Marketing Gift Ideas For Small Business – Holidays are around the corner! And ’tis the season for giving a big thank you to everyone who supported your business in 2022. So, before you get caught up in decking the halls and crafting holiday orders, think about memorable gifts for employees and clients and professionals. But …

Marketing Gift Ideas For Small Business

Marketing Gift Ideas For Small Business – Holidays are around the corner! And ’tis the season for giving a big thank you to everyone who supported your business in 2022. So, before you get caught up in decking the halls and crafting holiday orders, think about memorable gifts for employees and clients and professionals.

But let’s be real…shopping for your employees and customers can be a little tricky. What can you give them that they’ll not only love, but actually want to use… or, in the case of food and dessert, eat right away? Get inspired by these personalized (and practical!) gift ideas.

Marketing Gift Ideas For Small Business

Marketing Gift Ideas For Small Business

Get your employees ready and excited for the new year with a personalized desk calendar. Choose a colorful design that adds instant personality to their home workspace (whether at home or in the office). Or, if you really want to personalize your holiday gift, you can customize your calendar with their name and your company logo. It’s an easy way to put the weeks and goals for 2023 front and center of your employee’s attention… no wall space required!

Best Gifts For Foodies 2023

Is there anything better to celebrate the holidays than a sweet treat? Place an order for cookies, cupcakes or brownies at a local bakery, then separate and package those goodies for your team. To add a personal touch, try packing the treats inside a customized coffee mug with your company logo and employee’s name. Or, wrap them in festive holiday paper with a personalized “Happy Holidays” sticker.

If you want to rest easy knowing that your employees will actually use their holiday gifts, you can’t go wrong with gift cards. Whether it’s a gift card to their favorite restaurant, a local spa or a nearby store, a gift card is sure to make anyone’s day.

If your employees are spending some (or all) of their time working at home, chances are they could use some supplies for their office space. Put together a gift basket with all the branded gear you need to be productive and effective while working from home – like personalized mouse pads, coffee mugs, water bottles, pens and notebooks. And beyond the actual office supplies, include something decorative for their desk space — such as a miniature plant, acrylic photo block or cheerful sign.

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Make sure your employees are warm and cozy on those cold winter days with a woolen jacket. A wool jacket will keep them cozy all season long, whether they’re packing holiday shipments, hitting the coffee bar, or jogging in the park. Go the extra mile and add a personal touch by embroidering their name (along with your company’s logo).

Customer Appreciation Gift Ideas To Thank Your Customers

If your employees celebrate Christmas, give them something they can add to their tree: a custom ornament! Create one with a team photo from a recent trip, or upload a holiday-ified version of your logo so your employees can show off their small business pride. Or, be extra-personal and create a completely custom ornament for each employee…they’ll definitely appreciate the extra effort.

If you’re not sure what gifts to get your customers for the holidays, turn to a trusty tote bag—complete with your logo printed or embroidered, of course. A custom tote bag is a great way to give your clients and customers the utility they need, whether they’re shopping for gifts, heading to the grocery store or browsing the farmers’ market. Plus, since the bag has your logo branding on it, it’s a great way to spread the word about your business in your area.

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity for people to sit back, relax, and avoid the fire with your favorite warm winter beverage. Packed with all the add-ons for the perfect hot drink (like packets of hot chocolate, coffee beans from a local roaster, or a selection of holiday-flavored teas) if you want to warm up your customers this winter Complete the mug. gifts for customers.

Marketing Gift Ideas For Small Business

Do your customers like cold beverages? Customize a wine glass or beer can glass that they can use all year long.

Affordable Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Co Workers

If you’re at a total loss over what to get for client holiday gifts, you can’t go wrong with something edible. But don’t run to the grocery store and spend your budget on big-name, national brands. Instead, explore local shops that offer artisanal sweet and savory snacks in original, unexpected flavors. Not only will your clients and customers get a holiday treat that’s sure to tantalize their taste buds, but you’ll also get a chance to celebrate other local businesses and makers.

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Many customers are still spending more time at home, so why not make that time even more enjoyable? Put out a gift basket with lots of goodies that will make your customers’ time at home more enjoyable — such as puzzles, cookbooks, board games, cards and, if possible, products relevant to your business. Wrap the baskets in on-brand packaging and drop them off at the customer’s doorstep. Or, if your customers live far away, put your gift baskets in the mail for festive holiday delivery.

You really appreciate your customers—and your customers really appreciate you. And a great way to celebrate your mutual appreciation this holiday season? A wall calendar that ushers in the new year with more than just the days of the week.

Customize your calendar with monthly offers, discount codes, and even a private sale or two throughout the year if you want to give your customers the perfect calendar. These small favors not only show your customers how much you value their business, but it also puts your company front and center 365 days a year.

Fun Corporate Gifts For Clients You Want To Impress

The holiday season is a popular time to say “thank you” to friends, families, coworkers, and loved ones. And, chances are that choosing a set of thank you cards is on the to-do list of all your clients. So, why not take care of this to-do list item for them? Gift your customers a set of custom printed and personalized thank you cards (with branded pens, of course!) That way, they have everything they need when they get ready to give thanks for their holiday and end of the year. is what they need.

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Marketing Gift Ideas For Small Business

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If you’ve been reading our blog, you know that we deal with a wide range of topics from branded merchandise to marketing.

In fact, this post that you have just started reading is all about the most unique and cool customer gifts.

We’re starting off our list of the best business gift ideas with a premium wheeled duffel bag, a great travel promo gift.

Unwrap Great Holiday Marketing Ideas For Your Small Business

It’s the perfect gift for some of your most loyal customers because it’s high quality, very useful, and will last a lifetime.

With the holiday season just around the corner, we want to make sure you’re also considering festive gifts for your customers.

You might’ve never heard of it before, but this cute kit includes a festive ornament that, when the holidays are over, you can turn into a plant.

Marketing Gift Ideas For Small Business

Instead of giving your customers a branded succulent, you give them an eco-friendly branded item that can be turned into a fun indoor activity.

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It is durable, washable, and can be used an endless number of times which means your branding is going to stick with your customers for a long time.

On that note, if you do decide to go for a promotional mug, you should know that there are a number of options, in terms of size, color and material, that you can choose from to ensure that your mug is personalized and is as unique as it gets.

Next time you’re looking for thoughtful gifts for your customers, why not customize the bucket bag cooler shown below?

It is very unique and easy to make and can be the perfect gift for your customers who enjoy picnics and outdoor parties.

Best Gifts For Coworkers Under $50 In 2023

The best part about it is that it is much more stylish than your usual bag cooler and gives the companies a very trendy approach in terms of design.

Do you know what goes great with a cool bucket bag cooler? An eco water bottle that keeps both cold and hot drinks at the perfect temperature.

Giving a bottle like this to a new customer along with a thank you note is a great idea for small businesses looking for appreciation gifts on a budget.

Marketing Gift Ideas For Small Business

A branded terracotta kit used for growing houseplants is one of the most interesting and unique gift ideas that lasts over time.

Best Digital Gifts And Subscriptions For When You Can’t Be There Person

If you want to make perfect housewarming then keep it in a gift box with edible gifts

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