Business Model Canvas Gojek – Grab Gojek’s professionally designed Investor Funding platform that presents a summary of Gojek’s on-demand services provider application with details on its mission statement and services offered. The exhibition floor serves as an effective tool for attracting investors. It presents facts about Gojek’s key statistics, Gojek’s target market, Gojek’s various offerings, …

Business Model Canvas Gojek

Business Model Canvas Gojek – Grab Gojek’s professionally designed Investor Funding platform that presents a summary of Gojek’s on-demand services provider application with details on its mission statement and services offered. The exhibition floor serves as an effective tool for attracting investors. It presents facts about Gojek’s key statistics, Gojek’s target market, Gojek’s various offerings, and Gojek’s product coverage area. Gojek’s service ratings are featured in product promotions in many places. She handles many digital campaigns launched by Gojek for customer engagement and awareness. A profitable business model, growth over time with milestones achieved is presented to existing key competitors. The pitch deck covers various metrics for determining Gojek’s performance and pages about Gojek’s partnerships with food vendors, companies, and the national football league. It provides details about the loyalty program launched by Gojek rewards for Gojek partners. The client related to the key members of Gojek, involving the Gojek executive team, the board of directors, and the future initiatives of Gojek to strengthen the relationship with potential stakeholders were presented. Customize this 100 percent editable field deck now.

This is a GOJEK Investor Elevator Pitch Deck Template to present your business expenses. Take advantage of this comprehensive platform to provide a corporate introduction to your business, product, or project. There are forty-four pages included in the template to help you visually convey the information. It also contains a collection of data driven business models, charts, timelines, etc. that you can customize according to your needs and requirements. All images can be used to build business objectives and marketing plans. Apart from this, charts and graphs in this framework can be used to present analytical information that greatly impresses investors. Since everything in this template includes customizable elements, it’s a great tool to earn money and attract your audience. It is also a useful tool to provide refined content in the format of your choice.

Business Model Canvas Gojek

Business Model Canvas Gojek

Slide 4: This page provides details about Gojek as an on-demand application that offers various services.

Contoh Bisnis Model Canvas Gojek

Slide 5: This slide provides details on key statistics related to Gojek with the established app, the amount of the last contract, the number of employees, etc.

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Slide 6: This page provides details about Gojek’s target market. It will focus on addressing potential targets through various campaigns and marketing initiatives.

Slide 7: This page details the features that Gojek App offers to customers in various sectors such as transport and logistics, food and FMCG, etc.

Slide 8: This slide gives details about the various offerings that the Gojek App provides to customers such as go – ride, go – car, etc.

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Slide 10: This page details the pricing of Gojek services for peak and off-peak customers.

Slide 13: This page provides details on various digital campaigns launched by Gojek for customer awareness and engagement.

Slide 14: This page details Gojek’s profitable business model and generates revenue in the form of commissions from customers, merchants and drivers.

Business Model Canvas Gojek

Slide 15: This page provides a detailed timeline of growth that shows Gojek’s progress over the past few years.

Business Model Canvas Perusahaan Gojek Manajemen Strategi

Slide 17: This page details the performance metrics Gojek determines its online presence in terms of website traffic and social media presence.

Slide 18: This page provides details on Gojek’s partnership with local food vendors to increase consumer awareness.

Slide 19: This page provides details on Gojek’s partnerships with companies to build strong relationships and expand business.

Slide 20: This page details Gojek’s sponsorship of the National Football League as a promotional initiative to improve consumer awareness.

Ayam Asuh Amanah (business Model Canvas)

Slide 21: This page provides details about the loyalty program launched by Gojek to leverage customer retention and increase existing customer base.

Slide 22: This page provides details about the rewards that Gojek offers to potential partners as a token of appreciation and to ensure that customers stay connected to Gojek in the future.

Slide 23: This page provides details about customers related to Gojek in terms of major customers and customer testimonials.

Business Model Canvas Gojek

Slide 24: This page details the key people associated with Gojek’s leadership and responsible for making key strategic decisions.

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Slide 26: This page details Gojek’s future initiatives that will focus on leveraging connections with all potential stakeholders.

Slide 35: This page shows a graph of annual sales for various products. Charts are linked in Excel.

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Slide 42: This is a thank you slide that contains company contact details such as office address, phone number, etc.

Use GOJEK Investment Investor Elevator Pitch Deck Ppt Template to effectively help you save your precious time. They are ready to fit any presentation format. Since innovation has played a major role in the market, technological processes have benefited the industry recently and still. Business through mobile apps is one of them, and now even that is being reformed by a multi-purpose app, which is Gojek. Gojek’s business model includes strategies to provide more facilities within the app that take advantage of the Indonesian market. Gojek is a famous example of a unicorn in Indonesia that has become a matter of minutes serving more than 180+ cities in many Southeast Asian countries.

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Gojek, in its early years, was not doing well. When it was launched, it did not serve these many solutions like meals, rides, daily needs, shipping, etc., all in one platform. The company is a former Indonesian company valued at 10 billion USD. There is a lot more about this for the entrepreneurs to get the Gojek clone program for their business and the many services that they can take advantage of. So, here is this blog to talk about everything – how Gojek works, Gojek’s business model, revenue channels, and other important facts about it.

Gojek is a multi-service provider company that makes it easy for customers, such as daily food requirements, food, bicycle taxi, logistics, online money transfer, and dozens of other tools as a multi-purpose program. Nadiem Makarim created the company, with Kevin Aluwi and Michaelangelo Moran, in 2010, first as a climbing company in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is the most valuable company in Indonesia, as a unicorn startup company in Indonesia. Besides, it serves the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.

Gojek launched its app with 4 facilities – GoSend, GoShop, GoRide, and GoFood, in 2015. It was subsequently called a multi-facility app, serving up to 20 outlets. After that, Gojek and Tokopedia announced the completion of the partnership, forming a new company GoTo, on 17 May 2021, a group combining e-commerce, online market, and financial facilities. The organization was ranked in Fortune’s 50 most diverted countries in 2017 in 17th place and in 2019 in 11th place.

Business Model Canvas Gojek

Gojek operates many services such as food delivery, transportation, delivery services. In total, the company currently serves 20 different devices through a different concept called Super Apps, growing in several industries with different work strategies. Let’s take a look at Gojek’s work:

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Business Model Examples

Customers should look for the desired help as the smartphone app has a large number of facilities. They found the ones they wanted GoFood, GoShop, GoRide, and GoSend. By selecting their service category, customers can navigate through the app.

So customers have to select the service they want to avail from the app. For example, when they eat the selected foods, they will select the required items by adding them to the cart. In addition, to complete the product, they must store.

Customers then have to check out the stock and pay through the desired payment method in the app. However, each method has different costs such as payment-to-pay will have more costs such as canceling unnecessary orders.

The services will be performed by different providers as in the above example we explained in ordering groceries. Warehouses will prepare products and orders and assign them to delivery providers who will take them to the destination.

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Gojek is a multi-service company, and its business model consists of three market segments – users, sellers, and delivery people.

Gojek has managed to get multiple funding rounds since 2014 and still. The company has 15 leading lending partners and 13 stages of funding. In addition, Gojek acquired 13 organizations. The collaboration with Bluebird, Tokopedia was also a wonderful step for the organization, opening the doors to many opportunities. Today, it has many partners as listed below:

Gojek is called the Indonesian Unicorn, the first startup to be valued at more than 10 Billion USD. They have expanded their services to several countries and are exploring various markets in Southeast Asia. Its revenue generation strategy is impressive, managing to fight the high places in the competitive market with its workflow. Here are the main sources of Gojek income.

Business Model Canvas Gojek

Gojek has an extensive list of features that allow customers to pay for it. When customers book any service through the app, they have to pay an additional fee, which Gojek serves as their facility fee or app usage fee.

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Gojek partners with many merchants to serve buyers and gain a huge customer base.

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