Funny Christmas Exchange Gift Ideas – This post may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting Kara Creates! Let the holiday fun begin with these awesome Holiday Gift Trading Games! I’m sharing 5 of …

Funny Christmas Exchange Gift Ideas

Funny Christmas Exchange Gift Ideas – This post may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting Kara Creates!

Let the holiday fun begin with these awesome Holiday Gift Trading Games! I’m sharing 5 of my all-time favorite gift exchange games that everyone will love.

Funny Christmas Exchange Gift Ideas

Funny Christmas Exchange Gift Ideas

Raise your hand if you love a fun game? The holidays should be about having fun while spending time with friends, family, colleague and the best way to have fun is to play a game! However, we are not just talking about a normal game. We’re talking about gift exchange games!

Secret Santa Gifts In 2022: Useful Presents They Actually Want

We have a secret gift exchange every Christmas with the adults in our family. This is great for several reasons. Not only does it cut down on the number of gifts we have to buy but it makes the gift giving process interesting. Plus, it gives us something fun to do at Christmas with the whole family. I can honestly say that it is a wonderful family tradition that we all look forward to every year.

This is a very fun game. Cut the cards and put them in a bowl. Players take turns choosing a card and trading gifts based on what the card says. Players open the gift after everyone has picked a card and exchanged gifts with someone.

Another fun game that requires everyone to listen carefully to a story being read aloud with many occurrences of the words “left” and “right.” Players follow these verbal clues, passing gifts to the left or right until the story ends and everyone keeps their gift.

Just like the game of Musical Chairs but everyone gets a gift! Have everyone sit in a circle. Start with one gift and play a Christmas song. Players give the gift until the music stops. The person who has the gift keeps that gift. Continue playing until every player has a gift.

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Printable List Of Alternative Gift Exchange Ideas

This game feels AWESOME! Find all the instructions and details over at Play. Party. Plan. Britni sure knows how to make life fun!

This is the game we are playing this year. Players stand up when they hear a statement that applies to them. Everyone standing exchanges gifts and then sits back down. Gifts can be traded more than once to ensure everyone has a new gift. Once all the statements have been read, each player opens their present. Isn’t this fun?

Welcome! My goal is to share fun and inexpensive DIY projects, recipes and gift ideas. I love creating things and I hope to inspire others to do the same! Learn more.The best list of funny white elephant gifts for gift exchanges including ideas that are both useful and funny! Bring one of these to your next white elephant party and guarantee they’ll be stolen all night!

Funny Christmas Exchange Gift Ideas

I have yet to meet a single person who hasn’t participated in some sort of holiday gift exchange and most of us have participated in quite a few. What no one talks about is how difficult it is to choose the perfect gift exchange gift, especially if it’s a white elephant exchange!

Fun Gift Exchange Games & Ideas

I’ve hosted and been to my fair share of Christmas parties and gift exchanges in the past and these ideas are inspired by some of the best gift ideas I’ve ever seen and heard about.

These are perfect if you’re looking for some fun white elephant gift ideas – if you want real gifts to say secret Santa, check out some of my gift guides instead! It’s got everything from Christmas gifts for runners to 12 days of Christmas gift ideas!

So grab a gift, wrap it up nice and pretty – maybe even add one of those Christmas gift tags – and get ready to play!

Before we get into the gifts, let’s start with a quick clarification of what white elephant gifts are. I was talking to someone recently and realized that some people don’t know what a white elephant gift exchange is.

White Elephant Gift Ideas

I mean, it’s possible that the definition of a white elephant gift is completely different, but this is how I’ve always heard it.

A white elephant gift is a gag, something designed to be funny and not taken seriously. They are called funny gifts for a reason!

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If you’re going to a white elephant gift exchange, the goal is to bring something that will make people laugh or something unique and funny. It’s a good thing if people smile when your gift is opened!

Funny Christmas Exchange Gift Ideas

I know some people tend to go the more offensive route, but that’s not my thing so these gifts are funny without being offensive. There is some potty humor but always practical potty humor!

Creative Money Gift Ideas That Will Surprise

I also try to include funny things but not something that goes in the trash as soon as everyone leaves. So no empty paper towel rolls or broken picture frames, but to each their own. I also like to follow whatever the theme of the gift exchange is (if there is one).

Exchanging gifts with someone else. They can be played a little differently – maybe it’s a dice gift exchange or even a Christmas game I’ve never done, but there seems to be some stealing involved. Coming up with a gift that you think people will actually want (but a funny one) will make the stealing part of the game that much better!

I deliberately included white elephant gifts that would be funny but also things that people could keep, not just throw in the trash five minutes later.

These are inspired by some of the best white elephant gift ideas I’ve seen at every party I’ve hosted, but there are plenty more if you want to use this as a source of inspiration!

Best Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas For Family And Friends 2022

Adulting is hard, we can do anything we want as long as we take care of everything first. These stickers are a classic way to reward yourself for doing everyday grown-up things. A perfect gag gift for the newly minted college student.

This is a very practical gift but fun to open. It’s one of those things that everyone has but is such a taboo subject that it’s a great choice for a gag gift.

Funny things like this always get a good reaction from the group when it’s really just gourmet food wrapped in a white elephant gift.

Funny Christmas Exchange Gift Ideas

This game is very good, although the name is very special. Makes for a funny white elephant gift while actually being something people would want to steal, the best of both worlds.

Creative And Fun Family Gift Exchange Ideas

Another easy pick that’s both funny and adorable. Whoever gets this gift will get a smile every time they open it and play it. Besides who doesn’t want to play a game where they are actually encouraged to throw things?

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Of course, money is always a great white elephant gift, but no one wants to carry around a ten-dollar bill. This bar of soap is a fun way to donate money. Plus you might figure out how many washes it takes to get to the center of the duck soap.

Another white elephant staple, socks, but with a funny twist. Grab a pair of these funny socks and enjoy the laughter when they are opened. Maybe fill the socks with something to make them even more desirable.

Get a good laugh out of the gang when they crack this toilet tag game. Perfect for couples or it could be fun to put in a guest bathroom to see who plays along. Either way, it will be a novelty that people would love to steal.

Inexpensive & Hilarious Gift Exchange Games

A moose mug is one of those things that no one would ever think to buy themselves but works perfectly as a white elephant gift. A totally random gift that is sure to make people smile. This would also be a great addition to a holiday mug swap!

This is one of the best white elephant gift ideas around. People will want to steal this just to be sure they know what’s inside.

The picture frame that no one knows what to do with. Make it even better by adding a signed photo of yourself or a beloved pet into the frame.

Funny Christmas Exchange Gift Ideas

This thing is really awesome, I love it in my house. But it’s one of those things that no one knows they need until they have it. Also, it’s just hilarious to open up in front of a large group of people.

Popular Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas And Games

If your gang isn’t fighting over who gets to sink their teeth into Bieber’s Baby, I’d be surprised. It would make an ordinary boring day job into a great job. This Justin Bieber singing toothbrush was a huge hit at last year’s gift exchange!

The best part of a white elephant swap game is seeing what random things people find to bring. These animal butt magnets are a great example of why this fun game is played so often. A random thing that no one needs but is too funny not to take.

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