Stay At Home Moms Business – The world is seeing a tectonic shift in the way businesses are operated. Mompreneurs are a significant part of this new wave. With the demands of motherhood everything, but that the mother leaves her day job for something more flexible, something that puts them in the role of decision …

Stay At Home Moms Business

Stay At Home Moms Business – The world is seeing a tectonic shift in the way businesses are operated. Mompreneurs are a significant part of this new wave. With the demands of motherhood everything, but that the mother leaves her day job for something more flexible, something that puts them in the role of decision makers. They want to run a business on their own terms, doing what they are truly passionate about.

Here are some facts and figures that highlight the shift toward mompreneurship, giving a snapshot of what kinds of businesses are likely to be run by Mompreneurs of today and tomorrow:

Stay At Home Moms Business

Stay At Home Moms Business

Mompreneurs are taking the world by storm with their out-of-the-box business ideas and unorthodox management styles. Let’s take a look at how 10 moms broke the entrepreneurship barrier and how they went from a stay-at-home mom to an empowered individual who calls the shots in their business ventures.

Top 10 Business Ideas For Stay At Home Moms

Christina Simon, winner of the Top 25 Mompreneurs award (2012), runs a comprehensive blog “Beyond the Brochure” for parents looking for advice on parenting in LA. His blog involves iron research and surveys that provide valuable advice on school admissions processes, issues that children and parents face in LA-based private schools. Christina knows how crowded and competitive the market is and for this purpose she reached out to other bloggers from other locations and cities. The academic survey’s role in gathering up-to-date data on costs, times, teachers, environment, culture and more in schools around Los Angeles and beyond has helped many parents make the good choice for their children. Christina has become a mompreneur, taking advantage of modern information gathering techniques and online networking to grow a network of bloggers who are as passionate about educational issues as she is. To be able to put it out there, he first self-published his book, gaining some credibility that proved crucial in attracting similar bloggers to his platform. Today, his group has more than 50 bloggers who highlight and inform a loyal and satisfied readership that continues to grow.

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Alissa Circle wanted to put her creative vision. He has used the power of social media extensively to build connections with brands and people. She and her network of bloggers and social media strategists manage brands for businesses. The secret of their success? Alissa credits her curiosity and experience as a mother to understanding how to make people better connect with brands. Her blog Rags to Stitches reflects her evolution as a brand manager.

Deborah Collins runs a blog for brides and grooms-to-be who want to make their day special. Deborah showcases couples and their wedding planning, offering inspirational ideas for the wedding season. From wedding dresses, to wedding menu and venues, her blog Wedding Thingz covers all aspects. Additionally, Deborah uses surveys and polls to gauge what wedding ideas are popular with her readers and how event planning surveys help couples make the most financially prudent yet incredibly topical decisions to approach of their big day. All Christina needed was to grow her network and grow a network of wedding photographers, caterers, etc. as part of her Wedding Thingz community.

Who said what happens in Vegas isn’t for families? That’s the question Vegas Family Events & Magazine answers for families, featuring local all-ages events, restaurants and more. Daneyelle Lorenzo leads a Vegas Family Squad that maximizes the potential of Vegas as a tourist destination for everyone.

Great Work From Home Jobs For Moms And Dads

Where do aspiring Mompreneurs go when it comes to balancing their business responsibilities and taking care of family and everything in between? Rachel Blaufeld has the answers. There are mothers who are always looking for advice and conversation on how to make the most of their family life and their business that they call both. Rachel takes help from a variety of sources such as online questionnaires, surveys, polls and more to dispense proven parenting and business advice for Mompreneurs. Comprehensive HR data can help moms like Rachel chart the most viable career trajectory as they work to grow their businesses. That’s one of the biggest reasons why Bacnk’nGrooveMom dispenses genuine and reliable advice for Mompreneurs.

If parents and caregivers want a place that addresses their concerns about keeping children safe from predators, Pattie’s Safely Ever After is the resource they should check out. The place presents everything from the safety rules for children to follow, to identify the bad influences in our environment. Throughout, the site offers guidance and advice for parents.

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Vicki loves working out and staying healthy. She’s passionate about busy moms trying to maintain a lean and green healthy lifestyle and has a couple of ideas on how to make it happen. The V.Method blog is his entrepreneurial endeavor, featuring tips and advice on workout methods, nutritional stuff, fitness DVDs and more. Their avid readers and customers also give them meaningful feedback, feedback that can help improve medical surveys immensely.

Stay At Home Moms Business

For moms who want to get the most out of their budget, Frugal Ferret is the answer. Run by Billie Hillier, the website features an assortment of online items and grocery shopping deals that can help mums save up to 50% on their bills. Discount codes, coupons and more are well within reach of website users.

Stay At Home Mom Resume Examples & Writing Guide For 2023

Amy wanted to build a community of moms who can meet face to face and mingle. A place where moms can learn parenting tips and share stories and just feel comfortable. Whether it’s travel, good food, or anything else, MommyMatter is the culmination of that idea, offering solutions for moms, moms-to-be, Mompreneurs, soccer moms, and everything in between. Essentially, its Mom Central, a place where community surveys can be beneficial for moms who want answers to everyday questions.

Tanya Masse likes to tickle the funny bones of the people she meets. Writes and draws Comic Strip Mama Blog, highlights the lighter side of life. Her message of positivity has earned her a dedicated fanbase, website regulars who never miss the next series of Comic Strip Mama.

There is a common thread in how mothers can transform into Mompreneurs. The idea is to go for something you absolutely love to do, and create value for communities by offering solutions that work for your target audience. Mompreneurs are not only here to stay, but they are transforming how the businesses of the future operate.

Kelvin Stiles is a technology enthusiast and works as a marketing consultant at – FREE online survey software and publishing tools for academic and business use. He is also an avid blogger and a fan of comics. Leaving the workforce for years to raise a family is not an easy choice. When trying to return to work, many stay-at-home moms find themselves in an unfamiliar professional environment. In addition, social stigmas and implicit prejudices mean that stay-at-home mothers are half as likely to get a job interview as other applicants who have been laid off for the same amount of time.

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Changing Profile Of Stay At Home Parents

Deciding to return to work after time as a stay-at-home mom can be a scary transition. It’s a decision that will have an impact on the entire family, so taking the time to be thorough with your research and planning can help you find a career where you have the flexibility you need to succeed at home and in the office.

If you’re a stay-at-home mom who wants to get back to work, but don’t know where to start – we’ve got you covered. Read on for a comprehensive guide to help you seamlessly re-enter the workforce.

Sources: Harvard Business Review | Pew Research Group With only 7 percent of fathers staying at home compared to 27 percent of mothers, there is a clear disparity between the sexes. However, the share of stay-at-home dads has grown from 4 percent in 1989 to 7 percent in 2016.

Stay At Home Moms Business

It’s important to remember that spending time as a stay-at-home mom doesn’t mean the end of your career for good. In fact, 70 percent of stay-at-home moms eventually return to work, and nearly half of those return full-time.

How Moms Can Find Time To Work And 5 Surprising Places To Bring You Kids So You Can Work On Your Business — Sarah Jean Knox

Today’s professional landscape is constantly evolving. Because of this, the process of returning to work can be changed dramatically from what it was even a few years ago.

Gone are the days of physical job postings and mail-in applications – with 77 percent of recruiters using the social media platform LinkedIn to reach candidates, it’s clear that online networking is became the primary method of job hunting.

To help you find the perfect position for your needs, we’ve put together some of our best tips to help you successfully navigate your re-entry into the workforce.

If you’re considering re-entering the workforce after time as a stay-at-home mom, it’s essential to consider what you want out of your job before starting your search. If you are an empty nester or your children have gone to elementary school, there are additional factors that you must now consider to find the right job for you. Questions you should ask to figure out what you want from your career include:

The Stay At Home Mom Vs. The Working Mom

If you have been

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