Best Business Ideas Hyderabad – The Help Desk Staff is a team of business experts led by Shilpi Singh, trusted by over 100,000 readers worldwide. Everyone dreams of entering the world of entrepreneurship, and they intend to do this by trying their hand at low-budget business. These enterprises, if properly managed, can bring them huge …

Best Business Ideas Hyderabad

Best Business Ideas Hyderabad – The Help Desk Staff is a team of business experts led by Shilpi Singh, trusted by over 100,000 readers worldwide.

Everyone dreams of entering the world of entrepreneurship, and they intend to do this by trying their hand at low-budget business. These enterprises, if properly managed, can bring them huge profits with the least chance of failure. So, today in this article, we are going to introduce to all our readers some great business ideas to start with a small budget of 25,000 to 50,000 Indian Rupees or 400 to 800 USD.

Best Business Ideas Hyderabad

Best Business Ideas Hyderabad

That being said, we promise you that you will inevitably earn a huge amount of money if you start any of these businesses with your best efforts. We highlight Indian currency but our article is applicable for businesses in all currencies, countries, regions and races so you can start your business anywhere and anytime. The best part about these businesses is that you can start them as a part-time business and convert them to a full-time business once the transaction has taken place.

Franchise Business Ideas You Can Start For High Income

Take a look at the list of business ideas that you can choose from if you have a budget of Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that provides online merchants and retailers with the space and tools to create e-commerce websites with various eye-catching designs. It makes this process easier by allowing them to create an account on Shopify and sell various products. The site has direct contact with several merchants who purchase products from several popular sites and sell them on their own Shopify website. The most important element to take care of is that shipping is only done by these online sellers.

Selling items on Shopify is a lucrative business option for aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for business ideas online. Here, entrepreneurs can sell their own products or choose from the millions of products available on the Shopify storefront. Suppose an entrepreneur selects 10-15 products from a certain site, sets a higher price for them, and sells them on his site by attaching these products. When a customer buys any of these products, he is actually buying the products that are listed on the site from where these products were selected. He only needs to advertise his products through various channels, either social media or Google AdSense. Shopify will take care of the rest.

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However, billing and trading takes place on its own website. So, the client is actually paying money to their Shopify site. After the surrender, the entrepreneur receives his commission within a month. On the other hand, if the entrepreneur chooses from his own range of products; in this case, the delivery will be exclusively in the hands of the entrepreneur only.

Top 23 Leading Startups In Hyderabad In 2022

With a strict budget of up to Rs 50,000, an entrepreneur can buy wholesale products directly from the manufacturer for a certain amount and then sell these products at a much higher markup on various online e-commerce players. These products can range from small items such as speakers and headphones to large items such as furniture. Referral fees for selling on Amazon range from 6% to 20% of the selling price.

For sellers, Amazon’s monthly plan is available for $39.99, while for the individual selling plan, it’s free and charges $0.99 for each item sold. So, for a budget in the range of Rs. Rs 25,000-50,000, we need to choose less expensive high margin products like small speakers, headphones, spinners etc and start selling them with free plan. For example, you can buy a specific product, say a spinner in bulk from a local manufacturer for INR 100, and sell it to end users for INR 600 or more depending on the brand and additional features, and make a significant profit on each sale. deal with.

Various e-commerce sites such as Alibaba specialize in a business model where you can buy goods in bulk and then sell them online at a much higher margin. You can also provide discounts to consumers for bulk orders. Buy goods in bulk on Alibaba at low prices and sell at high prices on other e-commerce sites if you cannot contact the manufacturers. However, in these cases the margin will be small. Sites like these are the perfect marketplace for manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, importers, buyers and wholesalers to come together on a common platform. Read more

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Best Business Ideas Hyderabad

A well thought out and well executed tiffin or catering business is a great business opportunity that is becoming a personal favorite for many entrepreneurs. Especially for single people who live away from home and work in metropolitan areas, there is a high demand for tiffin services. Moreover, this type of business is a profitable option for a person who is passionate about cooking and has excellent business acumen.

Profitable Home Based Business Ideas To Start In 2023

You can start by approaching corporate buildings with a large number of offices, which can easily attract 50-60 clients in the first month. Distribute brochures in offices and encourage word of mouth advertising. For one plate you make for Rs. 35 or Rs. 40 including the cost of preparation, packaging and shipping, you can sell it for Rs. 60 and easy to save Rs. 20 for Tiffin. You can also provide bulk monthly discounts for regular customers. So, if you are selling let’s say 50 plates a day at Rs. 60 each, you easily save Rs. 1000 per day or up to Rs. 30,000 per month.

Bulk buying domains is a common business option for business enthusiasts with technical knowledge. One can register as many domains as they want at the same time. Let’s say you buy 50 domains for the keyword ‘education’ in Delhi/NKR, such as ‘training in Gurgaon’, ‘best classrooms’, ‘english lessons’ and so on. Each domain costs you Rs. 699. Then, at the right time, you can list those domains for sale on GoDaddy in their “premium domain” section. Moreover, you advertise it in various social networks, in relevant groups called “Buying and Selling Domains” and so on.

Initially, you sell each domain for Rs. 5000. So even if you can sell 10% of domains, you can get instant results. Also, you can sell some domains for a higher price like Rs. 1 lakh or even more if you are lucky enough to buy some good domains.

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A similar scenario occurred when tech giant Google Inc. I forgot to renew my domain. Luckily for the former Google employee, this was the turning point when he instantly bought it for just $12. All he did was keep searching Google’s domains and their website buying service extensively until he found that the domain “” was available for sale. In the end, Google decided to pay him over $10,000 to buy it back from him. Similarly, Mark Zuckerberg bought the domain. So, anyone who is well versed in buying domains and with a good history can easily buy domains in bulk and earn a significant amount by selling them.

Success Rate Business Ideas That Can Be Started With 1 Lakh In 2023

Increasingly, many people are getting involved in the business of buying a new domain. Let’s say you buy a new domain for Rs. 699. You work on this domain, improving its content, appearance and targeting a specific niche to help this specific audience. You also target different social media groups and increase the reachability of the domain. Once the domain is up and running, you sell it after 6 months for 10 times the price you bought it for.

Opening a roadside food stand in various busy locations, usually outside of malls, corporate areas, etc. is another profitable business idea for entrepreneurs looking to start a business on a small budget. Considering the local demographics, you can start a food business that deals with selling momo, Chinese food, bread, scrambled eggs, or any other foods of your choice.

Consider, for example, if you are considering starting a Momos roadside business. You can easily choose a convenient place to set up the counter, which is a lively and convenient place for momo eaters. The rent for setting up a trolley at this location can be Rs. 100 per day or more, depending on location. You can hire a sales boy for a salary of Rs. 5,000-8,000 rupees per month and buy raw momos at the price of Re. 1 PC.

Best Business Ideas Hyderabad

Thus, the maximum value of each plate, consisting of 10 pieces of momos, will be Rs. 12 including the cost of the chutney and serving plate and you can sell for Rs. 30 or higher. Thus, you can easily make a profit of Rs. 18 per plate and if you sell 100 plates per day, the profit per day can be Rs. 1,800. Monthly you can easily earn Rs. 30,000 rupees. 40,000.

Easy Online Business Ideas You Can Start In 2023

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