Top 10 Business Ideas In Sri Lanka

By | March 11, 2023
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Top 10 Business Ideas In Sri Lanka – A franchise setup allows the franchisee to enjoy a low risk and support system, while the franchisor enjoys business expansion. Hence, rather than taking the risk associated with a new business in a volatile market, people prefer owning a profitable franchise business.

If you are also planning to start a business, then this article will come in handy. We have listed the 10 most lucrative franchise business opportunities in India. Hence, keep reading to make a well-calculated decision.

Top 10 Business Ideas In Sri Lanka

Top 10 Business Ideas In Sri Lanka

A franchise model is a type of business that is owned and operated by different individuals (the franchisor) in different regions but branded by one large company (the franchisor). The franchisor owns the original work and licenses the right to use its brand name, service/product, know-how and all other trademarks in exchange for a franchise fee, royalty or commission to the franchisors.

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The brand started in 2019 and has already become the largest laundry and dry cleaning chain in India. They have a strong franchise network of over 300 stores spread over 83 cities. Led by industry veterans on a mission to remove laundry problems in urban India. Their services include dry cleaning, laundry, shoe dry cleaning, shoe repair, bag cleaning, carpet cleaning, and much more.

He charges a 7.5% weekly royalty. Their strategically planned business model is successful in metro areas and Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities as well. In just three years of their existence, they have opened more than 300 stores across the country. Franchise partners achieve operating break-even within 3 months of operations and enjoy great returns on investment.

Kalyan Jewelers was started in the year 1993 by Mr. T. Kalyanaraman has more than 45 years of experience in the business. The brand is engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of gold and diamond-encrusted products. It has a strong presence in 21 states and UTs in India. Kalyan Jewelers also owns 30 showrooms in the Middle East. Besides, they also sell online at The brand operates as a local jewelry business.

In the first quarter of fiscal year 2021, the combined profit of Kalyan Jewelers increased to 54.05%. This is a clear sign that you can have a profitable franchise business with this brand. You must have good financial background in business and more than 10 years of commercial experience to hold Kalyan Jewelers Showroom Franchise.

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Founded in 1960 by Richard Allison, it is an American multinational pizzeria chain. The fast food brand has dominated the industry with a strong presence in more than 70 countries with approximately 15,000 outlets.

The Domino’s franchise is profitable due to the high demand for their products and the impeccable franchise business model. In 1996, the first Domino’s outlet was opened in New Delhi. You cannot contact the brand directly for franchising purposes because it operates in association with Jubilant Foodworks. Domino’s weekly equity is 5.5%. Please ensure that there is no other Domino’s outlet within 5 km of your area before applying for a franchise.

Dr. Lal Pathlab is India’s leading diagnostic healthcare chain with over 60 years in the diagnostic industry. The brand offers more than 1,650 tests including nutrition, genetics, biophysics, flow cytometry, cytogenetics, endocrinology, metabolism, molecular diagnostics, and oncology. Dr. Lal Path Labs offers two types of franchise:

Top 10 Business Ideas In Sri Lanka

FirstCry was set up by the Mahindra Group of Companies in the year 2010 to provide premium quality baby and kids products at affordable prices over the internet. Later in 2011, they started distributing the FirstCry franchise.

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FirstCry is Asia’s largest group of baby and children’s products. Currently, it sells over 2,000 brands such as Ben10, Disney, Hotwheels, Farney, Pampers, Barbie, Gerbers, Pigeon, and Mattel. FirstCry’s franchise agreement will be valid for 5 years after which the partners have to renew it. Interested individuals should have entrepreneurial and leadership skills to run stores flexibly according to market trends. Also, the brand requires franchise store employees to be courteous, courteous, and have the skills to act according to parents’ needs and preferences.

The VLCC Group is on its way to becoming a global wellness brand. Vandana Luthra brand started in 1989 and has already served more than 5 million customers. The beauty and wellness chain is active across borders, too. Under the VLCC Natural Sciences™, SkinMTX™, BelleWave™, and Enavose™ brands, the company offers 169 skin care, body care, hair care, fortified foods, and functional food products.

VLCC grants franchisees the use of the VLCC brand name, products and standards for a period of five years. You can choose either of two franchise options based on your investment and preference:

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After that, the privilege must be renewed. The brand charges a royalty of 15% on a monthly basis. Franchise fees vary from location to location depending on city/location capabilities.

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Kids is known for making a positive difference in pre-school education. It has been part of the preschool journey of more than 900,000 children. If you are passionate about education, then you should consider Kidzee in the field of franchising.

The building must have internet connection, surveillance cameras and air conditioning. Also, it must be perfect to accommodate both indoor and outdoor play areas. Franchise partners are required to share 15% of the total revenue with the Kidzee franchisor.

The origins of Jockey International Inc. to Wisconsin, USA. The brand is widely trusted for its lingerie, sleepwear and sportswear for people of all age groups. It is a recognized brand in 120 countries.

Top 10 Business Ideas In Sri Lanka

Jockey has a partnership with Page Industries Limited, a Bangalore based company. It is the exclusive licensee of Jockey to manufacture, distribute and market Jockey throughout India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Oman, Qatar and UAE.

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Jockey India sales grew by 35% in FY2022 over FY2021. This shows that the brand has very high return ratios which are improving systematically. If you are interested, you will need to open an exclusive Jockey shop (preferably in a prime location or main market area).

Delhivery started in the year 2011 with the aim of building an organized system for commerce. In just a decade, it has become a primary competitor to the old leading express logistics companies such as BlueDart and Gati Ltd. It offers two types of perks:

Currently, Delhivery offers express parcel transportation, supply chain services, cross border services, PTL & TL freight forwarding. Delhivery clients and customers include small and large e-commerce participants, small and medium enterprises and leading brands as well. The company processes nearly 10 million orders every month which indicates its good performance. Delhivery can be the best low investment franchise for you.

Lakme has been a leading beauty brand in India for decades. If you are looking for a highly profitable franchise in the beauty and wellness industry, Lakme Salon can be a foolproof choice. It was the first brand to start a chain of salons to cater to the care and beauty requirements of women.

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Lakme already has a huge customer base in India. The potential franchisor must be able to dedicate enough time and effort to running the business. The brand also requires its partners to take a customer-centric approach and go that extra mile for customer satisfaction. So, if you are passionate about work ethic, apply for a franchise. Lakme offers sustainable growth in its business model.

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Yes, the franchise industry in India is growing at around 30-35% year on year and is expected to be worth $100 billion by 2024. So, you can definitely start a franchise business without any doubt.

Many perks are associated with owning a reputable and well-established franchise. First of all, you’re not really starting from scratch. This means that you do not invest time, effort and money in researching the size of the industry, future prospects, business setup, etc. Someone has already done all this and you reap the benefits.

Top 10 Business Ideas In Sri Lanka

Then, you get “brand pull,” and your business will gain instant recognition because of the franchisor’s brand value. In general, franchisor brands take full responsibility for employee training, marketing, and promotion of your business. This makes business operations and growth seamless for the franchisor.

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The exact cost of owning a franchise depends on the business. For example, a small scale company may sell its franchise for 1-10 lakh, while a large-scale business or a famous brand may sell its franchise for anywhere from 20-50 lakh or more.

All of these are reliable and well-established brands. Hence, the probability of business growth is always high. However, the profitability of a business varies from time to time.

Apart from these popular industries, laundry is a promising industry. It was valued at $35.83 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.96%.

We specialize in dry cleaning of Persian, silk, Turkish rugs and all other types of imported rugs in nylon, wool, cotton, polyester and olefin.

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The Woolmark certified Lagoon system is the world’s most advanced and environmentally friendly technology for dry cleaning woolen garments – sweaters, coats, furs, shawls, pashminas and jackets.

Your wool garment will be delivered stain-free and will retain its original feel, softness, fluff, shape and size. Our advanced systems and processes guarantee zero shrinkage.

Expensive and

Top 10 Business Ideas In Sri Lanka

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