Business Model Zoo – Business engineering is a fundamental discipline built on . It combines different disciplines into one powerful subject, so you will become a much more effective businessman! Back in 2011, I applied for an international MBA. Coming from a legal background, an MBA was a way for me to quickly change direction. …

Business Model Zoo

Business Model Zoo – Business engineering is a fundamental discipline built on . It combines different disciplines into one powerful subject, so you will become a much more effective businessman!

Back in 2011, I applied for an international MBA. Coming from a legal background, an MBA was a way for me to quickly change direction.

Business Model Zoo

Business Model Zoo

I wanted to make a career in business (more of an entrepreneur than a manager). And I wanted to quickly find a career path to move to the US (I’m originally from Italy).

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By 2013, after completing my MBA, I was able to land a job in California as an analyst with a post-MBA focus in corporate finance and business strategy.

However, instead of becoming an entrepreneur, I settled into a fixed career path where I had to—just like in the military—take a few linear steps and wait a few more years to climb the ladder.

Fast forward four years since my MBA started and three years into my new life in California. The career journey I took through my MBA was not fulfilling.

That’s why I didn’t get into MBA. So I resigned, went back to Italy and started my own digital business (a lot happened in between, like I moved to New York for a few months, but for the sake of brevity, let’s skip that part for now).

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I found that most of the things I learned in business school, however, were very useful for a linear career path in a corporation.

They weren’t that helpful to me as a digital entrepreneur. So I had to go back to learning on my own, experimenting a lot and in the process, learning new things from scratch.

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To make it more interesting, in 2016 I also joined a high-tech startup for which I still lead Enterprise.

Business Model Zoo

It’s a journey into the real business world and a set of resources I’ve learned the hard way over the years to help you navigate the uncertain business world.

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FW is not a quick business education for the sake of it; It is about the minimum dose of business education that leads to action, not paralysis;

It is an original and independent study, the fruit of thousands of hours of analysis, research and critical thinking.

The name may fool you into thinking that you can learn everything you need to know in four weeks.

Instead, it’s the concept of starting a journey where you can learn and apply basic business concepts in the real world in just a few weeks.

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Personally, it took me years to master the concepts I covered on this blog, and often the transition was to forget things that were no longer relevant or never were.

The real world is highly contextual. What works in the context will not work or worse, will be disastrous in the new context and environment.

So I try to remain agnostic. There are many tools, frameworks and methodologies that you can use, but each should be evaluated against the environment in which you find yourself.

Business Model Zoo

However, the main thing is the process. The process remains because it helps you understand the context quickly.

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When I completely shifted focus from my previous career to building a digital business in 2015, I found that the education I received through my MBA didn’t help me much in building a digital business.

That’s why I set out to document my new journey, and as I went through it, I thought about creating the kind of resources for business school that I wish I had when I was building my own business.

As I put more and more things out into the world, I was able to gather feedback on whether these resources might be of value to other practitioners in the real world, and that’s what appealed to me, and yet, it’s what keeps me going.

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When I hear people post about how they’re doing with resources; How they started their business; How they moved on in their careers or started in a new role is what gives me satisfaction and happiness.

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In order for me to continue to fund my passion, research, and enable more and more people to learn advanced business concepts, I needed to become financially sustainable.

Blog monetization is mainly through premium products (courses, books, subscriptions, sponsorships) for people who want to take their knowledge to the next level.

People who come are very happy with the free resources available. While those people who are ready to take the next step join our premium resources.

Business Model Zoo

The business world has changed rapidly; The digital world has changed how entrepreneurship works, and understanding these dynamics has become critical. That’s why I created this blog. I’ve captured all the lessons I’ve learned over the years here, and as I do, I’ve made them available to you to make this the place to be for digital entrepreneurs, executives, and business people.

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When I first started digital marketing, I came from a completely different background. I graduated in law, after an international MBA I worked as a financial analyst in a real estate investment firm. This experience taught me to look at hard numbers and dissect the balance sheet of any company to understand the business logic behind them. When you understand how money moves, you can also understand the strategic thinking behind any company.

When I got into digital marketing, I was looking for ways to break free from my 9-5 job and be alone. The thing was, all the things that looked the most on the Internet turned out to be the least useful. In short, I learned that visibility does not mean relevance. However, I wanted to provide practical resources that anyone could use to grow their business or even better understand the business world.

Then I joined a tech startup. There I have been helping the company develop business operations since late 2016. One thing that was clear to me from day one was that a solid distribution strategy is critical to the success of any company. From there I started learning everything I could about business modeling, business strategy, distribution strategies and growth marketing.

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An MBA can still be a valuable program for those who want to advance in a business career. and for budding entrepreneurs. However, there are several fundamental aspects of MBA programs that make them too risky by today’s standards.

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As the business world changes at a faster and faster pace, the opportunity costs associated with enrolling in an MBA program have become too high for many people.

However, this is only part of the story – I argue. Indeed, MBA programs today have become very risky for several reasons:

In this blog I cover business models. And I focus a lot on models that change the game. Be sure that this is not much of a delay. What we take and take for granted is the modern model of business and education. However, this model has its basis in the world, which has been formed in recent decades.

Business Model Zoo

Many of the modern business models that have changed the business world and rewritten the rules seem to harken back to a previous era. Where centralized and closed models have won in recent decades. New technologies ultimately enable the decentralization, disintermediation and delocalization of companies, processes and teams.

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Thus, you will be able to learn everything related to business growth, distribution, business modeling and digital entrepreneurship.

One of the most important lessons we’ve learned from studying tech companies is how distribution and the ability to develop a sustainable business model are among the most critical aspects. The more the company is based on a technical product or service, the more the founders will be technical people (engineers or programmers). Although it’s great and it allows us to create an incredible product. It can also lead to overseeing the right sales and distribution strategies, allowing the business to scale quickly and become sustainable!

As Head of Business Development, I also focused my efforts on finding the right strategies, distributions, sales processes to accelerate digital business growth. It is important to never lose focus on the product and customer needs. From meeting a great product built around customer needs and distributed through the right channels, I believe any company can achieve success quickly and sustainably.

Society says I learned more in 90 minutes from coffee shop resources than I did in three years of a part-time MBA

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I admire Gennaro’s excellent briefings and fruitful insights. He is one hardworking and responsible producer.

Thanks to the fact that I learned about some fundamental business concepts that everyone interested in business should know and the business models of the companies that make up the world. Laura Soto Von Arnim Senior Information Security Specialist –

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