Top 10 Dumbest Business Ideas – Do you remember that guy in college who insisted on being called “Chuggs” even though his name was Gary? He signed birthday cards as Chugs and told teachers he went by Chugs, but everyone kept calling him Gary. He started out as a Gary, and because of that, he …

Top 10 Dumbest Business Ideas

Top 10 Dumbest Business Ideas – Do you remember that guy in college who insisted on being called “Chuggs” even though his name was Gary? He signed birthday cards as Chugs and told teachers he went by Chugs, but everyone kept calling him Gary. He started out as a Gary, and because of that, he will always be a Gary.

Naming your company works the same way. Once your name comes out, it pretty much sticks. Of course, there are exceptions like Dunkin’ Donuts to Dunkin’ or Starbucks Coffee to Starbucks, but for the most part, whatever brand name you choose is what you get.

Top 10 Dumbest Business Ideas

Top 10 Dumbest Business Ideas

It is best to be careful when choosing a name for your business. If not, you’ll end up as a bit of a joke… just like the ten worst business names of all time!

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Get your brain out of the gutter! Analtech is actually a manufacturer of thin layer chromatography plates. Fortunately, any confusion as to what these plates are for has been thankfully put to rest as Analtech has changed its name to Miles Scientific. good call.

When you have a bad brand name, you’re setting yourself up for disaster. Everyone is taking notice, and no one is going to be mature about it.

The company’s motto is, no joke, “Start every day with wood.” It’s not really a choice, but your choice is to shop the store’s collection of handcrafted furniture, doors, cabinets, kitchenware and accessories.

A sentence may seem innocent at first glance, but it is related to something obscene. “Morning wood” is one of those sayings that doesn’t necessarily mean anything dirty, but society made it happen.

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Bunghole Liquors is more than just your average corner store. They have fully embraced their unusual name and even have an online gift shop featuring promotional shirts, hats, shot glasses and custom koozies, all under the Bunghole Liquors brand name. are with

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There’s a play on words here that’s pretty simple, but honestly, “Bangol” is bad enough on its own. You probably shouldn’t use any profanity or derogatory words in your company name.

You don’t want to think about the bathroom break that’s going to come after eating a big meal. So a visit to a restaurant called “Poopsie’s” seems like a bad reminder of what will happen after ingesting the pizza served there.

Top 10 Dumbest Business Ideas

The name is cute if you’re the kind of kid who says “oopsy popsy” while toilet training. This pizza is significantly less cute than the restaurant’s name.

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At first glance, this business name appears healthy, like a small mom ‘n’ pop shop. Then you say it all together… Sam and Ella, Samand Ella… Salmonella. This is definitely not a good thing to have on the mind when eating at a chicken restaurant.

This bad company name just goes to show that you have to tread lightly when coming up with your brand identity. Look at it from all angles and make sure you say it out loud a couple of times.

The joke here looks like it was an accident… crop dust if you will. Regardless, the gas has passed and is now the name of this Arizona-based company. It’s like a big joke your uncle would share at a family dinner.

Don’t panic when coming up with a company name. Give it a second and third thought and ask other people for their opinions. Passmore Gas is a huge joke, and while it’s funny, it’s also kind of cringe.

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This tobacco shop has a suggestive name that can easily be taken the wrong way. Good thing they have “tobacco and beer discounts” on the sign or people might walk away thinking they offer something else…

Chew-N-Butts doesn’t sound very appealing, no matter how you look at it. It’s really catering to a very specific target audience, so only a very specific demographic will appreciate this joke.

Master Bait & Tackle is completely in on the joke behind their business name. Even their website calls their store “friendly, often provocative, cutting-edge, and always hilarious.” If that’s not enough, their web domain is

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Top 10 Dumbest Business Ideas

Master Bait and Tackle named their company this way on purpose, and while it’s certainly funny, it can be off-putting to those who are easily offended. Also, do you really want to explain to your child why everyone is laughing before the big fishing trip?

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When your last name is Dumass, you have one of two options. Be angry about it and cry in a corner, or embrace the humor and open a taco shop. The owners of Dumass Taco chose the latter and went even further with the donkey logo. So now they’re not just a dimass taco, but a jackass.

This is another situation where company owners are joking behind their brand name. They’re kind of like the authentic version of Taco Bell — the same sense of humor that appeals to a younger target audience, especially those who want an enchilada at 3 a.m.

Doesn’t this business name sound like it could be on a card in Cards Against Humanity? It’s really just funny and crude in context. Baby boomers will probably miss the joke, but millennials and Gen Zers will laugh and think “knobs ‘n’ knockers” is suggestive.

It’s very unusual for an upscale, antique furniture store to have a brand name like Knobs ‘n’ Knockers. It’s not entirely clear if this was meant to be funny.

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Love them or hate them, these company names give you something to think about if you’re a business owner. Whether they’re printed on high-quality promotional products or grab your attention on a billboard while you’re driving down the highway, they’re sure to be memorable.

It is up to you what you name your company. Go ahead and make it fun if you’re trying to win over the younger crowd or project a certain image. If not, avoid using the word “bunghole”.

Specialists in all things print and promotional. Let our awesome, incredibly good-looking, and passionate promotions team help you choose great promotional swag today! Businesses play an important role in the economy of a developing country like Kenya. One important area in which business helps fill the gap left by government is job creation. As the government has failed to create enough jobs to cater to the large youth population, more and more people have been encouraged to take up entrepreneurship as a source of income. But, unfortunately, not everyone knows what to invest in, so here are the worst businesses to start in Kenya.

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Top 10 Dumbest Business Ideas

Many things can be considered bad for business. Chief among them is whether or not the venture is making any money. Other considerations may include the amount of capital required, risks involved in running the business, and legislative barriers to establishing and operating a business. Due to this, diligent entrepreneurs avoid such projects.

Lawns Are Dumb. But Ripping Them Out May Come With A Catch

Sometimes a business venture can be successful for one person, but that doesn’t mean everyone should start the same business. A business idea must match a person’s passion because without it the venture will probably fizzle out. Bad business ideas aside, entrepreneurs need to conduct environmental scanning and risk analysis to ascertain the suitability and desirability of the business so as not to find themselves in bad businesses such as:

There are stakes when it comes to dealing with politics, and political blogging is no different. Blogging, in general, can be a profitable venture and has produced several millionaires. If you’re just looking for profit, political blogging can be a good business, but there’s more to it than just money.

The most important thing to become a political blogger is to invest in your life! Unfortunately, many things can go wrong, such as being kidnapped, blackmailed, hacked, trolled or killed. In Kenya, political bloggers are always dragged to court by politicians for writing negative things about them. Such risks make it the worst business to start in Kenya.

The offline taxi business used to be lucrative, but that was before the advent of online taxi services. Most of the money in online taxis goes to the companies providing the online platform, even on this one. To start this business, you need to invest a lot of money in getting a good car. Getting a car in Kenya is not cheap because of the high tax rates.

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Assuming you already own a car, there is still uncertainty in starting a taxi business. Most Kenyans prefer public transport which is very affordable. Apart from this, taxi drivers also face problems like robbery. Unhealthy competition can also make the environment very hostile.

Insurance companies are among the most successful businesses, but the industry is like a shark tank for startups. To begin with, you need a lot of capital to start an insurance business. Attempting to penetrate a market dominated by large multinational companies is a nightmare.

One of the biggest risks in the insurance business is losing investors’ money because underwriters make claims with clients that are not legitimate. Due to which there is loss in business.

Top 10 Dumbest Business Ideas

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