Best Business Ideas In Jammu – Looking for business ideas in Jammu and Kashmir? Then these 30 most profitable ideas will help you start a successful business in J&K. You can start various types of business in Jammu and Kashmir and thousands of ideas can come to your mind, but choosing the right business ideas …

Best Business Ideas In Jammu

Best Business Ideas In Jammu – Looking for business ideas in Jammu and Kashmir? Then these 30 most profitable ideas will help you start a successful business in J&K.

You can start various types of business in Jammu and Kashmir and thousands of ideas can come to your mind, but choosing the right business ideas makes you a successful entrepreneur and businessman.

Best Business Ideas In Jammu

Best Business Ideas In Jammu

A businessman cares about profit and can adopt several techniques to make a good return, but before that he or she needs a good business idea. I have selected the best business ideas that you can think of in Jammu and Kashmir and all these ideas are very profitable.

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Horticulture business has always been one of the best business ideas in Jammu and Kashmir. If you live in Jammu and Kashmir, you might know that horticulture is one of the most important business sectors in the state (now UT).

This business sector contributes a lot to the GDP of Jammu and Kashmir. Also, a study done by Greater Kashmir shows that the horticulture section alone contributes about 25% of the GDP of Jammu and Kashmir UT.

The main fruit crops grown in Kashmir are apples, walnuts, cherries, apricots, etc. Saffron (a spice) is grown extensively here, and Jammu and Kashmir is the only producer of this crop in India. Now, this crop also has a GI tag.

Entrepreneurs can create more jobs for unemployed youth and at the same time further progress in the agri-business area of ​​Jammu and Kashmir.

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Kashmir, being a high altitude area with rich mineral soil, has incredible potential in ancillary agricultural specialties such as potatoes, onions, seed potatoes, mushrooms, saffron, vegetable seeds, apples, almonds and strawberries.

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Potatoes, onions, mushrooms and strawberries are imported in huge quantities from different states, while they can be grown in Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmiri entrepreneurs can stem such a huge outflow of cash while growing locally, advocates Startup Kashmir.

Handicraft is one of the primary activities of the former state and was of impressive importance considering the enormous work and fair potential. In India, Jammu and Kashmir is famous for its handicrafts like carpets, shawls, Namdha, Basohli paintings, etc.

Best Business Ideas In Jammu

Craft business was the source of generous foreign trade. It provides employment to about 4.1 lakh artisans. Additionally, the amount of mechanical units has been increased. And provisions in Jammu and Kashmir have the scope of craft business as it is one of the most profitable business opportunities in the state.

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Here are some of the famous handicrafts of Jammu and Kashmir are Kashmir Carpets, Crewel, Namdha, Phool Kari, Basohli Painting, Calico Painting, Kashmir Shawls, Wood Carving, Chain Stitch and Papier Machie.

So if you choose craft job in Jammu and Kashmir then you will progress in short period. The earnings you can earn in this business are very high if you decide to promote your product socially because now people buy more handicrafts online than traditionally.

Research the market and see what handicraft products are in demand and if you find a few suitable products, work on them and post pictures on different social networks to attract buyers as social media will traditionally provide you with that today.

In Jammu and Kashmir, animal husbandry is a critical business. It contributes about 0.4 percent of the country’s total national production (GDP).

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The country has a precious abundance of cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, goats and poultry. Cows and poultry among all types of livestock are considered the most important livestock for the progress of the economy in Jammu and Kashmir.

Kashmir region shares 47.42% of the total livestock population. This business contributes to several other related sectors which is an advantage for you to start this business in Jammu and Kashmir because if you are into animal husbandry then you can start businesses like milk production, wool, laying birds and egg and meat production Production.

Livestock business is profitable in Jammu and Kashmir but requires a lot of work to succeed. If you are planning to start this business, be prepared for every challenge that this business presents to you.

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Best Business Ideas In Jammu

Government of India has introduced many schemes for the same in Jammu and Kashmir. So, if you are interested in this job, the state will help you financially and guide you through the process, but the main activity is on your shoulders.

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JKSLBC website will also help you to know the detailed figures and potentials of this business. But the main things and contributions of this work in development and life are explained above.

Jammu and Kashmir is known as the crown of India. It is considered “heaven on earth”. It is known for its snowy mountains, streams, rivers, sparkling lakes, flowery hills, beautiful plantations, meadows and unusual fauna.

Every component of Jammu and Kashmir constantly attracts various tourists from all over the world. Tourism has developed as a significant and one of the real factors that contribute to the economy of the country.

Tourism business in Jammu and Kashmir has become a steady income for many businessmen and there are still many opportunities for you to start a business in this field.

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There are several areas in the tourism business where competition is quite high such as providing transportation for tourists, hotels and restaurants, so if you are new to this business do not venture into these areas as it will take time to make a place in such businesses.

Don’t worry, there are many business ideas worth trying in the tourism industry, such as selling handicrafts near tourist spots, tour guides, suggesting places to visit, selling snacks, food trucks and many more.

There are many tourist spots where you can start a business. Choose a place that is crowded all year or most of the year so that your niche does not fall into the category of seasonal business, otherwise you may face losses. So, carefully choose your target customers and business niche in the tourism industry.

Best Business Ideas In Jammu

It is a practice where silkworms are raised to produce silk. This process involves several agro-industrial activities and Jammu and Kashmir has been famous for its silk generation for decades. Kalhana Pandit’s Rajtranagni, Mahabharata and Ramayana add that drilling has been done in Kashmir since the prehistoric period.

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Jammu and Kashmir supplies the best quality Bivoltine Mulberry silk in the country due to its extended length, better quality and luster primarily due to favorable climatic conditions.

However, from the total creation of envelopes, only 20-25% is constantly consumed within the country, and the rest is sent abroad.

It is a very profitable business idea to choose in Jammu and Kashmir. For decades this business has been growing and still earning a decent income. According to reports, this business earns more than 3 lakhs on an average from the units alone and there are many such units in the state.

From this you can get an idea of ​​how much you can earn from this business. Also, it plays an eminent role in the economy of Kashmir. The government also supports new entrepreneurs to join a partnership business.

Best Business Ideas In Kashmir For 2023

The state of J&K has a unique topography which divides the state into 3 distinct agro-climatic zones viz. the tropical Jammu division, the valley of Kashmir and the cold, bone-dry Ladakh zone. Now Ladakh is a separate UT.

The State (now UT) has distinctive water assets spread over an area of ​​about 0.40 lacs hectares existing in the State. There are many rivers, Sars, springs, reservoirs and about 250 lakes at high altitudes.

Fishing business has always been a profitable business in Jammu and Kashmir. Fish is one of the most popular foods in the country, and profits are ten times higher than most businesses.

Best Business Ideas In Jammu

The profitability of the business depends on the volume of work you start. If you want to run it on a small scale then you can easily earn 10 to 15 defects per year but on a large scale you can earn quite a decent profit.

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Starting this business does not require significant capital, but there is an initial cost as you have to prepare for consistent work to be done at a specific time.

Get knowledge about fish farming and other related concepts so that it will be easy for you to choose this business idea in Jammu and Kashmir. Otherwise, you may face losses.

SMC (Srinagar Municipal Corporation) is constantly working on waste management and recycling and also provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to start business in this field.

This business is expected to grow by around 24% as the Government of India is also financially supporting businessmen in this area. Although you have to do the basic activities yourself.

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Waste management and recycling businesses in Jammu and Kashmir are one of the best business ideas to earn good income. In India, many states are actively using many technologies to utilize waste and create jobs out of it, and Jammu Kashmir is also doing so

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