Create Free Digital Business Card – Digital business cards are the modern way to share contact information. Also known as virtual and electronic business cards, digital business cards are more interactive, cost-effective and sustainable than their physical counterparts. A significant benefit of digital business cards is that they can be shared with anyone, anywhere. Digital …

Create Free Digital Business Card

Create Free Digital Business Card – Digital business cards are the modern way to share contact information. Also known as virtual and electronic business cards, digital business cards are more interactive, cost-effective and sustainable than their physical counterparts. A significant benefit of digital business cards is that they can be shared with anyone, anywhere. Digital business cards can be created on iOS, Android or computer and can be fully customized to suit your style.

S digital business cards are free, fully customizable and you can share your card with anyone. No app is needed to receive a card.

Create Free Digital Business Card

Create Free Digital Business Card

Once you’ve signed up on iOS, Android, or the web, you’ll be able to create and customize your first virtual business card. You can create multiple cards with different information on each card. Make a card for work contacts, one for clients or customers, and one for your friends.

Best Digital Business Card Solutions In 2023 [updated]

Digital business cards from are germ free – no physical contact is required to send or receive a virtual card. Electronic business cards can be shared with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Using a digital business card means you can update your information with a single tap, so you don’t have to order and send new cards.

Business cards should include more than basic contact information. With , you can have your preferred name, pronouns and any credentials on your digital business card. Add a photo of yourself so people remember who you are, or add a live photo or video to bring your card to life. Include your social media accounts, a company logo, Venmo, Yelp page, PDFs and more – it truly is the most customizable business card app on the App Store and Google Play.

You can share your digital business card with anyone, even if they don’t have the app. (Yes, whoever you send it to doesn’t have to receive your card!) There are several ways to share your card:

Is the top-rated digital business card app on the App Store and Google Play. Everyone from individuals to businesses use it as a trusted digital business card platform.

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Best Electronic Business Card App

Offers free and premium digital business card subscriptions for anyone looking to enhance their individual experience or engage their entire team or company with virtual business cards.

Offers digital business card subscription plans for teams and businesses of all sizes. Business and Enterprise will help your company streamline brand management, automate processes, and drive sustainability initiatives, while providing professional and delightful digital business cards for your team. For people who want to make a great first impression. Tap and share your contact details, gather leads and connect with 5000+ CRM apps and tools.

Included with all cards. Switch between modes depending on the situation. Meet and share your contact details or switch to lead generation mode to receive contact details and send them directly to your CRM.

Create Free Digital Business Card

Open your phone’s camera and scan the QR Code to see how this card mode would look on your phone.

Customized Digital Visiting Card Maker

Automatically send leads and contacts to your CRM. Follow up faster, grow your email list, and close more deals.

Chat boxes disappear once the call ends. Display your QR code to let everyone save what you share.

Get all Mobilo functionality from one app on your device in case you forget your wallet at home.

Made of durable plastic, 8 times recyclable. Engineered for longevity and precision crafted: the perfect choice for any occasion.

About Digital Business Cards Maker

This green approach to networking is sure to make an impression. And we plant a tree for every card sold.

Businesses big and small love Mobilo. We integrate more than 25,000 teams, including international banks, construction companies, retail, roofing, plumbing, marketing agencies, hospitals and more.

We weren’t impressed with the standard QR Code, so we added some color, shape, and a logo to the mix. Fully customize your QR Code to match your brand and show off.

Create Free Digital Business Card

As long as the contrast is greater than 30% between the QR Code color and the background, you can choose any color.

Free Digital Business Card

Research has shown that most companies spend an average of $194 per employee per year on paper business cards.

My team ordered 35 Mobilo cards to replace the old paper business cards. We are all super excited about the quality and ease of use. It’s a lot of fun to play and works well for recruiting events for our talent team and other networking events like conferences.

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Awesome networking tool, lead capture and all. Think of all the mobile things your clients and customers are. You can even make QR codes for your signature.

Stylish and easy to use. Regardless of an individual’s comfort level with technology, its different functions were quite simple to get used to and apply in the business world.

Create Your Digital Business Card With 5 Days Free Trial

Mobilo was a pleasure to work with and very helpful. We ordered a card to test capacity and also see what our design looked like IRL.

If you have a smartphone, the answer is almost certainly yes. All iPhones XR and later models (September 2018) and around 90% of Android phones have NFC enabled. Also, as a backup, all smartphones, Apple and Android, have a built-in QR code reader. Just open the camera and point it at the QR code located on the back of each Mobilo card. Click here for a complete list of supported phones: https://support.

Our Classic cards are made from premium plastic called PET. PET can be recycled up to eight times. The chip inside is made of various materials and will generally last at least a few years. We also offer wood and metal cards, which are made from responsibly sourced birch or sapele and stainless steel, respectively.

Create Free Digital Business Card

Yes. Order as many cards as you like. Once you receive your cards, you can invite people to sign up while managing the cards in a simple backend interface. Easily add your entire team and change ownership as team members join and leave your organization.

The 5 Best Business Card Scanner Apps In 2023

Each Mobilo card has an internal chip that wirelessly sends your information to a phone. When you tap the card on a compatible phone, a contact field appears with all your information pre-populated automatically. The owner of the phone just needs to click “save”. This type of contact information transfer is just one of four unique modes included with every Mobilo card. (The above describes NFC compatibility. Each Mobilo card also contains a QR code on the back to ensure compatibility with older smartphones that do not support NFC.

Yes. After we send you your card, you will receive an automated email with login instructions. From your account dashboard, you can update your contact information whenever you want. Any changes you make are instantly applied to your card in real time.

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Personalized card can be printed with your own design. Once you place your order, our design team will work with you to ensure the design is perfect. Before we start production, you will receive a fingerprint proof for approval. When everything is correct, we will start creating your card.

The Mobilo card and the Custom card have identical functionality. However, the Mobilo card has the Mobilo brand printed on the front and back. The personalized card can be printed with any design or logo.

Free Printable Business Card Templates You Can Customize

Yes! When ordering, please leave us a note that you are purchasing your Mobilo card as a gift for someone else. (By default, we assign the card to the person who ordered it.)

We sometimes offer reduced rates depending on the size of your organization. Click here to send us a message and we’ll let you know how we can help. Especially if they intend to attend (which is a tongue twister) face-to-face networking events such as conferences or expos. Even a simple day in a coworking space might require a business card or two, you never know who you might run into and you really don’t want to be caught empty-handed when someone asks.

In the past, I would send you all on a mission to design your cards in Canva and print them in bulk with companies like However, we don’t live in a world where creating extra paper waste is something we can do with a clear conscience, nor do we live in a world where people are so willing to accept anything tangible that might carry a pathogen without good cause. Let’s be honest here.

Create Free Digital Business Card

Invented in 1994 by Masahiro Hara in Japan, QR codes were used as a way to speed up the car manufacturing process by being able to identify parts at high speed. It would take over 15 years and an entire pandemic to make them popular beyond their original intent, and I’m glad they survived. I’ve always been a fan of the humble QR code. About 6 years ago I started using them in my business, but the truth is most people didn’t know what they were, couldn’t figure out how to use them, or simply didn’t have the technology that would allow them to scan one! Naturally, I stopped using them, assuming they were a fad and just wouldn’t catch on.

How To Make A Digital Business Card On A Computer

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