Top 10 Business Ideas In Lagos – Through the TTE social media channel, we receive messages from our followers requesting information about any small business they can start with Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N200,000). These requests for our review came mainly from undergraduate students, Corp members and young Nigerians who are struggling with their lives …

Top 10 Business Ideas In Lagos

Top 10 Business Ideas In Lagos – Through the TTE social media channel, we receive messages from our followers requesting information about any small business they can start with Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N200,000).

These requests for our review came mainly from undergraduate students, Corp members and young Nigerians who are struggling with their lives to make ends meet.

Top 10 Business Ideas In Lagos

Top 10 Business Ideas In Lagos

Me and my colleague have been giving feedback based on our vast knowledge on how to start a new business in Nigeria.

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Any interested startup can venture in, and if such an individual gives listed companies due diligence and commitment, he/she will smile at the bank every month.

This post will be as brief as possible, but before listing these small businesses I want to note that I do not advise my readers to start any type of business simply because the funds are available. There are some things I would like you to consider before starting any business.

1. You must first consider what you love to do, i.e. what you are passionate about, rain or shine you will stick to it, nurture it carefully and watch it grow. You know that in business there are ups and downs, passion will help you persevere. In other words, list your interests and skills and access your personality.

2. Your environment: Will this business sell in its planned location? This is also very important, as what will sell in location A may not be a good choice for location B.

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Would you like it to be embedded? Do you intend to sustain the business or do you just need a business to sustain you until you get gainful employment?

4. Ask yourself, can I sell? If you can’t, you need to learn why the business is selling (be it a product or service).

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Now I don’t know what you love, but I know you might not go beyond these few listed business opportunities.

Top 10 Business Ideas In Lagos

If you need further explanation of any of the small businesses listed above, advice on getting started, or a business plan, please send us a message.

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I’ve also included below this post an infographic of 15 small businesses you can start for under 200K. You can download for easy access to this article at any time using your mobile phone.

Remember, you can open any of these businesses and hire other experienced people to do the work while YOU CLOSELY manage and supervise.

If you are looking for small business grants, check out this article for some funding options available to you. Here are also small businesses to start with under 100K.

As a small business owner, the best way to grow your business is by saving and reinvesting your profit. I have carefully selected some of the top online savings platforms that pay high interest better than banks and you can access your money in a short period for your business.

Small Scale Business Ideas In Nigeria

Francis Nwokike is a Social Entrepreneur and an experienced Disaster Manager. I love discussing new business trends and marketing tips. I share ideas and tips that will help you grow your business. If you are thinking about starting your own business as a woman, this article can help you come up with really amazing business ideas for the woman entrepreneur. Generally, experience, domain understanding, risk-taking ability and flexibility are one of the main reasons why women enter the business.

Freelance writing is probably how most people got started in the online income generating world. Freelance is the best way to earn money fast. You can easily get started by contacting someone who is already in the business, and from there learn how to make good money with freelance writing and blogging services.

However, as with all other money making opportunities; you have to figure out your own style or your own mileage as its always person to person. The business is very easy to start; all that is needed is a computer or tablet, internet access and good power supply.

Top 10 Business Ideas In Lagos

If you are a woman out there and have good craft skills; You are lucky. Many online e-commerce websites are available which can provide you with the perfect selling platforms for your crafts. An example is etsy. Etsy is simply a selling platform like Amazon or eBay that only features handmade products. Items sold on Etsy are very broad and can range from digital downloads, home decor, and even clothing. So you’re the shrewd businesswoman; etsy is just the place to be. so start

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Online Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money

The website management business is a very diversified business and indeed it is a business that you can easily get involved in. When it comes to website management, you can do everything from selling ads, editing and scheduling content, hiring writers, running social media promotion campaigns, and so on. Because it is such a diverse area; you may need to go through a training period with someone who is already making money in the business or even better; join an organization that offers website management training and will also place you in an internship program where you will learn all the rudiments

FMCG (Fast Consumer Goods) distribution is among one of the best business ideas for women. New FMCG manufacturing companies keep popping up every day and as a woman you can connect to any of them and register as a distributor. FMCG (such as soap, tissue, pasta, matches, toothpaste, detergent) etc. they sell very fast and therefore it is easy to make money from this business, you can also earn a steady income. Getting started can be stressful enough, but think of the profits you can make with persistence.

If you love to cook and you know you’re a great cook, catering is the business for you; for the simple fact that the food business is good business. The good thing about the catering business is that you can start with any amount of money; small, medium or large scale. Also, you can choose to start outdoor catering services or even both. It’s very easy to get started and has huge potential, so if you think you can take on this super role; so start

Fashion design doesn’t have to be a lot of work to get started. You can choose to take the necessary training to be able to take up sewing jobs; this is stressful and time-consuming (and yet rewarding!) And therefore, to reduce training time if you are in a hurry to start earning; so it’s very simple: you can outsource your jobs to qualified clothing manufacturers. They can make the clothes using whatever design you choose. They even let you choose your own tag and stick the tag on your clothes; your part will revolve around marketing these clothes – and it’s very lucrative!

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Business Ideas In Nigeria You Should Consider

Blogging is fun, it’s trendy, and it’s very lucrative. You may need to go through a learning curve before you get started, but once your blog has enough traffic, there are lots of cool ways to make money. You can start your blog in any niche you are interested in, just find your style and determine what you are really passionate about.

Other women like Linda Ikeji, Bellanaija, Hadassah are making good money from blogging alone, same with other women you may not know (they are not celebrity/gossip bloggers) but are making money regardless.

If you love spending time with children and do a great job as a caregiver (especially for babies), then childcare services are for you, why not give it a try? If you’re going to take care of your own kids anyway and have enough space and money to get started, you might as well open your own full-time daycare and start generating income by helping other women take care of their kids while they’re away.

Top 10 Business Ideas In Lagos

The rental business involves renting plastic chairs and tables to people who organize ceremonies for an agreed fee. Rental business helps you to generate a lot of passive income. There will always be a need for rental services; as long as people continue to have ceremonies such as birthday parties, wedding parties, dedication of children and many others, the demand curve will continue to rise. This business is perfect for stay at home moms and even young single women.

Importance Of A Business Plan In Nigeria, What You Should Know

If you know that you’re really great at organizing things, you can easily turn this into a profitable venture and make a good fortune out of event planning. The advantage you have with this business is that you don’t need an office or anything like that as an event planner until you feel you are ready for it. All that is needed is an ability to organize and plan big parties, weddings, birthdays and other big occasions. The demand for event planners is increasing and mainly due to the fact that most people just can’t be bothered and in most cases; cannot plan events effectively. With this business, you are sure to keep smiling at the bank from time to time.

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