Liveplan Vs Business Plan Pro – Disclosure: We sometimes use affiliate links, which means we may earn a commission if you purchase something through our links. Starting a new business can feel exciting and hopeful, but that good feeling can quickly fade when you think about the tedious and time-consuming process of creating a business …

Liveplan Vs Business Plan Pro

Liveplan Vs Business Plan Pro – Disclosure: We sometimes use affiliate links, which means we may earn a commission if you purchase something through our links.

Starting a new business can feel exciting and hopeful, but that good feeling can quickly fade when you think about the tedious and time-consuming process of creating a business plan. It’s that necessary but dreaded step that causes business owners to procrastinate and complain about how to do it professionally and correctly.

Liveplan Vs Business Plan Pro

Liveplan Vs Business Plan Pro

Fortunately, business plan software can take the guesswork out of it and make the process much easier. While it won’t create a plan for you (some come close!), it can save you time and point you in the right direction, which is crucial if you’re pitching a plan to investors.

Liveforecast Update — A New Liveplan Forecasting Feature

We also created a comparison chart with prices and some top features so you can compare them at a glance.

Let’s quickly discuss how business plan software can help you and why it might be the missing link to getting your business off the ground.

The life cycle of a company requires the preparation of a business plan depending on the need. Below are three reasons why you might want to create a business plan.

Problem: Creating a business plan is a big job, and if you’re new to business, you may not know what to include or how to go about it to make sure you do it right. It is a tedious process with many things to consider, many of which you may not even be aware of.

Business Planning —

Business plan software can guide you through every part of a business plan and also provide professional templates and expert advice. With the right software, you can create a professional business plan that reflects the current state of your company and reflects its future growth and potential to all stakeholders in the best possible way.

Below are the 10 best business plan software tools on the market. We handpicked these tools because they meet most of the needs our community faces when creating a business plan. Each offers unique features, and your choice will depend on your current needs.

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Below is a comparison chart that will help you quickly evaluate the key features and prices of the top 10 business plan software tools and match them to your needs.

Liveplan Vs Business Plan Pro

LivePlan is an excellent solution for a budding entrepreneur (or an entrepreneur at any stage) who needs a step-by-step process to create a professional business plan. LivePlan also offers a comprehensive online learning center that teaches you how to create and manage businesses, how to make an investor pitch, how to write your business plan, and more.

Business Planning Software Solution Compared

We like LivePlan’s simple, intuitive user interface and its one-page business plan that gets you thinking about answers to the essential questions about your business strategy.

Once you’ve completed your one-page business strategy plan, proceed to customize one of LivePlan’s 500+ SBA-approved business plan templates and create a custom plan step-by-step.

Connect LivePlan to your financial software and use the financial dashboard to track your budgets, income, expenses, current and future sales as you progress towards your goals.

LivePlan has a straightforward pricing plan that changes depending on how far you want to pay up front. If you pay annually, that drops to $15 a month. If you pay every six months, the price is $18 per month. The pay-as-you-go plan is $20 per month, and the first month’s billing is $10.

Liveplan Business Planning Training I Libabun

Business Plan Pro was created by the same company that created LivePlan. It’s an off-line version of LivePlan’s cloud-based solution, without the bells and whistles of cloud-based software.

Like LivePlan, Business Plan Pro includes over 500 professional templates that you can customize to suit your business. It also offers

With Business Plan Pro, you get detailed step-by-step instructions and error-checking to help you create a foolproof plan. You can also access financial spreadsheets, over 11,000 industry profiles to compare and match your business plan, a graphical forecaster, QuickBooks import, and settings for nonprofits.

Liveplan Vs Business Plan Pro

Costs a one-time fee of $99.95 and is robust enough to create a customized professional business plan. The

Write Powerful Effective Proposals Using A Business Plan Template

Pays a one-time fee of $159.95. It includes additional features such as plan templates, business valuation, Excel import functionality, 24 months of extended financial data, visual cash planning and advanced financial analyses.

Enloop is a simple business plan solution that is perfect for the entrepreneur who wants to try before they buy. Enloop is one of the few tools that offers a free version.

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One unique feature of Enloop is automatic text writing (Autowrite), which automatically creates a business plan text from the information you have already entered. Another unique standout feature is TextSync, which automatically syncs your financial data to your text when you make changes to your numbers. No manual update required.

The blue data bubbles below show the data synchronization technology and act as editable fields that capture the data from your financial projections.

Feed And Farm Supply Business Plan

We like Enloop’s forecast benchmarks that predict losses and analyze performance. Enloop helps you spot problems before they happen by comparing your financial metrics to industry averages.

Enloop also has a scoring feature that evaluates your business plan in real-time so you can edit and track how your score improves over time.

One drawback of Enloop is the lack of integration with financial software. You must enter your financial information manually. Enloop also comes with only one business plan template.

Liveplan Vs Business Plan Pro

All Enloop plans include all features (auto-text writing, data-synced text, real-time performance score, pass/reject reporting, text formatting, charts, and country currency formatting). However, you will need to upgrade if you want more users and financial metrics. The

How Do I Craft A Business Plan?

All pricing plans include the creation of three business plans. Other business plans are offered for $9.95 per month.

BizPlanBuilder is one of several products offered by Business Power Tools, a 30-year business veteran created to help entrepreneurs start, run and grow businesses.

BizPlanBuilder is intended for serious entrepreneurs who want a comprehensive solution for creating business forecasts for investors and/or a roadmap for future growth. While robust and forward-thinking with many years of financial forecasts, the tool is also known for its user-friendliness with built-in step-by-step instructions, comments, advice and video tutorials.

Below is an easy-to-use dashboard with a document builder wizard that offers customizable template text and simple navigation between sections.

Ideabuddy Vs. Liveplan Vs. Planbox Comparison

BizPlanBuilder shines with a full selection of CPA-tested financial templates, including “assumptions” pages that are perfect for helping the novice with more complex financial matters. Tell your financial story with meaningful financial forecasts that will impress investors and help you forecast correctly.

Pricing starts at a one-time fee of $97 for the Windows app and a one-year subscription to cloud-based BizPlanBuilder. Add team members for $10/year per user. The second plan is strictly cloud-based at $27/month and offers additional features such as incentive stock option templates, an expanded dashboard, and LLC formation document templates. Add new team members for $1/month per user.

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Bizplan, part of the business product series, is a comprehensive solution for entrepreneurs who want to get investments for their business ideas. In addition to the business plan creator, you also get master classes taught by experts, access to individual advice for 20,000 experts, and a funding platform (Fundable) where you can pitch directly to investors. Signing up for Bizplan also gives you access to’s other product,, which helps you get customers.

Liveplan Vs Business Plan Pro

Bizplan’s step-by-step builder guides you through each section so you don’t get confused or miss important elements. Its sleek, easy-to-use interface includes drag-and-drop templates and a progress tracker.

Liveplan Vs Bizplan 2023

Like other business planning software tools, Bizplan helps you forecast your financials, allowing you to set limits, project revenues, and access multiple financial spreadsheets and templates. Organize your finances in an easy-to-use dashboard that Bizplan calls you

Bizplan offers two pricing options, monthly or lifetime. The monthly price is $20.75 per month and is billed at $29 per month on a monthly basis.

You can also purchase lifetime access to Bizplan and a full suite of offers for a one-time fee of $349.

GoSmallBiz is a comprehensive business toolkit created in 1996 by NFL Hall of Famer and entrepreneur Fran Tarkenton. The product line contains everything small businesses need to operate and grow their business. This series features a business plan builder.

Reasons Having A Business Plan Is Important For Small Businesses + Video

Like other business plan builders, Gosmallbiz offers a step-by-step interface that lets you go through each section smoothly. The tool also offers several financial report templates to help you track and manage your finances.

Although GoSmallBiz’s business plan builder is somewhat limited compared to others on the market, what sets it apart is that it includes additional business management tools and consulting:

PlanGuru is a financial business planning software solution for small businesses that want to budget, forecast and manage their finances effectively. PlanGuru differs from other business planning software tools in that it focuses exclusively on financial planning. So if you are looking for a standard business plan maker, this software might not be for you.

Liveplan Vs Business Plan Pro

PlanGuru’s strength lies in its financial capabilities, as shown in the dashboard below. Below is a view of the income table, one of several reports available in Planguru.

Business Plan Quick Builder Pricing, Reviews & Features

In addition to robust financial planning, budgeting, reporting, and analysis, PlanGuru also offers analytics that include graphics, chart forecasts, and insights into financial performance.

PlanGuru also offers PlanGuru University (PGU) to teach businesses

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