Pens To Write On Metal – The Falcon is a specialty fountain pen featuring a unique semi-flexible 14k gold nib, which produces line variations based on your writing pressure and angle. It can be used for daily writing or calligraphy. The name Falcon is also believed to come from the shape of the feather, which …

Pens To Write On Metal

Pens To Write On Metal – The Falcon is a specialty fountain pen featuring a unique semi-flexible 14k gold nib, which produces line variations based on your writing pressure and angle. It can be used for daily writing or calligraphy. The name Falcon is also believed to come from the shape of the feather, which resembles a hawk’s beak.

The metal Falcon is a little heavier than the resin Falcon, but well balanced, which may be more enjoyable if you prefer heavy pens. It has a glossy lacquer finish with metallic paint that shows tiny sparkles when exposed to direct light. Its nib is rhodium plated to match the rhodium accents. It is more expensive than the resin Falcon, but the metal construction is designed to last a lifetime and also gives the pen a more professional look.

Pens To Write On Metal

Pens To Write On Metal

The stylus can be refilled using proprietary Pilot cartridges or a Pilot CON-70 converter (included, some models may be equipped with a CON-50).

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Attention: Although this stylus is commonly referred to as a flexible stylus, it is not a true flexible stylus. Be careful how far you spread the teeth, as over-spreading can cause split teeth.

Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen – Matte Black Barrel with Black Trim 1 review Regular price $22000 $220.00

Fountain pen TWSBI Diamond Mini White Rosegold V2

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Automotive design firm Pininfarina has designed an inkless pen with a metal tip that will write without ever running out.

Michelle Starr is the science editor of and she hopes to interest you as much as she does in the wonders of the universe. When she doesn’t dream of flying in space, she dreams of bats.

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What if you could have a writing instrument that draws a line like a graphite pencil, but with permanent, non-smearing ink like a pen? Automotive design firm Pininfarina – which has worked with Ferrari, Maserati, Fiat, Peugeot and Alfa Romeo – unveiled such a thing at the Paperworld global stationery show in Frankfurt.

Pens To Write On Metal

The 4.EVER Pininfarina Cambiano is a sleek, luxurious-looking affair with a machined aluminum body inlaid with wood emblazoned with the company logo. But the barrel itself is solid, not hollow: instead of ink, it has a nib made of a metal alloy called “ethergraph” that writes, the company says, forever.

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We don’t know exactly what the ethergraph is, but it looks awfully like a pen released by Vat19 in 2010. “The inkless metal beta pen features a special metal alloy nib,” reads the description of Wat19. “As you write, tiny amounts of this metal are deposited on the page. The silver marks may look like a pencil, but they are permanent and smudge resistant.”

Each pen will be sold with a “stone paper” notebook, an eco-friendly, water-resistant and durable paper made from stone powder. Pininfarina has not announced the price of its new pen, but given the price of its fountain pens, one cannot imagine that it will be particularly affordable. From the first hammered bronzes to the most advanced titanium alloys, the history of the metal is the story of civilization itself. Strong yet malleable, elemental yet constantly innovated, metals are practically a metaphor for human nature. It’s no surprise, then, that even in this age of abundant and versatile plastics, metal continues to hold an intrinsic, almost mythical appeal.

Metal pens provide a reassuring sense of quality, prestige and permanence. Premium machined metal pens are the pinnacle of this ideal, but metal pens can be found in all styles and at all price points. However, not all metals are equal. In this guide, we’ll cover the most common metals used in pen design, explain their pros and cons, and recommend good choices for each.

For a beginner-friendly metal pen that isn’t too heavy, expensive, or high-maintenance, aluminum is a perfect choice. It’s lightweight (but still heavier than plastic), affordable, and relatively durable. Raw aluminum is not a very hard metal and can pick up scratches quite easily, but many aluminum pens either have a protective finish applied or are anodized to enhance their natural protective layer of hard aluminum oxide. Anodizing can also be used to apply a durable color finish that won’t chip or peel like paint.

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Some excellent aluminum pens include the Faber-Castell Essentio, Fisher Space Pen Backpacker, Karas Kustoms Render K, Kaweco AL Sport and Sunderland Machine Works mk1.

With their vintage charm and reassuring weight, brass and copper make wonderful pens. About twice as heavy as aluminum, they can make even the smallest pens feel substantial and large pens feel like something to wield rather than just hold. This makes brass and copper a popular base material for finished pens like the Zebra Sarasa Grand or the Pilot Vanishing Point.

When left raw, brass and copper pens darken quickly with use, creating a unique patina that reflects how you use them. If you prefer them shiny and new, a quick polish will restore them to a brilliant shine.

Pens To Write On Metal

Another side effect of this high reactivity is their smell. Like an old penny, raw brass and copper pens have a distinct metallic smell that can stick to your hands a bit after using them – something to keep in mind if you’re sensitive to smells.

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Some excellent brass pens include the Karas Kustoms Retrakt, Kaweco Brass Sport, Pentel EnerGel Philography, Pilot Metropolitan, and TRAVELER’S COMPANY Brass Pen.

Steel pens combine exceptional durability with the weight of brass and the low maintenance of aluminum to create a truly remarkable writing instrument. When you wield a steel pen, you have no doubt that it will outlast anything you could throw at it. (Or throw it away, as the case may be. But please don’t throw away your pens.)

Compared to aluminum, steel pens generally have a darker, duller color. This can give steel pens a cool industrial feel, but if you want a pen with a mirror shine, you might want to consider an aluminum or silver alternative.

Some excellent steel pens include the CW&T Pen Type-A, Faber-Castell NEO Slim, Kaweco Steel Sport, Retro 51 Tornado, and Schon DSGN Classic.

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For a pen that exudes elegance and luxury, it’s hard to beat real silver. It is the heaviest of all the metals listed here, and when properly polished, it shines like no other metal on earth. Sterling silver is stronger than pure silver, but not as strong as steel or titanium. Sterling silver pens are often lacquered or plated to provide extra style and protection, but that also means you’re missing out on the natural beauty of the metal.

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Just like brass and copper, unfinished silver darkens and tarnishes over time, requiring regular polishing to stay shiny. Waldmann, a major German producer of sterling silver pens, also produces special cleaning cloths infused with a polishing agent for silver.

Some great sterling silver pens include the Waldmann Eco, Waldmann Edelfeder, Waldmann Tango, Waldmann Tuscany and Waldmann Two-In-One.

Pens To Write On Metal

The ultimate material for everyday pens for those who can afford it, titanium is stronger than steel and almost as light as aluminum. It’s naturally scratch and corrosion resistant, and it can be given a variety of coatings and finishes to make it even more indestructible. It’s no wonder titanium is the material of choice for so many machined metal pen makers.

The Best Rollerball Pens

Like steel, unfinished titanium pens typically have an industrial gray color that isn’t as shiny as aluminum or silver.

Some great titanium pens include the BIGiDESIGN Ti Arto EDC, CW&T Pen Type-B, Tactile Turn Bolt Action, and Ti2 Techliner Shorty.

Our writers draw on their personal expertise, consult with our in-house subject matter experts, and conduct extensive research to make our guides as accurate and comprehensive as possible. We then test each discovery that passes the research stage. Only techniques and tools whose performance we personally confirm appear in our guides as recommendations.

Metal pens make a great addition to any desk or EDC kit, and with so many different metals to choose from, there’s one to suit virtually every taste. For more high-quality metal pen recommendations, be sure to check out our guide to the best machined pens and pen collections by material. For those unfamiliar with Drillog, this is a CNC machined Japanese dip pen designed to look like a drill. (hence the name) and advertised as being machined with “aircraft-grade precision” (hence the high price). The pen was launched last year on Kickstarter, and with so much hype this product has received, I could NOT support it. I’ve had my Drillog machined plunger pen in my hand for a few weeks now, and wanted to give my first impressions of this niche product which, while certainly interesting, I unfortunately cannot recommend until the manufacturer resolves the quality control issues.

Neo Slim Metal Fountain Pen, M, Black

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