Small Business Ideas Kenya – Anyone who wants to venture into business to make a profit with a starting capital of Kshs 20, 000 or less, the following business ideas are profitable and worth considering in 2018. Selling Mitumba clothes is one that most of the youth are turning to. Shops or stalls in commercial …

Small Business Ideas Kenya

Small Business Ideas Kenya – Anyone who wants to venture into business to make a profit with a starting capital of Kshs 20, 000 or less, the following business ideas are profitable and worth considering in 2018.

Selling Mitumba clothes is one that most of the youth are turning to. Shops or stalls in commercial centers in towns or residential areas are stocked with these garments. It generates profits quickly and the move is starting small by opting for good and fast-moving items like children’s wear or official women’s wear.

Small Business Ideas Kenya

Small Business Ideas Kenya

Never keep your cash in stocks. You can choose to wash and iron clothes to attract more value. A good place to start would be Gikomba Market.

Tough Economic Times: Effects Of Inflation On Small And Medium Enterprises In Kenya

Printing of documents like receipt books, invoice books, delivery books, wedding cards, business cards, brochures, funeral programs and any other documents used by businesses or individuals does not require you to have a printer or printing machine.

Anyone can get these jobs and give high quotations to your clients. The main focus will be to find customers who want to print documents.

Selling grain is another business for which you can also run this business as a broker or middleman. To start small you can get customers and expand your market, you can go to places like Nyamakima or Eastleigh in Nairobi and buy wholesale grain, then in residential areas or out of town areas like Ongata can distribute to Rongai, Kitengela, Malolongo or other vendors. In the Eastlands. You can also choose to open a small store to store or sell your grains.

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New Business Ideas In Kenya 2023 To Start With Different Capital

Is there information you want Kenyans to know? Tell us and we’ll share with the world. Click here to submit. Grocery store business is a business that you can start easily, especially in urban towns if you have capital. Unlike rural areas, people in urban residential areas do not practice agriculture, and some have small kitchen gardens. For this reason and many others groceries are a basic need and will always be needed.

But you can always take another route of running a grocery business in a clean and spacious room instead of going out in the open.

Outlets in the open where most customers shop for groceries. However, there are some closed stalls that harbor a ‘classier’ set of grocery shopping shops.

Small Business Ideas Kenya

More than ever, more entrepreneurs in Kenya are venturing into the grocery store or shop business. Some start out big, like zucchini, while others start out small.

What Makes Or Breaks Small Business Ventures In Kenya

“My cousin and I started this grocery store in January 2017. But, before that, we had a small one

Business across this shop only. When these stalls were built, we decided to shift our business to them. There are many grocery stores around the area but now ours is the largest of them all. Joyce Nyambura.

Especially when the weather was not good like the rainy days were challenging. So running a grocery business from a shop is worth the investment. “

No license or county government permit is required to operate your business. However, if you want to run a grocery business in a shop, you need to meet Kenya’s legal requirements.

Top 12 Businesses To Start With 20k In Kenya

As a small business owner, you need to register your business and obtain your single business permit and other licenses. You can do this from your respective county council offices or on the eCitizen portal.

“We pay 3,300 rupees annually to Kimbu County. This is because our stall is not very big and we are only in the shop. We are required to have a health license as we handle food but we have not yet obtained one.

County council officers have been on our case several times but we are in the process of getting a health licence. Joyce.

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Small Business Ideas Kenya

On average, a health license goes for Ksh.1, 000. You will need a license for a shop attendant in a grocery store and another grocery store going as a business for Ksh.500.

Small Businesses To Start In 2019 In Kenya

“When you have a passion for this job, you can even start with Ksh.300 and with time you will find yourself growing and running a big grocery store.

Money and funds to our shop. We then applied for a small business loan from a bank and topped off what we had saved.

Besides the business permit and stocking our shop, there are other things that have increased our capital. For example, it costs us Ksh.30, 000 to install these cabinets. Also, our landlord requires a 6 month rent deposit. Things like this make start-up capital different.

For a small grocery store business in Kenya, the capital you spend will be determined by several factors. It depends a lot on where you are located, the size of your shop, and the products you are selling. On average you will spend around Ksh.50, 000 for a small grocery shop.

Key To Growing A Business In Kenya Faster

Different places will be charged differently in terms of rent, deposit, utility bills and goodwill.

But, when looking for a place to set up your grocery store, you need to remember that your products are perishable items. This means you need a place that doesn’t get too hot. You need to get a place that is cool and dry.

“Our shop charges Ksh.8, 000 per month. This is paid separately with water and electricity tokens alone. When we were starting out, we had to pay a 6 month deposit and after our first 6 months, we started paying the normal rental amount.

Small Business Ideas Kenya

In this area, commercial shops are in great demand. Simply because it is close to the road and there are many schools and companies around us.”

How To Start A Café Business In Kenya.

“We source our product supply from Ruiru Market. Suppliers in the market know us because we have been in business for many years and we have built a business relationship with them.

, our shop is bigger and we get our products in boxes now. We have various suppliers who supply us with various products. Is a cabbage supplier, tomato supplier, etc.

So, we call our various suppliers and place orders in advance and they keep the supplies for us to pick up later. We pick up our products using a transport vehicle and we are charged Ksh.400 because the distance is short. If we get our supplies from Githurai market, for example, we will pay double or almost triple that amount.

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Currently, business is a bit low due to Covid and this has affected our restocking amount and schedule. We now restock twice a week but before covid we used to restock daily.

The Shortest Path To Funding Your Small Business In Kenya

Some customers are very stubborn. You choose products for them and they don’t like the products you choose. Others interfere with product quality such as in the process of picking avocados.

The biggest challenge right now and for the past few months is Covid. Our business is located near three universities, K.U, N.I.B.S and Zetech and this means that a good percentage of our customers are students.

With schools closed, most students aren’t around and that has greatly affected how much we sell. Apart from students, we also have local people as customers. With so many job losses and cost-cutting in their households, people aren’t shopping like they used to before Covid.

Small Business Ideas Kenya

Also, when Covid hit, we suffered a lot. No loss is minor. Production will be poor as business flow is not as high as usual. But once we discovered this effect, we decided to reduce the products we restock.

Small Business Ideas In Kenya: Opportunities And Tips

Another challenge is the damage you experience in the process of transporting your product from the market to your shop. Some products may not reach the store in good condition and you may not be able to sell them.”

“This job requires passion, hard work, discipline and commitment. It’s not an easy task and you need to be prepared to make sacrifices like early mornings at the market even when it’s raining.

Your business will not take off immediately and unless you are patient, you will close your business and go home. Sometimes, business is not the best and your business may die. When that happens, you don’t give up.

Make sure you have what your customers need because if they come in and can’t find what you usually sell, they’ll go elsewhere.

Top 5 Businesses You Can Start With 10000 Shillings In Kenya

How you talk and interact with your customers sets the bar for your business. If you want your customers to keep coming back, keep a smile on your face, be kind, and be respectful.

A grocery store business is a profitable investment and the money you put into it returns quickly.

A grocery store business in Kenya is good and profitable regardless of your location. And you don’t need a lot of capital to get started. You can start small and grow over time.

Small Business Ideas Kenya

Remember to put your customer first and give them the best customer service and freshest products. In this way, you will increase your customer base and expand or open more

Best Businesses To Do In Kenya With Small Capital

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