Low Cost Small Business Startup Ideas – So you want to know what kind of business you can start with $500? Or maybe you ask, what business can I start with $0? The good news is that starting your own business doesn’t have to cost a lot. You have many options for businesses you can …

Low Cost Small Business Startup Ideas

Low Cost Small Business Startup Ideas – So you want to know what kind of business you can start with $500? Or maybe you ask, what business can I start with $0? The good news is that starting your own business doesn’t have to cost a lot. You have many options for businesses you can start for under $500, and as many as you can start with no money at all. Below, we’ve listed 21 businesses you can start for under $500, with 10 ideas that require no upfront money. What Business Can I Start with $500? While many people may think that starting a business requires a large investment of up to $1,000 or more, some major businesses can take off with a minimum investment of $500 and some as little as $100. Read our list below to see businesses you can start with less than $500. 1. Personal Trainer Becoming a personal trainer is one of the great low cost business ideas for those who have a passion for fitness. The physical fitness industry is worth $96.7 billion worldwide. It’s a consistently strong market that presents solid opportunities for success, and it doesn’t cost much to get into either. To become a personal trainer, your main expenses are: Space to operate (could be your home or your client’s home) Professional certification Marketing to recruit your clients 2. Mobile Notary Public With the increase in remote work, people have come to rely on many conveniences from their own homes, including mobile notary services. The total cost to become a notary public is under $100. Once you officially become a notary, you will be required to purchase a notary stamp or seal and a surety bond. 3. Elderly Home Care Assistance (Non-Medical) Becoming a non-medical home care aide for the elderly requires minimal initial investment but is a business that is increasingly in high demand. Consider the increasing number of seniors in the U.S. By 2034, there will be more elderly people in this country than children. Due to the rising cost of nursing home care, more and more seniors are staying at home longer and longer. And these seniors need services at home. For a small fee, you can also post your services on websites that help promote home care such as Care.com. Some states require a nanny license, which can cause additional costs. 4. Holiday Decorator If you are someone who loves the holiday season and decorating, then you might consider starting a business as a holiday decorator. Becoming a holiday decorator does not require certification. Your client will pay for the supplies you use to decorate, as well as your time and ideas. Therefore, this business idea does not require a lot of money to invest up front. You’ll need a few supplies in your toolbox before you start decorating, and these items might include ladders, extension cords, and other tools. After you have the necessary supplies, all you have to pay is the amount you want to spend on marketing yourself. 5. Transcriptionist Many people don’t realize that there is an opportunity to start a profitable business that requires nothing more than listening to some of your favorite content. Online content creators are looking for people who can transcribe their videos and podcasts so they can use the transcriptions for further content. To start a business as a transcriptionist, you only need some equipment, some of which you may already have, including a computer and a good pair of headphones. Transcription software will cost you a few hundred dollars and make you more efficient at work. 6. Start a Small Rental Business If you already own a property, then renting out part of it can be a profitable small business to start. And it doesn’t require you to rent an entire vacation or get a new roommate, either. You can start a small rental business with just a parking space, storage closet or backyard. Starting a rental business on a small scale is a great way to get into the rental property business to see if it’s something you might want to grow. You don’t have to pay a lot if you already have a space, but costs can include some minimal cleaning charges and paying for a website or app to help market your rental property to potential clients. 7. Home Improvement Business For under $500, you can invest in some good tools to start a home improvement business. Marketing costs will be minimal, with the old fashioned flyer method or a few local social media posts about neighborhood groups being the most affordable and effective options in the home improvement industry. Be sure to check if you need a business license, which can cost a small fee. We recommend that you research the fees in your state before starting your business. 8. Sell Goods Online Around 76% of American adults shop online, and the online shopping market is expected to reach $5.5 trillion by 2022. If you want to tap into this market, you don’t need to invest in a ton of inventory and set up online store. You can start an e-commerce business with little money through dropshipping. Shopify and Amazon are the most common dropshipping platforms, and they charge between $1.00 and $40 to get started. Aside from the cost of creating your website, there really isn’t much else you need to spend initially to start selling items online. 9. Personal Concierge If you’re a task-oriented person who likes to help others, you can start a personal concierge business for less than $500. The investment to become a personal concierge can even be less than $100 if you already have a reliable computer. The TaskRabbit website is an excellent resource that helps personal concierge businesses market their services directly to people looking for help. The site charges as little as $25 to sign up. 10. Cleaning Business Owners With more and more people working from home, there is an increased demand for residential cleaning services. To start a cleaning business, you need a minimum investment that includes some basic cleaning equipment, such as a mop, vacuum, microfiber cloth and some cleaning products. Some house cleaners also charge their customers for cleaning products or use products that their customers purchase, which will keep your upfront costs lower. 11. Painters It doesn’t cost much to buy the supplies you need to start a house painting company. Most project prices include the price of paint, but house painters are expected to provide their own paint brushes, rollers, buckets, drop cloths and ladders/scaffolding. These supplies can be purchased for less than $500. What Business Can I Start with $0? There are many businesses that can be started with no down payment. We have compiled a list of some of the best ideas that you can start with no money. By leveraging your skills, interests and experience, you can start a business doing what you love with no upfront money. 12. Pet Keepers In 2022, 70% of homes are reported to have at least one pet. If you love animals, you can turn that passion into a profitable business with no initial investment by becoming a pet sitter. Customers will often provide all the necessary supplies for their pet, including food, leashes and pet beds or crates. This means that all you need to provide as a pet sitter is a safe and comfortable home, the attention the pet needs and the ability to communicate with the pet owner. 13. Dog Walker If you love animals and exercise, then you might consider starting a dog walking business. With more and more people returning to work in 2022, there will be an increased need for help with the dogs that everyone takes during the pandemic. This means your dog walking business, which costs $0 to start, will be in high demand. Owners will provide their own leashes and any other necessary dog ​​walking equipment. You’d be wise to bring your own bag to clean up dog waste, but it doesn’t cost a thing — you can reuse plastic groceries to start with! When you’re ready to name your dog walking business, be sure to research your business name and make sure it’s available in your state. Use our Business Name Search Tool for guidance:

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14. Babysitter Babysitting business can be started without money. If you are reliable and good with children, then word will travel quickly among potential clients and you could find yourself with a thriving childcare business in no time. If you start by providing babysitting services in other people’s homes, you make it easier for them, and you avoid paying the licensing fees that most states require for home babysitting services. This business is quite simple, and even if it is

Low Cost Small Business Startup Ideas

Low Cost Small Business Startup Ideas

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