First Class In Qatar Airways – Qatar Airways is one of the best airlines in terms of quality and luxury. Most of their planes are new and with beautiful interiors, excellent entertainment devices and comfortable seats. Recently I flew their first class product on their A380 aircraft en route to India from Paris. Qatar Airways …

First Class In Qatar Airways

First Class In Qatar Airways – Qatar Airways is one of the best airlines in terms of quality and luxury. Most of their planes are new and with beautiful interiors, excellent entertainment devices and comfortable seats. Recently I flew their first class product on their A380 aircraft en route to India from Paris. Qatar Airways is based in Doha, where all its flights connect to over 150 destinations.

Qatar Airways is  a member of the OneWorld alliance, which means that Qatar Airways award flights can be booked through OneWorld partners such as British Airways or American Airlines. To search for award availability, go to, as American Airlines does not display award availability online for Qatar Airways. In most cases, redemption rates for Qatar Airways are lower on American Airlines.

First Class In Qatar Airways

First Class In Qatar Airways

If you find fare availability for Qatar Airways on, you can proceed to call American Airlines and book the flight over the phone.

Review: Qatar Airways First Class

If you are looking to book a first class flight on Qatar Airways on their A380 aircraft, there are not many options. Coming from Europe, the only options are from Paris or London. The amount of American Airlines miles required for this flight is currently 62,500 miles.

It is also possible to continue to India or to another Middle East destination for the same number of miles. It is worth it considering that it would allow you to check out the First Class Lounge at Doha International Airport while traveling to the next destination.

Compared to other first class seats on other airlines, the seats are not compartmentalized and shielded. Although this removes some privacy, it makes the cabin feel more open and airy. This is good for those who can feel claustrophobic at times.

This is the nicest interior I have seen on a plane by far. The plane also seemed to make the most of the nifty LED lighting features that the new planes seem to have. The lighting changes between purple, blue and then orange for simulated sunset and then sunrise before landing.

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The first & business class lounge area is by far the best, biggest and most beautiful I have seen on an A380. The design and color scheme was perfect and I loved the light fixtures. It was pretty much empty when I wanted to go to the bar, so it was like I had it all to myself.

The seat was comfortable with an insane amount of legroom. I liked the footrest which can also be used as a seat for your flying companion to sit across from you while the meals are served.

The amenity kits were the best I have ever received on a first class flight. The set included a large eye mask and a large bottle of cologne. Although this was a night flight that landed at 23.45, they did not provide pajamas on this flight. Bummer since the Qatar Airways pajamas looked really nice.

First Class In Qatar Airways

There were plenty of high end alcoholic beverages available such as Krug. In addition, there were plenty of tasty non-alcoholic mixed drinks available.

Review: Qatar Airways’ New Business Class On The Boeing 787 9

The food selection was quite good with an adequate selection. However, I found the food selection to be more exciting on Etihad and Emirates First Class.

While the Qatar Airways A380 first class cabin doesn’t have a shower like Emirates Airlines, it had the most stylish interior of any airline bathroom I’ve seen. It’s also the biggest bathroom I’ve seen on an airline.

In conclusion, if you have the opportunity to fly on the Qatar Airways A380 first class flight, take it. Its open spacious cabin, large entertainment screen and good selection of alcohol make any flight a breeze. Although it doesn’t have showers, the large first-class bar area, large bathrooms and airy cabin make it seem like you’re not even on a plane.

Bucket List Traveler is a New Jersey native who has lived on the East Coast, West Coast, Hawaii and currently resides in Germany. He has traveled to 95 countries and loves backpacking, camping and photography. The final leg of our trip to the Maldives would take place aboard a unique “hybrid” first class experience between Qatar Airways and Cathay Pacific, from Doha to Malé.

How To Book Qatar Airways Flights With Points And Miles

For most of 2022, Qatar Airways will operate a handful of Boeing 777 aircraft leased from Cathay Pacific on its routes from Doha to Malé and Hong Kong.

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This comes at a time when the Doha-based carrier is facing a shortage of aircraft due to the grounding of its Airbus A350, while its Hong Kong-based counterpart is running a leaner operation due to ongoing travel restrictions.

Given the short-term nature of this lease, Qatar Airways hasn’t refurbished any of the interiors, meaning the First Class cabin on these routes is a replica of what you’ll find on Cathay Pacific First Class – making it a crazy crossover of an aviation experience that I was eager to seek out.

First Class In Qatar Airways

I booked this flight for 50,500 Avios first class from Doha to Malé, plus about $150 in taxes and fees.

Qatar Airways Planning New First Class For Boeing 777 9

I could have gotten a better deal by booking this flight on the same reservation as my previous business class flight from Montreal to Doha; but since it was possible to do so because Qatar Airways had joined Avios, I had already locked in availability and therefore didn’t want to risk canceling and rebooking.

Traveling first class out of Doha, we had access to the fantastic Qatar Airways Al Safwa First Class Lounge for our six hour layover.

Al Safwa Lounge, considered to be one of the best First Class lounges in the world, is a luxury paradise to say the least.

The museum-like interior, reminiscent of ancient temples from the region, features grand corridors with soaring ceilings and sandstone-colored walls.

Best First Class Qatar Airways Images, Stock Photos & Vectors

The minimalist architecture is sure to take you through a visual journey as you indulge in the lounge’s various forms of relaxation. Luxurious features are scattered around, such as a magnificent water fountain, art installations and artefacts from the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha.

In addition, the lounge boasts delicious cuisine and state-of-the-art facilities, including private nap rooms and a luxury spa – complete with a jacuzzi that you can reserve all to yourself.

We spent the first few hours of our time in the lounge enjoying an à la carte dinner and then sipping some drinks at the bar.

First Class In Qatar Airways

When we weren’t eating or drinking, we spent our time resting in our private room. First Class passengers can make a request for the private rooms, but they are limited to a first-come, first-served basis. These exclusive private rooms also come with a private bathroom and shower.

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Qatar Airways Business Class Review Sfo Doh

Just before our flight was ready to board, we took advantage of one of the lounge’s most outlandish amenities: the jacuzzi. Immersing yourself in steaming hot water and being engulfed in bubbles before a flight is certainly not something you find every day in an airport lounge.

I still consider the Qatar Airways Al Safwa First Class Lounge to be one of the best airport lounges in the world and I really enjoyed every minute we spent here.

This aircraft was one of four Boeing 777s that Qatar Airways leased from Cathay Pacific, and as we boarded the First Class cabin, I was struck with amazement as I stepped into all too familiar surroundings despite, that technically I was experiencing a completely new product.

The seat shells and seat fittings are exactly as Cathay Pacific had left them, right down to the three piece art display on the wall.

Qatar Reveals A380 First Class (photos)

The only notable difference was that the seat finish had been replaced with Qatar Airways’ signature burgundy, with an extra cushion waiting at each seat for good measure.

The cabin configuration naturally matches Cathay Pacific First Class, with six reverse herringbone seats arranged in a 1-1-1 configuration across two rows.

While these suites are exceedingly spacious, it’s worth noting that they offer less privacy than you’ll find on Qatar Airways Qsuites, which are technically a lower class of service (business class vs. First Class).

First Class In Qatar Airways

This tends to be a theme across Qatar Airways as a whole, with the airline’s other flagship First Class product on the A380 also in some ways falling short of their tall business class product.

The Complete Guide To Qatar Airways Business Class And Qsuites

We chose seats 1D and 1K for this flight, facing each other across the aisle. It is worth noting that seats 1A and 2A have their own private aisle and can also be a good choice for those traveling together as you have the entire port aisle to yourself.

I imagine not too many people pay cash for first class on these Qatar Airways 777s leased from Cathay Pacific – both on this flight and on the return journey my party happened to be the only occupants of the cabin (ie two of us on the evening flight, and my own company of one on the return).

So if you can get a reservation on points (there are usually two First Class award seats per flight), there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself in a relatively empty cabin.

The individual seats are incredibly spacious, significantly wider

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