Top 10 Bars In Mumbai – Mumbai’s nightlife is dotted with chic bars and fancy restaurants. From Mexican bars with heady margaritas to gin cocktails, this city is going wild. Whether you want a quiet beer or a night of dancing, there’s a bar for everyone. Here’s a short list of seven of Mumbai’s best …

Top 10 Bars In Mumbai

Top 10 Bars In Mumbai – Mumbai’s nightlife is dotted with chic bars and fancy restaurants. From Mexican bars with heady margaritas to gin cocktails, this city is going wild. Whether you want a quiet beer or a night of dancing, there’s a bar for everyone.

Here’s a short list of seven of Mumbai’s best bars that will keep you waiting for the weekend.

Top 10 Bars In Mumbai

Top 10 Bars In Mumbai

Why go to Mexico when you can raise a glass here in Hari, Mumbai? Sacho’s focuses on fresh ingredients, Mexican spices and tacos. This bar and restaurant is an ode to the fusion of Mexican cuisine with Asian influences.

Of The Best Bars & Pubs In Mumbai

Try the Seasonal Slush Margarita or the Reventon Punch for a nice kick at one of Mumbai’s best bars.

Located in the trendy Bandra area, this Cantonese-style place is extremely popular. Take a seat at the bar and let the experienced bartenders take care of you.

We suggest trying their Smoky Negroni, an ode to the classic Negroni. Plus ‘Hakka’ with tropical flavors of coconut, lychee, lime and passion fruit.

This Cuban-style restaurant is located in the popular area of ​​Colaba. It is a little eye candy in Colaba with its colorful, rustic and charming decor. From Cuban cigars and rum to the Whiskey Sour, Mucky Mojito and Boulevard, it’s no wonder the locals love this bar.

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Baraanaa is tucked away in Atria Mall in the posh area of ​​Worli. A trendy cocktail bar and kitchen, this is a unique and specially prepared cocktail menu. Inspired by different party cultures around the world, they serve cocktails from different countries. From “Tokyo Thriller” to “Spanish Siesta” and “French Iris” – the whole world is drunk!

This mega eatery in Lower Parel is a perfect combination of restaurants, bars and creative space. However, the star attraction of FLEA Bazaar Café is Social’s Pop-Up Bar. A qualified team of bartenders pours craft cocktails and 15 types of craft beer.

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It was more fun. Chef Boo Kim’s contemporary restaurant and bar is bold and dramatic. It is located in the popular Kamala Mills in Nizhny Parel. Try great dishes like Dirty Rolls and Bao, then get drunk.

Top 10 Bars In Mumbai

Try their quirky range of cocktails like the Dirty Bun Martini, Dirty Mary and Dirty Margarita. Classic, but with a twist.

Top 10 Pubs In Mumbai (2022) Night Clubs And Bars In Mumbai

Their claim to fame is the longest bar in Asia (their Lower Parel outlet). Commonly known as LOTD, this is a hugely popular chain known for its huge range of cocktails. With a permanent fusion menu, the most popular drinks here are their creative cocktails. Home > Places > Local > Plan a geeky night out next weekend at some of these best pubs in Mumbai

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A large number of Mumbai’s hearty public who stumble into the city looking for ways to recharge and celebrate after a long day at work, that’s what you’ll often find here. After all, the city is called the City of Maximum for a reason. From karaoke and sports bistros to lounges and nightclubs, Mumbai has it all. However, since you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with a huge pile of all the locations, a well-curated list of some of the best pubs in Mumbai might be a good place to start. Shrestha Purkayastha

The city of dreams is a reservoir of excitement that the rest of the world will not be ready for. And the energetic tonic of its crazy nightlife is something to be admired. Partying in Mumbai is a contrasting experience, including bars, pubs, street theatres, live art and even the occasional restaurant that suddenly announces it’s about to transform into something extraordinary as the sun sets. Mumbai is generally such a zone.

Five Indian Bars Among Asia’s 50 Best

No matter how long you’ve lived in the city, how many times you’ve been an avid visitor or traveler, or someone who just happens to know the place inside out, the fact is that you can never get enough of Mumbai. He just never gets tired of rebuilding himself and his people. Believe it or not, there is something magnetic about Mumbai’s bars and pubs. What better way to kick back with your gang than with some loud music and a pint of beer? Just one step to these doors and these places will make you escape the heat and hassle that can come with surviving in a city of almost thirteen million. Let us tell you more about some of the best pubs in Mumbai.

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Flying saucer in Mumbai is a real contender in the league of lounge bars in Mumbai. This famous address is the biggest port which benefits the locals as well as the customers belonging to different areas of Mumbai. Mostly Indian cuisine is what this bar is particularly proud of. This place is known for its gin, whiskey and rum at the same time, starting with delicious chocolate lava cakes and luscious chocolate custard. Their evenings turn into a mood of live music, a charming atmosphere and a wonderful decoration.

This spacious, upbeat and comfortable pub is located in Worli, Mumbai. From a Middle Eastern feel to a vibrant contemporary look, this entertainment haven has a lot in its bag. They have house cocktails and mocktails that you really can’t afford to ignore. You can safely continue to bookmark for parties, delicious dinners or romantic dates. The ambience of its decor ignites eye-catching sculptures and neon colors as its signature image, signing its name to some of Mumbai’s best pubs

Top 10 Bars In Mumbai

A large number of street delicacies and a weakness for fusions are still known around the world. But nothing beats the integrity of diversity that this Mumbai pub effortlessly displays. With a wonderful combination of ingredients, flavors, spices and various cooking methods, Mitron in Mumbai has put together an interesting menu featuring the heroes of Indian street food. In addition, the happiness of drinking is available here. Not only do they have a unique collection of bottles at premium rates, they even offer promotional sales and combo deals.

Top 10 Luxury Rooftop Bars And Restaurants

You can have an unforgettable experience at this best pub in Mumbai if you reserve a table in advance. With comfortable facilities both indoors and outdoors, the whole atmosphere is so engrossing that it will make you visit this place again and again. One side of the landscape it opens up is covered with the scenic beauty of the mountains and the other side gives you the feeling of sipping like a queen ruling the world from the top because you get an amazing view of the city life covered by high altitudes. buildings and illuminated roads. This center is known for its timely service, delicious food and live music concerts.

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Bombay Cartel in Mumbai is one of the leading players in the North Indian restaurant category. Looking for a tipple but looking for vegetarian or maybe Jain food? Then this should be your only destination. With an embellished menu and ample servings, this place will truly take you on an aesthetic ride. What you call an Instagram-worthy place, this harbor also fits that category. Along with a variety of hookah flavors, their happy hours always come back day after day.

One of the best pubs to eat and drink in Mumbai, Brew Dog has epic combinations to set your tables on fire. They have an amazing collection of dishes, from unique pizzas, burgers and wings, to specially selected small and large plates for groups of all sizes and affairs of all kinds. This place showcases craft beers from around the world and takes great pleasure in serving you such exciting dishes.

Agent Jack’s Bar is a themed bar where customers have the opportunity to virtually chat with the bartender! Customers use the app to haggle over the prices of their drinks, meaning they offer their price selection to Agent Jack, a digital bartender. This unique and interesting aspect of this bar defines it as one of the best pubs in Mumbai. Additionally, Agent Jack can agree or disagree with the proposed price, and each rejected offer is followed by clever and hilarious responses that encourage customers to try again.

Best Pubs In Mumbai For A Night Of Drinks & Laughter

Along with its loud and energetic atmosphere, this Mumbai lounge is widely known for its exceptional service. Folks say that even if you visit this place at some odd time or even when it is almost closing, it will still warmly welcome you to sit down and offer you all possible options. Who today opens the gates especially for their customers? While mocktails may seem a bit pricey, the taste makes it all worth it. The variety of their menu makes the center a great place for a room filled with an enthusiastic crowd.

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