Top 10 Business Ideas In Nagpur – A team of industry experts led by Shilpi Singh Urras has supporters with more than 100K readers worldwide. Undoubtedly, everyone is looking out for some low budget businesses that can give them huge profits with the least chance of failure. So today in this article, we are going …

Top 10 Business Ideas In Nagpur

Top 10 Business Ideas In Nagpur – A team of industry experts led by Shilpi Singh Urras has supporters with more than 100K readers worldwide.

Undoubtedly, everyone is looking out for some low budget businesses that can give them huge profits with the least chance of failure. So today in this article, we are going to present to our readers a list of businesses that one can think of to start with just a budget of INR 1000- 25, 000 or US $ 15- $400. With this said, we promise you that you will definitely earn big money if you start any of these businesses by giving your best efforts. You can start these businesses as a full-time or part-time business depending on your time availability. We highlight Indian currency but our article is applicable to businesses in every currency, country, region or race so you can start your business anywhere and anytime.

Top 10 Business Ideas In Nagpur

Top 10 Business Ideas In Nagpur

Check out the list of business ideas that you can choose from if you have a budget of around 1k to 25k.

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Blogging has become a popular business for many entrepreneurs these days mainly because of minimal equipment and investment. While there are millions of blogs out there, it is important to understand the unique point that your blog would bring in that would get other people to read it. Choosing the right topic/area that you know about in depth writing is the key to success here. Deciding on an appropriate blogging platform is the first step to start blogging. There are several blogging sites available that encourage users to start their own blogs. Some of the most versatile and easy-to-use platforms are WordPress, Weebly, Joomla, and Drupal, with each website different in terms of design, functionality, and SEO.

The next step is to register a domain name which is basically the URL to access your site. Domain registrars like GoDaddy allow you to do this at a price that varies between INR 199 and 599. Buying web hosting comes next, and its cost is usually more than renting a domain. Some of the popular web hosting services include Siteground, Bluehost, GoDaddy, 1&1 and Hostgator. We personally recommend Siteground for beginners, its cost is anywhere between INR 2000-3000 and they beat all competitors in terms of quality.

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It is highly advisable not to compromise on the quality of hosting as it will determine the functionality of your blogging site in the long run. Once domain​​​​​​ and hosting are ready and you have decided on your niche, you need to hire a team of content writers and learn some basic SEO rules that you can easily learn from the internet . With proper guidance and regular posting of SEO friendly blogs, you are going to achieve the best results in 6 months or so from Google Adsense.

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement that allows you to build an audience online and make money just by recommending products or services to people around you. All it takes is to find a product you want to promote and sign up for their affiliate program. Once this is done, you will receive a special link that allows the merchant to track how many people clicked on your link. For every purchase you make, you earn a huge commission.

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One thing that should be taken into consideration before starting affiliate marketing is to understand whether a majority of your audience will benefit from using that product or not. Also, how convenient is the purchase process and is there a decent affiliate commission? One can consider using the products or services themselves before promoting them. Alternatively, you can share your links through blogs, social networks, and emails and so on. Currently, Amazon has the largest affiliate program in the world where average commission on physical product is between 4-10%. ClickBank and CJ by Conversant are also popular websites that facilitate affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing can also be done on information products with compensation ranging from 20-50%. The third type of affiliate marketing can be done on services with a guaranteed commission between 15-30%. Additionally, one can consider joining a personal affiliate program to promote any product or service.

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The customized gift business, often referred to as the personalized gift business, is also gaining prominence among small business owners due to its minimal investment. With a plethora of gift options ranging from individual ideas like key chains, picture frames and more to group gift ideas like office souvenirs, this business is a favorite choice of many creative minds with sharp business acumen.

Top 10 Business Ideas In Nagpur

Sites like Giftstarter offer a quick and innovative way to send online for the purpose of group gifts. One can easily consider starting a custom gift business from the comfort of their home and start selling small orders. Contact wedding planners, event planners and sales companies advertising and designing flyers highlighting the importance of personalized gifts. You can use your Instagram and other social pages and groups to promote your gift items. Early this year, we interviewed Tanya Mittal, an entrepreneur from Gwalior, India where she gave us a great insight into how she can earn Rs. 3-4 lakhs per month by just displaying her gifts on her Instagram page.

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Even on Facebook, you can create your own group or join an existing group and use Facebook ads to sell your custom gifts. Adding your personal emotional dimension to your products is an added bonus such as packaging each product with a personalized note such as “find the perfect gift for your lover on Valentine’s Day” or “Make your first anniversary special”.

Teaching has always been the first choice of business for people with less budget and fortunately it is one of the businesses with the least probability of failure. Setting up a home tutoring business is a great way to earn a handsome income and all it takes is identifying your strengths as an effective tutor, deciding the right fees and marketing your services. With the ever-increasing demand for tutoring today, these are not only limited to the daily school curriculum but have entered college entrance exam preparation, college courses, and even Kindergarten. Build your core strength where you feel your core expertise lies.

You can operate your tutoring business from your home with less students, let’s say 20-25 and give good results. Do the same again with a small expansion let’s say 30-40 students to re-test your ability as a teacher before you think about expanding significantly. A similar path was taken by Bansal classes years ago, which is one of the best IIT coaching centers in Kota (India).

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Additionally, you can make your online website include direct testimonials and success stories of your students to increase your popularity. Invest in a good set of reference books for the main subject areas. In addition, the library and the Internet are good sources of free materials. Set up a quiet place to do marketing and billing and provide that place with phone and internet access, to generate more leads. Advertise your business by posting flyers on school bulletin boards and distributing brochures to teachers and students.

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Since most business owners are using the power of the Internet and taking their businesses online, web development has become very attractive. So to start a business in web development, it is important to start by calculating the startup costs. This includes the cost of registering your domain and hosting your own website to create your portfolio and showcase your best works. Additional costs such as printing business cards, special desk and stationery are also considered.

Web development mainly includes website development and app development. In the beginning, you can start building websites with CMS like WordPress, Joomla etc. where very little coding is required. However, later on you can change and expand your areas of expertise. You can even choose a niche like Making landing pages or a parallax website first. You can also manage pages, unbounce etc. using software that will only cost you up to $150. For app building, you can use software like apple pie, ibuildapp etc which will cost you only Rs 500- 2000 per month depending on the plan you choose.

You can start by downloading free trials of various web design software such as Coda, Aptana, Espresso or Adobe Dreamweaver that will give you 30 days to experience. A smart way is to jump from one free trial to another for about 6 months until you get steady business and are ready to buy your favorite software. Hire a small team of coders and designers who can help you in various projects with their specialized skills. Additional tools such as creating landing pages can be purchased and a free version of WordPress can be used to create a beautifully themed website.

Top 10 Business Ideas In Nagpur

Social media marketing largely includes SEO, SEM, SMO, and SMM. First, let me tell you what these terms are

The Top 10 Best New Business Ideas To Start A Business In India 2023

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