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By | March 17, 2023
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Business Model Canvas H&m – Thinking in business models helps you with change processes, especially with unlearning unwanted tacit assumptions and knowledge from the past. Forgetting what made you successful in the past is the main challenge in any change project, learning new things is actually the easy part.

At the moment I am working on a major change process. The company involved lived in a pleasant environment. Demand was stable, predictable; project cycles were measured in years to decades, and because of the high barriers to entry, the company was sure to “win” all of its clients’ business. Quality was defined in such a way that the products lasted forever, usually longer than necessary. Due to the tough nature of its customers’ business, everything was designed to the customer’s standards and very few components were bought off the shelf. Cost wasn’t a big deal as long as it stayed within budget.

Business Model Canvas H&m

Business Model Canvas H&m

And now the world has changed. Their customers had to change under pressure from their customers. So the world of my business will never be the same again, but as change comes slowly there is time to adapt. The question now is: how can the company change? How can it forget the habits that made it successful in the past but hinder the future?

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I worked with a coach who has a background in social psychology and constructivism. We talked for a long time with each other, but also with the new management of the client. The question was where to start the change process.

Should we just fly in McKinsey, BCG or some other top consulting firm to develop a new market-oriented strategy and then implement it? Our question was: can you simply implement a strategy in the minds of people who were not involved in the process? I think you can in certain cultures, but not in Scandinavian cultures. The danger is that you lose the strength that every company has and especially the commitment of the employees who make the difference between a mediocre and a good to great company. You just lose the soul of the company and get mercenaries as employees. So that was not an option.

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The other approach often used in change management is soft, typically HR driven. Management gives some seminars on change, culture and innovation; and, what a miracle, people will then understand the need for change and then they will change. Unfortunately this is an illusion but big business for trainers and coaches. The problem here is that it sounds so good, but people will consume and not participate.

The problem and also the opportunity for our customer was that they still had money and time to exchange. Some units are in trouble, others are still making money with the traditional way of doing business. So there is little sense of urgency (bad) but also time for a deeper change (good).

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Our approach was simple. We wanted to hold a mirror up to management. We wanted management to look at the current situation through a different lens.

Management should understand more about what industry they are currently in and what has made them successful in the past and what could hinder them in the future. They need to think about their current business model and culture. They need to get all their tacit and unspoken assumptions about their business model, culture and values ​​on the table.

And bringing the unspoken to the table was the idea that they can then change their business model, build a new culture, live new values, and thereby adapt to changing customer needs. To do this, we modified the canvas of the business model I developed several years ago with a fourth dimension of culture and values. You can also download the canvas as a PDF.

Business Model Canvas H&m

The exercise was an eye opener. They found the business model canvas easy to use, but when they started describing their current business, the process stalled.

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First, they learned that their business units reflected their internal needs, not those of their customers. So the first part of the workshop was all about defining the companies they’re really in.

Second, when they started describing their value proposition, they knew exactly what their offering was (that’s not part of the value proposition, by the way), but they struggled to describe what task they were solving for the customer and what need they really fulfilled. sell their products. They discussed at length what their offering really did for their customer.

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The good thing was that they were very comfortable using terms like value proposition, jobs-to-be-done, but they found it difficult to even describe today’s business with these words. That confused them. But confusion is good in a change process. From our perspective as consultants, we could really feel how they got involved in better understanding their current business model. And that is the third learning.

Today, we hear a lot of consultants, myself included, promoting business model innovation as a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Innovations in business models are great, but they are not that common in an industry. Disruptive business model innovation actually occurs once or twice per generation in an industry. There isn’t an IKEA around the corner every year. But thinking in terms of business models also helps you to maintain and improve your current business.

Business Model Canvas

It helps you enormously to better understand your current business model. You simply get better by understanding what you do and what value proposition you offer from the customer’s perspective. Just writing down your business model will help you do that

But coming back to my client, just improving and focusing on their current business model is not an option. But the first exercise of writing down their current business model and then comparing it to the changing needs of their customers led to a discussion about how to adapt the business model to the changing circumstances.

Particularly interesting was the changing mentality. Some executives who were so proud of today’s core capabilities saw that the very thing that made them strong in the past is a hindrance to the future. That unlearning process was fantastic, even if it is the beginning of a long journey.

Business Model Canvas H&m

The biggest challenge for incumbents is unlearning, forgetting. The best business model innovation will fail as managers and employees will use their tacit dominant logic of the past to implement the future. And that won’t work!

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So if you have ideas, experiments or cases to start the unlearning process, I’d love to hear from you! Our team, PETexe, intends to establish a biofilter company that provides expertise and products to companies that recycle their microplastic waste. They mainly focus on washing machine companies, but also have the ability to provide services to water treatment plants in various industries. There will also be an opportunity for the general public to purchase individual units to integrate into their existing household washing machines.

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PETexe’s vision is to revolutionize the washing machine industry and create a future where laundry is no longer the largest contributor to microplastic pollution.

The Value Proposition Canvas summarizes the main benefits of the product, and the values ​​promised by the company to the customer – these can be found below.

The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management tool for quickly and easily defining and communicating a business idea or concept. It is a document that works through the fundamental elements of a business and structures ideas in a coherent way. The right side of the BMC focuses on the customer, while the left side of the canvas focuses on the company. Both factors meet around the value proposition, the exchange of value between your company and your customer. Our Business Model Canvas can be seen below.

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We worked with staff at the University of Exeter Innovation Center to create working versions of our Value Proposition Canvas and Business Model Canvas. They helped us advise and develop our business plan.

To get feedback from the general public, of whom we initially wanted to be the primary customer, we conducted primary market research where a group of 85 people from different countries and age groups were asked a series of questions about our product. Our research showed that 96.5% of people surveyed would like to have a microplastic filter in their washing machine. We also asked if it would be preferable for the filter to be sold as a separate item or integrated into the machine prior to purchase. Overall, 76.5% of people agreed that the best option would be to have it built into the machine before purchase, so we based our design around this concept. Click here to view our online survey.

Since the initial market investigation showed that the end user would prefer the filter to be integrated before purchase, the target market for this product would initially be high end washing machine manufacturers better able to cover the investment costs of integration. On time with

Business Model Canvas H&m

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