Export And Import In Turkey – With the important achievements and incentives of the government, Turkey’s export volume reached its highest point for the first time in the history of the Republic of Turkey. While the country earned 168.1 billion dollars from exports in 2018, it was 11.1 billion dollars with an increase of 7.1 …

Export And Import In Turkey

Export And Import In Turkey – With the important achievements and incentives of the government, Turkey’s export volume reached its highest point for the first time in the history of the Republic of Turkey. While the country earned 168.1 billion dollars from exports in 2018, it was 11.1 billion dollars with an increase of 7.1 percent compared to 2017. Although imports are still higher in Turkey, exports gained more volume and the volume of imports decreased by 4.6% to $223.1 billion in 2018. Turkey’s most exported products were automotive, ready-made clothing and textiles and iron&iron. steel last year

In 2018, 50 percent of exports were made to Europe and its countries with 84.1 billion dollars. Asia, North America and South America follow Europe as the most exported continents. Exports to Africa increased by 24 percent, while Latin American countries exported more products in 2018, up 35.6 percent compared to 2017. Exports to two countries, which Turkey determined as the target country last year, also increased in volume. From 2017 to 2018, exports to Mexico increased by 36%, while exports to India increased by 48%.

Export And Import In Turkey

Export And Import In Turkey

As expected, Turkey’s top three export countries, which export 50% of the country’s products to EU countries, are Germany, England and Italy. Turkey exported mostly automotive, agriculture and food, ready-made clothing, textile and iron and steel to its leading countries.

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In 2018, Turkey’s top export destination was Germany, with an export of 15.8 billion dollars. With more than 3 million Turks living in the country, it is not surprising that Germany is the country to which we export the most. Since 2011, exports to Germany are over 13 billion dollars and are increasing every year. In 2017, exports to Germany were worth 15.1 billion dollars.

The United Kingdom imported the most automotive, textile and machinery products from Turkey in 2018. While exports to the UK were 9.6 billion dollars in 2017, it was 11.1 billion dollars in 2018.

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Last year, exports of 9.4 billion dollars were made to Italy mainly in the automotive and textile sectors. In 2017, the export volume was 8.4 billion dollars.

Turkey exported $8.2 billion worth of machinery parts, cement, copper and plastics to the US in 2018 to sell products. In 2017, exports to the USA amounted to 8.6 billion dollars.

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Spain, which is one of the countries to which Turkey exports the most, imported $ 7.7 billion in automotive products, olive oil and citrus fruits in 2018, while it was $6.3 billion in 2017.

Turkey’s neighboring country, Iraq, imported $7.3 billion in 2018. As the country tries to rise from its ashes, the Iraqi economy is becoming more independent and as a result of this development, Turkey’s export volume to Iraq has decreased compared to 2017. In 2017, it exported 9 billion dollars from Turkey.

In 2018, machinery parts, plastics and chemicals were exported to France with a weight of 7.2 billion dollars. In 2017, this figure was $6.5 billion.

Export And Import In Turkey

While 4.6 billion dollars worth of electrical-conductive materials, automotive, clothing and textile products were sold to the Netherlands in 2018, the export level was 3.8 billion dollars in 2017.

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Turkey exported 3.9 billion dollars worth of products to Belgium, especially from the automotive and textile sectors. In 2017, exports to Belgium amounted to 3.1 billion dollars.

Romania imported 3.9 billion dollars of products from Turkey in 2018, which was 3.1 billion dollars in 2017. The country imported machinery, automotive products and iron and steel from Turkey.

If you are interested in doing business in Turkey, you can check the Business Structures page to learn more about how things work in Turkish business life. Türkiye is also recognized as the Republic of Türkiye. Turkey is a transcontinental state and therefore has territory in 2 continents, Western Asia and Southeastern Europe. It borders many countries such as Georgia, Armenia, Iraq, Syria and Greece. According to the data, the Turkish economy is among the top 38 countries in the world in terms of complexity. Turkey’s import data reveal that Turkey’s goods import in 2020 is 207 billion USD. On the other hand, Turkey imported US$ 3.01 billion worth of services in 2020.

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According to Turkey’s import data, the country ranked 23rd among 226 countries in total imports in 2020. According to Turkey’s trade data, Turkey’s important imports include precious stones such as gold (23.7 billion dollars), automobiles (8.15 billion dollars), refined oil (6.14 billion dollars), scrap iron (6.02 billion dollars) and motor vehicles ($5.83 billion).

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In 2020, Turkey became the largest importer of waste iron, filament yarn, sunflower seeds and artificial staple fibers.

Turkey’s population as of 2020 is 8.36 crore. Turkey’s major import accomplices are Germany ($24 billion), followed by China ($22.1 billion), Russia ($13.2 billion) and the United States ($10.7 billion), as Turkey trade data reveals. Italy is also one of Turkey’s largest import partners.

Turkey import data and Turkey trade data information that we provide to you is very useful and informative. Our data is based on fully updated and fresh shipping invoices, invoices and other important documents required for trading. We collect reliable information from Turkey’s customs ports, institutions and other shipping companies. Various fields in Turkey trade data are GTIP codes, product description, quantity and price, port names and currency value.

Export And Import In Turkey

For your convenience and better understanding, we have attached an example with specific Turkey import data so you can experience in full detail what the specific Turkey import data looks like.

Turkey Import Data

Turkey import data collected from Turkish Customs authorities is a type of private data that contains plenty of information and insights in addition to shipping details. You can learn everything from the name of the importer to the quantity and price of each product from this import data. We provide you with a reliable and accurate database compiled from trusted sources such as the country’s customs ports, government agencies and other trusted institutions and authorities.

All in all, there is no doubt that Turkey currently has a great economic situation. Thanks to the HDI ranking that made Turkey eligible to be on the list of developed countries in the world. The country also occupies a good place in the global ranking of total imports. Marketers who trade in gold, automobiles and oil from around the world can also evaluate the Turkish market. The country will not disappoint any marketer and will help increase profits. Do you want to expand and start an export-import business with companies in Turkey? Maybe you are a local Turkish entrepreneur looking to expand and export to Europe? This country offers both business opportunities to local entrepreneurs who are planning to set up their own export or import business within Turkey. Also for entrepreneurs residing in other countries who want to export to Turkey or import from there.

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Turkey is a unique country with 97% of Asia and 3% of the European continent, but development and prosperity follow European standards and pace. Turkey is a “fertile country” for those who want to establish and expand their international business. Being successful takes hard work, dedication and a lot of upfront work. It all starts with doing research and analysis to find job opportunities that are just right for you.

So, how to start an import-export business in Turkey, how to be successful? What are the main export and import sectors and products? How to export or import step by step, what are the procedures? The article will answer all the above questions and other related questions and give you many export-import business ideas.

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Türkiye is a big country and active in foreign trade. According to PPP, the Turkish economy ranks sixth in Europe and among the 20 largest economies in the world. Turkey’s population is comparable to Germany.

The country’s government plans to place the country on the list of the ten largest economies in the world. Among the top 10 fastest growing cities, Turkey’s city, Izmir, surpassed even China’s Hangzhou and rose to 3rd place in the world. Strong business culture and supportive measures make it easy to turn growing cities into early production hubs for exporting goods to Europe. Türkiye is also known as one of the newly industrialized countries.

Turkey has a variety of natural resources, including metals, and has a competitive business environment for industrial production and manufacturing. It has a low cost but relatively skilled workforce. Everything it takes to be a production powerhouse. This is the reason why many international companies set up their production units in Turkey.

Export And Import In Turkey

It is linked to Europe, has a land border with Bulgaria and EU member Greece, and has a trade agreement with Europe. Turkish local manufacturers have a great business opportunity to export their locally produced goods to European Union countries and elsewhere. Of course, first it needs to be clarified which types of products have the greatest potential for export.

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The country has developed its mining industry, which extracts 900,000 tons of chromium per year (first in the world). Oil reserves are about 139 million tons. Oil production is around 3 million tons/year. It still has to import crude oil, which corresponds to 10.5%

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