Create Digital Business Card Free – Especially if they intend to attend (it’s a tongue twister) in-person networking events like conferences or exhibitions. Even a simple day at a coworking space might require a business card or two, you never know who you might run into and you don’t really want to be caught empty-handed …

Create Digital Business Card Free

Create Digital Business Card Free – Especially if they intend to attend (it’s a tongue twister) in-person networking events like conferences or exhibitions. Even a simple day at a coworking space might require a business card or two, you never know who you might run into and you don’t really want to be caught empty-handed when someone asks.

In the past I would have sent you all on a mission to design your cards on Canva and get them printed en masse with the likes of But we don’t live in a world where creating extra paper waste is something we can do with a clear conscience, nor do we live in a world where people are equally willing to accept something tangible that can transmit a pathogen for no very good reason. Let’s be honest here.

Create Digital Business Card Free

Create Digital Business Card Free

Invented in 1994 by Masahiro Hara in Japan, QR codes were used as a way to speed up the car manufacturing process by being able to identify parts at speed. It would take over 15 years and an entire pandemic to make them popular beyond their original intent, and I’m glad they survived. I’ve always been a fan of the humble QR code. About 6 years ago I started using them in my business, but the truth is that most people either didn’t know what they were, couldn’t figure out how to use them, or simply didn’t have the technology, that allowed them to scan one! Naturally, I stopped using them, assuming they were a fad and simply wouldn’t catch on.

About Digital Business Cards Maker

Enter 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic. We all know what happens next. Jump forward to a world of intermittent lockdowns, of face coverings and isolation, of the need for social distancing and the ultimate rise of the QR code.

These cute puzzle-like squares finally found their way into the hearts of the masses, and technology had also adapted. They allow for quick delivery of food to our tables, for getting information in public spaces, for use as boarding passes on planes and trains, payment for goods and services and even for vaccine passports. They’re everywhere – the QR code is finally in its prime and you should get on board. 🚂

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Image description: Close-up of two human hands holding a smartphone with a QR code on a restaurant table behind.

These codes eliminate the need for menus, pamphlets, flyers, and yes, you know where this is going, business cards! I was quick on the uptake of the Tappy Card that was introduced last year. As I said, I’ve always had a fondness for QR technology, as I’ve always been a fan of simplicity and minimalism, which they definitely provide. As cool as Tappy Cards are, you don’t have to go out and buy one unless you want to. Tappy uses NFC to ‘tap’ and open your digital business card or the QR logo on your card, I’ve found the NFC function to be fiddly and finnicky. You can make your very own unlimited single business card for free using QR codes – that’s all I do now!

Business Card Maker Free Visiting Card Maker For Android

1. Go to this generator (you can use another one, I just like this one because the free option is very versatile).

2. Enter your desired URL – for a traditional business card experience, you can simply link to a pdf version of an actual business card (as such) or a page on your website that acts as one. However, it can also be a page with multiple links on your website (or your LinkTree URL), or it can be a link for a single purpose, such as your calendar booking link, website, freebie signup, your portfolio link, or even your Linkedin profile. You choose!

Watch the video below to see how quick and easy it is to create a cool QR code with your logo!

Create Digital Business Card Free

Once you’ve got your QR code ready to roll, the MOST eco-friendly way to share your digital business card will be to simply have the code as your phone screen wallpaper. When someone asks for your details, just flash your phone and they can scan it! Ta-da!

Best Digital Business Card Apps For 2023 (free And Paid)

Extra tip: Your QR code needs to have enough contrast to work, so make sure you’re dark over light backgrounds and vice versa. You can use the ‘remove background’ feature on Canva to do what it says on the tin, remove the background of your QR codes. The video below shows you how to find the wallpaper template on Canva, from there you are welcome to go wild with your design!

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You can have a sticker printed that goes on your laptop, phone case, note pad or name tag when you’re at events too. My sticker printing service has always been stickermule, but if you only need a few, a local printer might be a better deal as stickermule has a minimum of 15 prints.

Image description: A silver MacBook laptop lies flat on a wooden table with a QR code sticker attached.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to be creative with how and where you use your QR code ‘business card’. The most important thing is that you now understand that it is not necessary for you to carry paper cards anymore. That’s not to say that a couple in your wallet won’t be useful, there will still be the odd person who doesn’t want a scanner, but 99% of the time your QR code will serve you very well!

How To Create A Business Card With The Digital Business Card Maker By Pclara21

Are you already on the QR bandwagon? Business cards are only ONE way you can use QR codes in your VA biz, how will you use them? Tell me how in the comments 👇👇

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Create Digital Business Card Free

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The #1 Rated Digital Business Card

Released in 2003, WordPress was intended to be a humble, free blog software, but has grown into the most popular content management system. Powerful, versatile and capable of publishing websites, blogs and e-commerce stores of all types, WordPress has a keen…For people who want to make a good first impression. Tap and share your contact information, collect leads and connect to over 5,000 apps and CRM tools.

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Included with all cards. Switch between modes depending on the situation. Meet up and share your contact information or switch to Lead Generation mode to receive contact information and send it directly to your CRM.

Open the camera on your phone and scan the QR code to see how this map mode will look on your phone.

Automatically send leads and contacts to your CRM. Follow up faster, grow your email list and close more deals.

Free Digital Business Card With Qr Code

Chat boxes disappear when the call is over. Show your QR code so everyone can save what you share.

Get all of Mobilo’s functionality from an app on your device – if you forget your wallet at home.

Made of durable, 8 times recyclable plastic. Designed for longevity and manufactured with precision: the perfect choice for every occasion.

Create Digital Business Card Free

This eco-friendly approach to networking is sure to make an impression. And we plant a tree for every card sold.

Modern Digital Business Card Template • Macarons And Mimosas

Large and small companies love Mobilo. We have included over 25,000 teams including international banks, construction companies, retail, roofing, plumbing, marketing agencies, hospitals and many more.

We weren’t impressed with the standard QR code, so we added some color, shape and a logo to the mix. Fully customize your QR code to match your branding and steal the show.

As long as the contrast between the QR code color and the background is above 30%, you can choose any color.

Research has shown that most companies spend an average of $194 per employee per year on paper business cards.

Instagram Handle Usage On Business Cards (guide 2023)

My team ordered 35 Mobilo cards to replace old school paper business cards. We are all super excited about the quality and ease of use. It’s really fun to tap and works well for recruitment events for our talent team and other networking events such as conferences.

Great networking tool, lead capture and all. Think about everything mobile, your clients and customers are. You can even create QR codes for your signature.

Slim and easy to use. Regardless of a person’s comfort level with technology, their various functions were quite simple to get used to and use in business.

Create Digital Business Card Free

Mobilo has been a pleasure to work with and so helpful. We ordered a card to test the capabilities and also see how our design looked IRL.

Free Business Cards Templates To Customize Online

If you have a smartphone, the answer is almost certainly yes. All iPhones

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