Inexpensive Thank You Gift Ideas – A great teacher is the Cherry on Top! If you’re looking for inexpensive teacher appreciation gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place. I love our teachers. My kids have had amazing teachers who do more than I can do with them at home. For school mamas…. I thank …

Inexpensive Thank You Gift Ideas

Inexpensive Thank You Gift Ideas – A great teacher is the Cherry on Top! If you’re looking for inexpensive teacher appreciation gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place. I love our teachers. My kids have had amazing teachers who do more than I can do with them at home. For school mamas…. I thank you! Teaching is hard. So let’s give them all a big thank you!

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Inexpensive Thank You Gift Ideas

Inexpensive Thank You Gift Ideas

When you’re starting out, it’s good to have an idea of ​​what your teacher likes or needs. Our school collects a list from each teacher of drinks, food, restaurants, colors, treats, places to shop, entertainment, etc. It helps to narrow it down. If your school doesn’t provide that information, you can ask your teacher for it. I am sure they will be happy to share. And pass the idea on to your PTA leaders. Anything that makes teacher appreciation week easier is good for them!

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So what is teacher appreciation day or week all about anyway!? It is an organized week where students take a minute to honor their teachers. This is how it is at our school:

If you are looking for inexpensive teacher appreciation gift ideas start at the dollar store, dollar store and craft store. A thoughtful gift that your teacher will love can still be expensive. The only challenge with these places is that stock is limited and seasonal, so if you see it – Buy it! Otherwise, you’ll spend three times as much for the right thing.

You are a great teacher….with the cherry on top! This delicious mini ice cream “sundae” gift is just the thing to impress your favorite teacher.

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If you are using crinkle paper drop it into your glass to line the bottom. If your glass is glass, you will want to stand on its side and maybe use an iridescent compound since it will be visible.

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Hiring your instructor is the best way to go and these fabulous spa pedicures are just the ticket. {

} Place everything in the glass, making sure to line it with crinkle paper or tissue paper if you’re using a clear bag.

Once everything is properly placed inside, place the bathtub on top and set it to the side so it doesn’t fall over. I love these multi-colored options from the Dollar Tree because the white dot in the center is like whipped cream. But if you can’t see these, you can glue a small white dot on top.

Inexpensive Thank You Gift Ideas

You can’t have an ice cream sundae without a cherry on top! Then add a nice brush to finish it off. Can I say how I love these cherries!? They looked so good that my three year old grabbed the bag and tried to eat them! Fortunately, he stopped before swallowing.

Back To School, Open House, Meet The Teacher Student Gift Ideas & Gift Tags

Print and cut the cherry on top of the thank you tag. Put a small hole in the side and cut it, or put it on the side of a sundae.

And just like that, it’s ready to go. All the fun AND the cherry on top! What could be better!? Let’s spoil our teachers this year. Whether you’re looking for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or an end of the year teacher appreciation gift, these affordable teacher appreciation gifts have you covered! Make sure you let the teacher know they are so cute….and the cherry on top!

If you’re making a spa sundae teacher gift basket for the end of the year, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. And if you share a photo, I want to see it! Please tag us @ on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. We love to celebrate all your strengths!

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Inexpensive Thank You Ideas

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Inexpensive Thank You Gift Ideas

We use cookies to ensure that we provide you with the best possible experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok, I know we love to give homemade goodies to teachers, but they get so many treats during teacher appreciation week that they end up giving most of them away. One of the best DIY decorations – there are only so many places to put signs, etc. I’m sure teachers appreciate every single gift they get, but let’s try to give them something more meaningful. Here are 20 easy, cute, and cute Thanksgiving gift ideas that teachers will love (and most are affordable!). Be sure to read #20 – it’s one of the best gifts you can give a teacher!

Inexpensive Gift Ideas From The Target Dollar Spot

1. I love this soap & printable teacher gift idea from eight25 – teachers go through tons of soap every year, and this printable is super cute!

2. Teachers need lots of water (and/or soda) as they talk to their students all day long, so Crazy Little Projects shares these cute mug & printable gift ideas:

3. One of the best teacher appreciation gifts is a gift card, since teachers invest so much in their classrooms! Use personalized photo gift cards to make a unique gift card from the regular autumn season.

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3. Great Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas from Sweet Rose Studio help fill out books, posters, etc.

Appreciation Gifts 10 Days Return

4. This highlighter tutorial gift from Love The Day is another way to fill out some tutorial supplies:

5. This Target gift card holder from Landeelu is a clever teacher appreciation gift idea! Doesn’t everyone need more Target savings?

6. Everyone loves lips! Pack some cute printables from As Easy as That for a super easy tutorial gift:

Inexpensive Thank You Gift Ideas

6. If you have a lot of teachers you’d like to know, this cheap teacher gift idea from Spoonful might fit the bill:

Cheap, Easy, + Cute Teacher Appreciation Gifts

7. Use these cute Tatertots and Jello printables from Skip to My Lou to prepare a gift card for your teacher’s favorite fast food restaurant:

8. Here’s another teacher appreciation idea from Tatertots and Jello from Skip to My Lou: movie gift cards and free printables.

9. Here’s a super cute way to put together scraps for an inexpensive teacher appreciation gift (via Spoonful):

10. This is another very simple and cheap teacher gift idea (perfect for your junior high school children who have 6 or 7 teachers to give gifts!). From The Happy Scraps:

Small Inexpensive Thank You Gift Ideas

11. These teacher appreciation books from Chickabug are hilarious! Combine them with a gift card for any teacher’s favorite gift.

12. This beautiful baking teacher appreciation gift can be put together with things from the dollar store! Ideas + can be printed from eighteen25.

13. Combine this beautiful bookmark from Positively Splendid with several books for the classroom for an easy lesson gift idea:

Inexpensive Thank You Gift Ideas

15. If you love to sew, this easy Kindle cover would make a great teacher appreciation gift (and since it takes less fabric it’ll be cheap too!) Find the instructions on the Polka Chair Dot.

Cheap And Easy Thank You Gift!

16. My mother-in-law goes through a major cleaning while she teaches school, so I knew I wanted to start giving these as teacher appreciation gifts. Get the free printable here:

17. It can be difficult to come up with ideas for male coaches – if you are a golfer this idea is perfect. By Cubby Creative.

18. This standing gift set from Becky Higginsis beautiful and makes a useful teacher gift since teachers often write notes to their students.

19. Use these cute books from Tiny Tiara to collect some Tic Tacs, Altoids, or Andes mints for an inexpensive teacher appreciation.

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