How To Start Digital Art – I started drawing digital art in 2016. And I can tell you that the learning curve to learn digital art is a bit high at first because it feels so different and takes some time to get used to. But once you get used to it, it’s easier than …

How To Start Digital Art

How To Start Digital Art – I started drawing digital art in 2016. And I can tell you that the learning curve to learn digital art is a bit high at first because it feels so different and takes some time to get used to.

But once you get used to it, it’s easier than traditional art and less cluttered. I’m talking about the difference between digital art and traditional art here.

How To Start Digital Art

How To Start Digital Art

Not to say you can eliminate your mistakes – by far the biggest fan, in my opinion. It is also easy to make money from digital art.

Nfts Explained: Here’s How You Can Profit Off Of Digital Art

If you have no clues and want to know how to get started in digital art, this post has got you covered!

I will discuss many topics related to digital art in detail, so do not forget to go to the section you want to read.

I will describe digital art, what tools you really need to draw digitally, and how you can start digital art even if you are just starting out.

I will also provide you with a lot of resources so you can get better quickly and explain my process with how I started drawing digital and how long it took me to learn to draw digital art. .

Learn How To Create A Digital Painting

Also, I send free drawing lessons every week. So if you want to continue, please register here:

This post includes affiliate links. If you decide to buy something, I will create a free commission for you.

So instead of using traditional media such as canvas, paper and pencil, you are using a computer, tablet, graphic or both to create art.

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How To Start Digital Art

You can also create art using traditional storage devices, scan it into your computer and re-tap it using Photoshop or similar software.

Digital Art For Beginners

Digital art is changing the world and it is easier to get customers and send them the finished piece via email than to deliver art by body.

I make a lot of money every month as a digital artist, creating portraits, e-book covers and illustrations for bloggers.

Digital art offers many opportunities for people and makes it easy for anyone to become an artist!

If you already have a good computer or laptop, you can take your own drawing tablet (with or without a screen) and connect it to your PC / laptop to start drawing digitally.

How To Get Started With Digital Art

I knew drawing was something I would do for a long time, so I saved by buying Wacom Cintiq while drawing for clients constantly or doing basic graphic design. There are many size options you can consider according to your budget.

It’s easier to use because you can see what you are drawing while you are drawing because it has its own display.

I understand that Wacom Cintiq is not an acceptable option for most beginner painters, so I highly recommend getting an aWacom Intuosif that you are wrapped in cash.

How To Start Digital Art

This tablet does not have a screen, so while you are drawing on it, you need to look at the screen of your monitor or laptop to understand where you are placing the cursor and what you are drawing.

Photoshop: Best Workspace!

If you are really planning to take your art and stick with it for a long time, get the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

I used my Wacom for 2 years before I upgraded to thisiPad Pro (its price has dropped) and the Apple Pencil.

Now I only use my iPad to draw all my pictures because I travel a lot (before Kovid) and it really pays for itself.

I highly recommend you get aniPad proandApple Pencilif that you love digital painting and want to pursue it as a career or just want to be a hobby.

Digital Painting Tutorial By Sandrawinther On Deviantart

Okay, now that we’ve covered what digital art is and what supplies we need, let’s explore the details.

Many artists draw their rough sketches directly on the tablet, but I find it easier to draw my rough sketch on paper than on a tablet. I like the feel of the pencil on the paper. It just came to me naturally.

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Keep it small as a flower or a cup of coffee. Do not try to do something difficult at first, it will be difficult to transform it into a digital drawing.

How To Start Digital Art

Your rough sketch can be very messy because we will clean it on the drawing tablet anyway! So don’t bother cleaning it up.

No Clue Where To Start? How To Start Digital Art For Beginners

I will pull myself to hug my old puppy. She will be 7 next month and I want to celebrate her life.

You can also use plain paper and pencil. You do not need to use a sketchbook.

You can now take a sketch and transfer it to your drawing app on your drawing tablet.

Reduce the opacity of the pencil sketch layer to 60-80% to make it easier to track the sketch.

Read Issue 60 Of Digital Art Live

You just need to be able to see the sketch layer so you can draw on the sketch layer.

Using a pencil sketch as a guide, draw on the sketch with your pen. I am using a Dry Ink Brush in Procreate to do this. It comes free in Procreate.

I brought the character’s lead closer to the dog as I was drawing and cutting to keep dogs and humans close.

How To Start Digital Art

Once you are done with the outline, you can hide or delete the sketch layer as it is no longer needed.

Biggest Mistakes In Digital Art

This is the best part about honest digital art. It’s soothing and relaxing to color your digital art.

It makes it easier to change the image and arrange the layers if you feel the need.

If you are editing a specific section, you can work in specific layers instead of messing with the whole image.

I have a whole post here about how I color my digital art. There is even a video!

Digital Art Commissions

But if you want to make your digital painting stand out and give it more depth, then you can add shadows and highlights.

And in my opinion, Procreate is the best software I have ever used. It is only a one time fee of $ 9.99 and it is much easier to learn in my opinion.

You can learn this simple course by Brad Woodard: Procreate for Beginners – Digital Illustration 101 to understand how to use Procreate fast!

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How To Start Digital Art

He breaks down everything you need to know to create art on the iPad. He explains to you the shortcuts and how to use the software and create art. Check out the course here.

First Time Doing Digital Art So I Had To Start With A Jolyne Fanart (obviously)

There is a learning curve, but when you pick it up, it is faster than traditional art, especially if you draw small art Convenient items that you can sell as stickers or merchandise.

But if you are wondering how long it will take for you to improve, it really depends on you. Draw and how often you draw.

It does not matter if you just create a sketch in your sketchbook or work on a large piece or watch a tutorial.

Finding your art style can take a few months or years, but it is worth it. I have a lot of art styles now – I have cartoon art style, cartoon art style and kawaii art style.

How To Paint Like Bob Ross Digitally, For Free

Find your art style, color palette that you enjoy most to work with, and your drawing shortcuts will take time.

It’s like playing the piano. First you are focusing on which key you should type and by practicing your finger is 1 with the key.

So in my opinion, you really should start with digital art – there is a good chance you will be connected to it for life – like me.

How To Start Digital Art

I highly recommend checking out Domestika courses because they have almost all the courses you want to take and they are beautifully organized.

Mountains And Lake Landscape Digital Painting Process — Steemit

It is well organized and its website is very fast. Their program is also lovely. Can you download classes and watch them without the internet and the best sections?

Online courses accelerate your growth; I have learned a lot in the last few weeks just by attending these courses. They are also not expensive!

Enter the world of Japanese kawaii and create cute characters with their own personalities. Painter Ilaria Ranauro aims to tell a story through the pictures and characters she paints.

She sells stickers, prints, Washi newspapers and more through her online store Etsy and creates children’s images for clients around the world, including Penguin Random House Mexico.

Hi! Why Do Some Digital Artists Start With A Single Color Before Doing Bases?

In this course she teaches you about kawaii culture and how to present your special characters ready to print and share with the world in sticker format. Create a special character that gives pleasure and leaves people with a smile on their face.

The female characters really do well on Instagram and if you are looking to gain more followers on Instagram, this course will help you to do it!

Isabella loves to weave stories behind her cartoon characters into her artwork, and in this course she shows you how to use Procreate to bring everyday heroism to life. Learn how to create vivid images from start to finish using photos as a reference. Check out the course here.

How To Start Digital Art


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