What Good Business To Start In The Philippines – The community quarantines imposed in many parts of the Philippines due to COVID-19 are changing the way we live. Some may have had to adjust to working hours, while others may have had to deal with pay cuts. But there is an opportunity even during these …

What Good Business To Start In The Philippines

What Good Business To Start In The Philippines – The community quarantines imposed in many parts of the Philippines due to COVID-19 are changing the way we live. Some may have had to adjust to working hours, while others may have had to deal with pay cuts.

But there is an opportunity even during these uncertain times. The lockdown period is the perfect time to venture into a home business. Below are seven online business ideas you can consider starting during the quarantine period.

What Good Business To Start In The Philippines

What Good Business To Start In The Philippines

With the help of Carousell, you will be able to reach more people and promote your home based business with just a few clicks!

Why Start Your Business In The Philippines?

When it comes to looking for things to start selling online during the quarantine period, look no further! You can start right from your own home.

Look through your garage, storage cupboards or closets. You might find clothes you’ve probably outgrown, books you no longer read, and maybe even holiday gifts you never plan to use.

Instead of just letting these things sit around your house gathering dust, why not try to find them a new owner by selling them online? Cleaning is not just about cleaning your house. It is also a good way to earn extra income, especially during the quarantine.

Even if you don’t have pre-loved items in your home, you’re sure to have some second-hand possessions you can live without. Here is a summary or list of things you can vacate from your home and earn money online:

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TIP: Be sure to state or indicate in the item description that your items have been pre-loved or used. This way, those interested in it will know exactly what they are buying.

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The quarantine period is an opportunity for you to spend more time on your passion projects. It can be anything like knitting, sewing, painting, you name it!

With more time off, you can work on improving your home craft. For example, you can invest in a quality set of crochet hooks and yarn to create crochet accessories.

What Good Business To Start In The Philippines

Another easy craft to learn is macrame. Tons of YouTube tutorial videos can teach you different knots and weaves. Once you’ve mastered the art, you’ll be able to create eye-catching macrame wall hangings that you can sell online.

Food Cart Business

If you have calligraphy skills, you can post your calligraphy art online and offer personalized notebooks, stationery and stickers!

Leathermaking is also an excellent hobby to take up during quarantine. Work on your learning skills during your free time. Soon you will be able to make leather key holders, lanyards and card holders that will sell at a profitable price.

You’d be surprised how many people are interested in homemade items. All you need is to get your product out there, with the help of sites like Carousell.

During the lockdown, we have seen many quarantine food trends being publicized on social media. There are a lot of them now ⁠— sushi bake, ube pandesal, do-it-yourself Korean barbecue, just to name a few.

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A few enterprising people have caught on to these trends. During the quarantine, they set up an online store, selling these homemade treats and making extra income! If you have skills in the kitchen, you can do it too.

You can supplement baking ingredients such as flour, butter and sugar. With these staples, you can work on your best-selling baked goods to sell online! For example, cupcakes never seem to go out of style and foodies love them, even if there’s nothing to celebrate.

Making homemade leche flan and yema cake is also not as challenging as it looks! Try a few recipes and cook them in different sizes of llaneras.

What Good Business To Start In The Philippines

Graham cakes are also popular food items to sell during the quarantine. Since graham crackers require no baking, they are perfect for homes that don’t have an oven.

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The home-cooked meals you’ll be serving up don’t have to be as trendy as a tray of Spam musubi to sell them! You can also provide paluto meals and indulgent snacks.

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TIP: If cooking is not your forte, you can look into food distribution instead! For example, you can buy a bulk order of delicious red velvet crinkles or authentic Wagyu beef cubes and resell them online.

The community quarantine imposed on many parts of the metro has made it difficult for people to go out, even for essential shopping. This lack of mobility has prompted people to look for a specific type of service: personal shopping or pasabuy.

You can also be a personal shopper during the quarantine! If you have a car, motorbike or bicycle, you can buy essentials for a fee and deliver them to your elderly neighbors or distant friends.

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Are you planning to be a part-time pasabuy delivery person during the quarantine? Before you create a Carousell ad promoting your personal shopping service, here are some guidelines and safety tips to keep in mind:

Reselling is by no means a new business model. In fact, many big brands do this – buy items in bulk and sell them by the piece. You can also start your own buy and sell business at home. It’s even easier to get started now because of online selling platforms like Carousell.

Do as big businesses do! Start by buying essential items in bulk and then sell them online at retail prices. Here are some examples:

What Good Business To Start In The Philippines

TIP: Don’t stick to just one supplier. Shop around and find one that can give you the best bulk purchase rates. It pays to negotiate so you can get the most for your money. Most importantly, be fair!

Online Business Ideas To Get You Started Making Money On The Internet

Gardening isn’t just a hobby to help you pass the time during quarantine. It could also be the start of your home based online business!

If you grew your garden before the quarantine started, you have the skills of a savvy plant entrepreneur. Now look at the plants in your garden. There may be some ornamental plants that other certified plantitos and plantitas would love to have!

Popular seedlings to grow and sell these days are cooking herbs. The likes of basil, mint, and tarragon are relatively easy to grow and accessible among gardeners. Other edible plant seedlings you might consider selling include tomatoes, eggplants, onions and chili peppers.

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If you need tips on starting your own garden at home, check out our urban gardening guide.

Small Business Ideas That Any Filipino Can Start With P100,000 Or Less

Online tutorial and research services are two of the fastest skill-based online jobs you can turn into a home business idea.

As an online tutor, you can offer to teach people how to play guitar online (or any instrument) or even speak English (or any language). If you have the credentials, you can also offer math and science tutoring services from home.

If you have a way with words, you can try your hand at being a researcher or content writer. It is best to focus on a topic in which you have direct experience or feel confident to write about.

What Good Business To Start In The Philippines

TIP: When offering your tutorial or writing service online, be sure to mention your relevant skills, language abilities and past experiences in your Carousell service description.

Online Business Ideas Philippines 2022 Tips And Benefits

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We hope that the seven ideas listed above have awakened your inner entrepreneur and motivated you to start an online business during the quarantine! Turning your passion project or learned skills into a home business is not that difficult these days because of a platform like Carousell. With a stable internet connection, decent camera and a Carousell account, you can make a profit from something you love to do.

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