Social Media Posts For Businesses – There is nothing worse for a marketer than dealing with creative block. Use this huge list of social media post ideas for every social network. Wherever your audience is most active, you’re sure to find something you haven’t shown them before. 1. Share your company blog Does your business …

Social Media Posts For Businesses

Social Media Posts For Businesses – There is nothing worse for a marketer than dealing with creative block. Use this huge list of social media post ideas for every social network. Wherever your audience is most active, you’re sure to find something you haven’t shown them before.

1. Share your company blog Does your business have a blog? The best way to get your blog seen is to share it on your social media platforms. Make sure the content you write for your business blog is valuable and will connect with your audience. a source

Social Media Posts For Businesses

Social Media Posts For Businesses

2. Communicate Your Company Culture Showcase your company culture with an image or article that highlights what your business is all about. It could be a behind-the-scenes photo of your employees doing something amazing, or an article about how your company does something. Source 3. Highlight industry news. Create a list of news sources in your industry, including trade publications or websites. Find those sources on Twitter and follow them. When they share something interesting, share it with your followers or share it on another social network like Facebook or Google+. Source 4. Share Curated Content Content curation is simply sharing the content of others in your niche. Sometimes what you want to share with your audience is already written. Instead of spending time writing an in-depth post, you can quickly share someone else’s content (giving them credit, of course). We use our Chrome extension tool to help curate our content. Here is an example of a Convince & Convert post shared by Oracle: Source

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5. Ask Questions Not everything you share on social media has to be a blog post or an article. Get your audience talking and engaging with each other by asking engaging questions. For example, you might ask, “What content should I blog about next?” Source 6. Featured Product/Company Videos Catch the eye of your audience as they scroll through their news feed. Studies show that videos get 135% more organic reach than images. Take advantage of this organic opportunity by sharing videos about your company or new product. Source 7. Share Customer Reviews and Testimonials Source 8. Share Quick Tips and Advice In addition to sharing a “how to” post, you can share a few tips that you think are MOST important. Simple information sharing is an easy way to share valuable information with your audience. Here we call them “Pro Tips”. Source 9. Post Memes or GIFs Use memes and GIFs when posting your content to add a fun spin to your post that your audience can’t miss. GIFs are a great way to show off your brand’s personality, stay trendy, and have fun. – HeyOrca Memes and GIFs are very popular on social media, even among leading companies. , we recently started using memes and GIFs on Twitter and found that they get far more likes and retweets than regular images. Source 10. Run a Contest Encourage people to participate in a social media contest related to your brand. Contests help increase the number of subscribers, requiring them to subscribe to your page in order to participate. Source 11. Celebrate the Holidays No matter where you live, the holidays are a big deal. Show your holiday spirit by sharing a holiday-related post on your business page. Source 12. Share Photos from Company Events Promote your company culture posts by sharing photos from a company event. If your business is hosting a charity event or fundraiser, a great way to spread awareness is to share it on social media. Source 13. Post an answer to a frequently asked question Instead of answering the same question over and over again, tackle it in its entirety by sharing a post with the answer. Be sure to “pin” the answer to the top of your social media page so your audience can easily see it. Here’s how to pin posts on Facebook and Twitter. Source 14. Share Infographics Infographics are a step-by-step guide, especially on Pinterest. Infographics allow you to share a lot of information using visual images. They make boring statistics interesting!

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15. Start a conversation with a leader in your industry. Cross-promote yourself by starting a conversation with someone in your network. Twitter is a great way to start a conversation that your audience can see. Find an industry leader’s Twitter handle and take the first step! Source 16. Link to Free Resources Who doesn’t love free stuff? Your audience will appreciate free resources, whether they’re eBooks, white papers, or other downloadable content. Put together a content pack or downloadable infographic for your audience to use as a reference. You can get all our bundles here for FREE! 17. Highlight Podcast Episodes Sometimes content can take a long time to read, so give your listeners a break and share a podcast episode. Better yet, start your own! Check out this post to help you start your own podcast. Source 18. Post New Job Listings Is your team growing? Let your audience know! Who better to work for your company than a fan who has watched your company grow? Maybe they have a friend who is interested in working for you. List what positions are open, like in this example Built Visible: Source 19. Recruit New Team Members Once you’ve posted your job listing, you’ll find the right candidate. Once you find the right candidate(s), take it a step further and pitch them to your audience. Let everyone know you’re excited to have them on your team. Source 20. Celebrate National Days Check out to find things like National Donut Day — and there are tons more that you probably didn’t know existed. Publish content for that day’s relevant product lines. Source 21. Promote Your Story Create a story page on Facebook to make your story more appealing to your audience. Then promote the heck out of your social media channels! Source 22. Post Live Videos Live videos have been big on social media lately. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat have options for going live. Find the platform that works for you and you will get the most views from your audience. Try to make it a series every week. For example, “Tip Tuesday” or “Friday Fun Facts”. So your audience will definitely tune in on those days. 23. Promote Email Signups If your audience wants to participate in a webinar or demo, you should let them know by promoting the signup link on social media. Promote sign-up forms for webinars, demos, emails, and more. Source 24. Create image tumors. Your audience will be left scratching their heads when you post image swells. Images can be encrypted or enlarged posts, so your audience needs to know what it is. This tactic is a great way to get your audience engaged. a source

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25. Post Inspirational Quotes Inspirational quotes can be cryptic, but they can be effective when done right. on, we use quotes from industry leaders that our audience will find relatable. Find quotes from leaders in your industry or testimonials from your audience that will resonate with your target audience. Source 26. Company Achievements Believe it or not, your audience wants to see you succeed. Share your successes with them on social media and celebrate together! Let your audience know when you’ve won a prize or reached a certain milestone! Source 27. Host a Twitter Chat A Twitter chat is a conversation around a unique hashtag. A hashtag allows you to follow and participate in a discussion. Twitter conversations are usually repetitive and on specific topics, regularly connecting people with these interests. When hosting your Twitter chat:

Plan and promote your chat using Twitter. Source 28. Ask for Customer Feedback Find out how customers will respond to your product updates or future developments by getting customer feedback.

Social Media Post Ideas To Help Fill Up Your Content Calendar

You can do this by taking a Twitter poll to get a response. Source 29. Post How-To Videos Create short and simple videos that explain how a product or feature works. People will try your product after seeing it in use. a source

30. Share Product Reviews User reviews are proven sales drivers. Try to share positive reviews about your products. You may also consider a tool your company uses or integrates to help drive sales. Source 31. Post Images or Videos of Your Product The best way to show how something works is through visual representations. Give your audience a first-hand look at how your product works, and give them great advice even if they don’t see a photo or video. Source 32. User Generated Content. We know you have super fans. Don’t be afraid to show off your fans by posting content they deserve. Posting user content exposes your brand to the real world and generates free advertising. Source if a fan posts something noteworthy

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