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Top 10 Retail Pos Systems

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Advertiser Disclosure: Our opinions and unbiased content are supported in part by partnering, and we follow strict guidelines to maintain publication integrity.

Top 10 Retail Pos Systems

Top 10 Retail Pos Systems

The best retail POS offers excellent cash management, gives shoppers multiple ways to shop, and has great deals.

The 12 Best Pos Systems For 2023

Good retail POS software has eCommerce capabilities, gift card sales and loyalty programs to help retailers grow their customers. We’ve evaluated a number of retail POS systems based on price, ease of use and sales-specific features to help you find the best POS system for your business.

The best POS system for retail allows you to seamlessly manage small or large inventory, sell online and offline, and launch customer loyalty programs. You should have many POS hardware options that go beyond the basics with good payment processing rates and easy contracts. Our editorial team reviewed dozens of the best-selling POS systems and found that Lightspeed, Revel, Clover, Square, Shopify, and Hike stand out among the top retail POS systems with these attributes.

We love the way you manage your retail inventory with Lightspeed Retail. Department stores, wholesalers, and even stores that offer rental items (like how REI rents camping gear in addition to retail sales) can easily include and sort items. You can also create purchase orders and fill them automatically with multiple vendors, which will help midsize to large vendors to save a lot of time on ordering.

Lightspeed also has built-in eCommerce functionality, advanced loyalty functionality, and allows you to build marketing campaigns targeting pre-defined customer groups to convert one-time buyers into lifetime buyers.

Shopify Launches All New Pos Globally To Help Merchants Adapt For The Future Of Retail

Monthly pricing starts at $69/month for basic POS functionality on one device, but features like eCommerce, loyalty, analytics and accounting software integration will cost you extra . You pay an additional $29/month for each additional device you install with Lightspeed Retail (each plan starts with one POS software license.)

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Lightspeed Retail allows you to offer customers multiple ways to shop, including online shopping for in-store pickup, layaway shopping, bulk or individual purchases, and consignment. shop for discounts. Shoppers can also fill out an application form to get a custom quote, sign into a wholesaler account for bulk discounts, and start returns/exchanges online.

A unique inventory system makes it easy to sell items in a single department or across departments, add product tags and assign items to vendors. When you’re short on an item, you’ll get an out-of-stock notification, and then you can browse vendors and order multiple items at once. If you want to sell and rent items, Lightspeed has an app that tracks rental windows, rates and more.

Top 10 Retail Pos Systems

Lightspeed Retail works on iPads and desktop PCs. For hardware packages or special equipment such as scanners and printers, you can get a quote from Lightspeed or buy what you need elsewhere.

Top 5 Retail Pos Software

With Lightspeed Payments, Lightspeed Retail’s in-house issuer, you’ll pay a 2.6% processing fee plus a $0.10 fee per card transaction. This fee increases to $0.30 per transaction for non-current cards.

Lightspeed offers monthly and annual contracts for resellers. Annual contracts are reduced monthly. However, we recommend starting with a month-to-month contract, as early termination fees can be very high depending on the length of the contract.

Also, you must confirm that you received your Lightspeed device within five business days of receiving it, or the 30-day warranty (14 days for Apple products.) will not be covered.

We appreciate that Revel can be customized to meet all your retail POS needs, from kiosk shopping to delivery management to integrated eCommerce. With advanced features and flexibility, we often recommend Revel for very niche markets, including golf course POS systems and garden center POS systems.

Lightspeed Pos Review

Revel’s open API (application program integration) means this versatile system can integrate with any other business software you use. Midsize and larger retailers with multiple locations will find everything they need in Revel’s custom-built solutions.

Revel’s reporting suite is the ultimate decision maker for retailers with multiple locations or complex inventory. It puts critical data about your sales, staff, customers and inventory at your fingertips, so you can easily grow your customer base.

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If you agree to Revel’s three-year minimum requirement, you’ll pay $99/month/terminal, paid annually. With this agreement, you also have to commit to Revel for your payment needs for three years.

Top 10 Retail Pos Systems

Revel POS, founded in 2010, has had many years to refine its own market offering and expand its open source software capabilities.

Choose The World’s Best Retail Pos Software

Specialty stores such as gourmet grocers and international perishable goods retailers will appreciate Revel’s perishables management, value trading, and the ability to create menus for made to order items.

Specialty stores that sell services in addition to products, such as accessories stores and retail makeup stores, will find it easy to sell merchandise and schedule with Revel.

Revel works with iPads, which you can buy independently or through Revel. You must contact Revel for a quote regarding devices such as card readers, printers and cash registers.

Revel offers its in-house payment processing solution, Revel Advantage. Revel no longer advertises flat rates, meaning you’ll receive a standard quoted rate based on order volume, average transaction size, and mix of payment methods.

What Is A Pos System & How Does It Work?

If you choose to work with a third-party payment processor (which you can’t do with the three-year plan), you may pay a higher monthly subscription fee.

Revel requires a three-year recycling contract and two end-to-end if you want the best price. It may be worth paying a higher monthly price if you’re not sure if Revel POS is right for you. You can switch to a permanent plan later for a lower rate.

While Clover’s system is not cheap, we believe that building hardware, software, and payment processors is streamlined enough to make money for many merchants. This is especially true if you often have to train new people on the POS. The Clover system comes with many of the POS features you love, such as a built-in loyalty program and bulk ordering, without having to pay extra.

Top 10 Retail Pos Systems

We also like that Clover has a few extra steps. Adding a Clover-tested app to your POS system is as easy as adding a new app to your phone. Simply download an app to add features such as employee payroll and customer feedback tracking or to integrate third-party software.

Heartland Retail Pos

Clover offers a 30-day free trial. Alternatively, you can create a demo account to try out the software and make sure you don’t forget to cancel the trial (we’ve all been there.)

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If you purchase directly from Clover, you can purchase a Clover retail software plan for between $14.95/month and $54.90/month if you purchase your Clover hardware first.

If you decide to sign up for Clover’s “pay monthly” plan so you can pay for your equipment over time, you’ll pay one monthly fee for your equipment and software. This fee ranges from $60/month to $175/month, depending on your device package.

Additional tools are $9.95/month/registration if you have all the registries in one place. If, for example, you have two Clover Minis at two different stores, you must pay the full registration fee for both Minis.

Retail Inventory Billing Pos Software

Read our Clover POS pricing guide to learn more about how much you can pay for the Clover software/hardware package.

Clover’s retail software is a very simple service, with an online ordering page for pickup or delivery, in-store discounts and promotions, physical and eGift cards, and offline payment methods. so you can view the client even if Wi- Fi is no longer working.

Whatever advanced or special features you want will come in the form of a Clover app. There are 450+ apps available in the Clover app store that accept EBT payments (great for grocery and grocery stores), ID scans (great for liquor and wine stores ), and many others.

Top 10 Retail Pos Systems

Clover is also unique in that you can get a merchant account with one of Clover’s hardware/software vendors, meaning you can see significant payment processing fees and contract terms (if you get the build Clover from one of the best Clover merchant accounts. providers.)

Pos Machines And Pos Software

You can purchase your Clover system from Clover or one of our Clover resellers. If you buy a device from Clover, you will pay between $49 (Clover Go contactless card reader) and $1,799 (Clover Station Duo).

If you purchase your equipment from Clover, you must use Fiserv as your payment processor. Fiserv charges the following fees:

Cardless transactions include online sales, phone orders, orders from third-party shopping platforms, card payments, and other non-cash transactions. -payment by chip/tap/swipe card, cash, or check.

If a large portion of your sales occur online, consider other Clover merchants or other POS providers to avoid transaction fees for payments that don’t exist.

Best Pos System 2022: Which Is Right For You?

If you purchase your equipment from a Clover dealer, the fees and payment system will change.

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