cartel decided to compromise on quality to increase their profits. This affected the entire public image.

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