Marketing Platforms For Small Business – The online internet map today is littered with many ways to effectively and ineffectively promote a small business. With the small business owner in mind, in this article we review the most popular, user-friendly and most powerful social media platforms for advertising, promotion, customer retention and management on the …

Marketing Platforms For Small Business

Marketing Platforms For Small Business – The online internet map today is littered with many ways to effectively and ineffectively promote a small business. With the small business owner in mind, in this article we review the most popular, user-friendly and most powerful social media platforms for advertising, promotion, customer retention and management on the market today.

As far as social media platforms are concerned, Facebook has been around since the beginning. Founded by a trio of super young entrepreneurs Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Severin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskowitz and Chris Hughes, Facebook is the global focal point of all things social media. Facebook would allow any of its 2 billion monthly users to post interesting content, message friends, interact with others in a real-time environment, share the latest gossip, videos and more. Is. Facebook is simple and straightforward to use and makes it easy to create profiles, upload photos, maintain albums, create and manage fan, group and business pages.

Marketing Platforms For Small Business

Marketing Platforms For Small Business

Facebook has been around for a long time and is popular as a hub for small business users to reach new customers, manage existing customers and find potential customers. Although Facebook has a reputation for being somewhat difficult to advertise as a platform, the execution plan and dedication to the platform means your business will most likely not see positive results. Reaching out to your users on Facebook can be a bit of a challenge as it’s common for your posts to get lost in comparison to others. If you’re doing direct advertising using Facebook posts, make sure you don’t make your posts explicit ads. It is highly beneficial to post content that invites feedback and looks like original content. Posting directly promotional content can trigger Facebook’s algorithm to hide your content. Take advantage of Facebook’s content calendar to schedule and manage your posts. Finally, be sure to set up a community page. It’s easy and quick to do, and while you can take your time to flush out the page you want, building a page is far from a time-consuming project. The number one trick with Facebook is to keep it up. Continue to post and use Facebook to chat with potential and existing customers and use Facebook as a resource to reach out and respond to negative and positive feedback.

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Instagram is an app created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010. Acquired in 2012, Instagram is now a Facebook company and some aspects of your average Instagram account can be managed directly from within Facebook. Instagram is first and foremost a visual sharing app and works like other popular social media networks by allowing users to upload and share content, follow users and follow their accounts. goes Users can create stories, post cute pseudo-animated photos and apply one of many popular filters for cute, almost content-redefining results.

Instagram is one of the top 5 most downloaded apps in the world so it has huge potential to leverage advertising to its user base. Instagram is still in its infancy when it comes to using it as a business tool for promotion, so it’s important to become a user of the platform first and spend time learning your way around. Create a business account for your company and fill it with information and content to make it personalized and informative. You can leverage the power of Instagram as a way to promote limited-time deals, promote your latest products and services, announce business successes, promote company culture, and showcase customers and services. are Instagram’s recently expanded small business tools mean that small business owners now have the ability to book and manage appointments and meetings directly from Instagram and Facebook, a great tool for those Those looking to easily handle reminders and appointments in one, easy-to-manage location. . Finally, Instagram can be a great tool to follow and respond to what other users are saying about your company.

What’s not to like about Twitter? Despite seemingly being around forever, Twitter was founded in November 2006 and serves as the most popular social media networking platform on the Internet today. Basically a communication tool that only allows 280 characters to express an idea or participate in a conversation (called tweets). Twitter is primarily a platform aimed at discovering interesting people, places, ideas and companies, allowing users to “follow” and “retweet” the communications of others. Twitter gives participants the opportunity to build a brand or follow (provided you stay active), post honestly and offer good quality content. Twitter represents a micro-network of blogging, texting and messaging capabilities in which people, brands and businesses can participate quickly and easily.

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With so many social media platforms out there, it’s important to identify the networks that potentially have the most to offer for your company’s specific brand and products. Because of Twitter’s wide range of users, Twitter is generally considered one of the most important networks that small business owners should focus on. Once you decide what exactly you should focus on when advertising through Twitter, it should be fairly straightforward to target your audience. Are you interested in using Twitter primarily to increase brand recognition? How about an increase in direct sales? Or perhaps you want to use Twitter as your primary means of communicating and responding to customer feedback or complaints? Whatever your needs, there’s a viable way to use Twitter to grow your business. You can use social monitoring to track what potential customers are saying about your products or brands. While monitoring your account you will likely also see tweets from Twitter users who are talking about keywords associated with your brand as an opportunity to reach potential sales. Just like YouTube, adding targeted videos to Twitter can generally have a positive impact and not only help promote your brand, but also offers a way to increase direct sales. Do you have a blog on your website? Be sure to add snippets of your blog posts to your Twitter feed as a way to get targeted traffic to your website that can then be driven to your product pages.

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A more specialized platform, Snapchat was initially created and used primarily by teenagers and young adults. Today, it is one of the largest social platforms in the world, hosting more than 180 million daily visitors. For all intents and purposes Instagram looks and operates nothing like it did in its early days. Founded by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown, Snapchat basically works by making the content or message you send to someone else available for only a short period of time before it is automatically deleted. Initially focused on personal, private relationships between two people or a group of people, Snapchat’s primary purpose is to be a platform to encourage a more natural flow of communication with others.

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In plain English, because of Snapchat’s reach. Snapchat reaches 41% of all Americans ages 18 to 34 daily and over 60% of American smartphone users ages 13 to 34 use Snapchat. You’re hard-pressed to find another platform or market that offers more potential. While Snapchat is definitely not your typical type of marketing opportunity, it’s still worth investing time and resources into. Snapchat has a built-in user base that never tires of using the social media platform and constantly craves new content. Using Snapchat’s ephemeral content can have its benefits. Discounts or special offers that last only for a short time are perfect with Snapchat and because of Snapchat’s immense popularity, it’s a great opportunity to share content, ideas, photos and videos that might not work elsewhere. Don’t or don’t fit. Have you got a special event or promotion you want to promote? Just be sure to check out Snapchat’s ability to add and use geofilters that allow you to easily target promotions, promote and engage with specific audiences in a systematic way.

YouTube is the old kid on the block. From the early days of the Internet, back in 2005 and today the undisputed king of video. Created by three former PayPal employees, today YouTube is a Google company, which was purchased by the search engine giant in 2006. YouTube is one of the most used platforms for small and large businesses today and it represents one of the easiest platforms. A huge advantage, especially for small business owners, is working with With over 1 billion monthly visits and 17% of all internet traffic, there’s little to love about YouTube’s potential as a marketing platform.

Marketing Platforms For Small Business

YouTube is the second most popular website in the world and while a lot of traffic comes from YouTube internet portals, it is important that you have a marketing plan.

Social Media Marketing Services For Small Businesses

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