What You Need To Start Painting – So you’re wondering how to start drawing as a hobby? What tools might you need? Where to start? ! ? I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that you need at least paints, brushes and a canvas! These are obviously required when one wants to start …

What You Need To Start Painting

What You Need To Start Painting – So you’re wondering how to start drawing as a hobby? What tools might you need? Where to start? ! ?

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that you need at least paints, brushes and a canvas! These are obviously required when one wants to start drawing.

What You Need To Start Painting

What You Need To Start Painting

These are great questions, and I’ll explore them in more depth on other pages soon, and for now, I want to show you a framework.

How Can You Start Painting Without Previous Experience

I think what you’re really looking for is a method that motivates you to do it. A method that allows you to overcome initial resistance.

For a long time, I was interested in trying to learn how to draw, but I didn’t really know how to start. Hopefully by sharing my personal experience of getting started, I can provide some inspiration and direction to guide you on your own path.

I’ll also give you some ideas and tips I’ve considered since then that should help color your canvases!

I started by buying a small starter acrylic paint kit and some small canvases from my local Hobby Lobby to experiment with.

The Right (and Wrong) Way To Buy Supplies For Watercolor

I want to see if this is something I want to invest more in later. I also wanted something that was easy to accomplish.

The good news is that there are a variety of small canvases to choose from. There are 3 x 3’s, 3 x 4’s, 4 x 4’s… the list goes on… I think you get the idea. (dimensions are in inches)

I personally went with a 5 x 7 canvas first. I still like to use these when trying new things. I’m usually no smaller than that, but that’s just me.

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What You Need To Start Painting

By starting small, you can gauge your interest in painting and keep motivated by scoring some quick and easy victories on the wall.

Painting Tips To Avoid Common Painting Problems

When I started, I didn’t even know what I wanted to draw, or even where to start, other than I knew that in order to draw I needed some basic materials. Canvas, brushes, paints, and maybe a small easel.

I figured that if I could spend $60 on a video game that would engage me in a series of challenges that ultimately produced nothing, I could spend $50 on a series of challenges that would actually take me by the end of the day.

Not just physically, I have a practical project to show, but also intellectually as it involves skill development.

What do you usually buy for $50 that you could give up for a month to try painting?

Do You Start Painting With Regular Troops Or Hqs? I Always Save Them For Last. My Octarius Kommando Nob.

The point is, if your excuse is spending too much money, but you spent $50 on other things, how strong is your desire to learn to draw?

Other than that, I don’t want to spend too much money knowing that there’s a good chance I’ll buy all these materials, paint once and never paint again.

So if you’re like me worried about cost, here’s another reason to start small. The important thing is that you stop making excuses and start!

What You Need To Start Painting

Imagine what it would be like to hang that painting on the wall. I still hang some of my oldest and worst paintings because looking at them inspires me to keep going.

Premium Quality Acrylic Paint Set 24 Colors

This can come in many forms, and it might even be something you can try out from other artistic hobbies!

After getting my supplies, the next thing I did was go to YouTube. I’m always looking for inspiration and hope to try out some simple tutorial videos.

After some searching, I decided to try and draw a galaxy. This seems like an easy place to start.

So I found some good videos on how to draw galaxies on canvas and started trying to do it the way they showed me.

Guide To Acrylic Painting Supplies

My first drawing was actually pretty good. Unfortunately, this photo here is all I have left.

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Expert Tips! Try not to place your painting where it might get rained on while drying. Apparently, Colorado loves horizontal rain. I was lucky the only thing ruined was a painting! (

If drawing galaxies seems like something you might want to start, I’ve now outlined a series of 7 steps that you can follow to create your own creations. You can also see some other examples from my galaxy collection by clicking the link below!

What You Need To Start Painting

My second drawing of galaxies was worse than the first, but luckily the third one looks great!

Learn To Paint: How To Create Your First Painting

It was only when I started trying to add planets to this painting that I realized I needed to practice making spheres.

Which brings me to my next point, why I think starting small and simple is the most important thing. As soon as you start, one thing inevitably leads to another.

You’ll start to realize what things you might want to focus on to improve the quality of your drawings.

Let nature take its course. Once you’ve identified what you need to do, try to spend some time focusing on that element.

Proof That It’s Never Too Late To Start Painting

Since it was a sphere to me, I actually stopped working on the planet and drew another abstract painting to practice the sphere.

Abstract painting is a great way to learn more about color theory and mixing. If you’re not interested in starting with galaxies, I’ve got some great abstract art projects for you to try too!

Abstract painting is a fun way to learn about color harmony and fusion! Click paint to try some abstract art ideas!

What You Need To Start Painting

Interestingly, while I was working on this painting, I became aware of the need to understand color theory. So I tried using complementary colors for the sphere’s shadow. The result wasn’t great, but it did help me improve my sphere making skills to finish the planets.

Why Knowing How To Draw Will Improve Your Painting

So as you can see, if you just start doing something, it leads to the next thing.

Each painting will open your eyes to new things. Every attempt to understand and practice something new will lead to a deeper understanding and mastery of that element while driving you down the path so you can see what’s next on the horizon.

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As long as you keep an open mind and realize this, it will keep you going and improve your drawing skills!

Finding inspiration can be difficult for many people. I think learning how to find it and use it to recharge your battery will go a long way in developing your drawing skills.

Before You Start Painting, Know Your Finish

In fact, some days I also struggle to find the motivation to start. So lately I’ve been thinking about what we can all do to try and move things forward. What can we do to find and use our inspiration?

This is basically what I do on the “Abstract Art Projects to Try” page I’m working on.

Whether you’re following a tutorial or just watching another artist’s work and trying to replicate it, you’ll learn something.

What You Need To Start Painting

When you find an art style you like, it can even be beneficial to learn about the lives of artists and the things that drive them.

Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas: 25 Acrylic Painting Ideas And Inspiration

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. This is very inspiring and now I can’t wait to cover surrealism on this site and create some surrealist work of my own!

Also came in. As you draw, you may realize that “drawing choppy water is harder than I thought” or “those clouds look more cartoon than real”. Notice those thoughts or those challenges, and work on that particular element.

Once you realize that doing choppy water is difficult, you may consider many other water states and deal with it in them.

Another aspect of keeping an open mind is noticing what grabs your mind. What does your mind naturally gravitate towards? What do you find your mind drifting to and thinking about effortlessly?

How To Start Watercolor Painting At Home

For example, I’m a bit of a sci-fi fan. I like to think about the developments that the future of science and technology may bring us. Sometimes I read about recent discoveries and new inventions because these things fire my imagination. These are the things that motivate me.

Notice how it works for you and use it as a theme for your ideas. This is where we come in for the next step.

ASAP after they hit you! Once you find an artist with a painting you like, write down their name and see if you can find more of their work. learn more

What You Need To Start Painting

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