Doing Business In Saudi Arabia – However, many non-oil sectors in Saudi Arabia today – particularly construction, real estate, healthcare and education all offer business opportunities. With this in mind, Saudi Arabia attracts thousands of business travelers every year. Doing Business In Saudi Arabia However, this is only for tourists. Business visitors cannot travel to …

Doing Business In Saudi Arabia

Doing Business In Saudi Arabia – However, many non-oil sectors in Saudi Arabia today – particularly construction, real estate, healthcare and education all offer business opportunities.

With this in mind, Saudi Arabia attracts thousands of business travelers every year.

Doing Business In Saudi Arabia

Doing Business In Saudi Arabia

However, this is only for tourists. Business visitors cannot travel to Saudi Arabia on an eVisa. They need to apply for a Saudi business visa.

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If you’re planning a business trip to Saudi Arabia, we’ve put together this helpful guide on everything you need to know about easily applying for your Saudi Arabia business visa online.

A Saudi business visa allows you to travel to Saudi Arabia for business meetings, training and similar activities.

During each visit, you are allowed to stay for a maximum of 30 days for a single entry and 90 days for a multiple-entry visa.

To apply for this visa, you need to provide several documents. These may include:

What Those In The Entertainment Business Should Know Before Doing Business In Saudi Arabia

However, if you do not qualify for a visa waiver, you must apply for a Saudi Arabian business visa at a Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate before you travel.

We have more than 17 years of expertise in the visa and immigration market and we are at the forefront of the visa services industry and have a trusted name in the industry.

Saudi Arabia offers eVisas and visas on arrival but they are issued for tourism purposes only and cannot be used if you are going there for business travel.

Doing Business In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Business Visa is ideal for those planning a trip to attend business meetings, conferences and other business purposes.

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The activities you are allowed to perform must be in line with the purpose of the visit specified while applying for the letter of invitation.

Depending on your employment status, you may participate in the activities listed below as a business visitor to Saudi Arabia.

Processing time may vary. However, depending on when the application is received, the normal processing time is up to 10 working days.

If you have an urgent visa application with a short deadline, Visa First can help you save time and avoid costly delays.

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A Visa First specialist will check all your documents to ensure your application is accurate and ready for submission.

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Doing Business In Saudi Arabia

For people traveling to Saudi Arabia to negotiate a contract, there are unspoken rules in a situation that they cannot understand themselves.

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If you want to get the most out of your negotiating experience, it’s important that you take the time to learn about the business culture and specifically the Saudi negotiation style. This preparation helps you navigate the unspoken rules and your behavior in a way that other ‘players’ perceive positively.

By doing so, you are less likely to offend or damage your reputation. Below, we’ve included some key aspects of Saudi negotiation culture that you should know.

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This is rooted in the value placed on relationships and personal relationships in Saudi culture. Also, if your Saudi colleagues do not trust you, your negotiations are unlikely to be fruitful. Before negotiations, invest time in getting to know your teammates. For example, you can invite them to lunch or coffee with you. Also, be prepared to accept any invitations offered to you.

Keep these sessions informal and do not discuss business. Instead, take an interest in getting to know your Saudi counterparts. This means that you will have to extend your visit to Saudi Arabia on either side of the formal negotiation process for this process to take place. While this may seem excessive, it can essentially make the difference between negotiation success and failure.

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Many Westerners leave Saudi Arabia immediately before the talks and disappear immediately. A lack of value for relationship building risks giving the impression that they are only interested in business – which is unlikely to end in positive results.

Saudi Arabian negotiators may jump from topic to topic and discuss the same topic multiple times. Instead of being chaotic, it’s actually their way of fitting all the pieces of the puzzle together. Going back and forth from topic to topic gives people time to digest new information, make mental connections, and quickly move past uncomfortable topics.

Therefore, it is important that you go with the flow of the discussion. If you are generally a stickler for agendas, be prepared to put these aside as they have little place in Saudi Arabia’s discussions.

Doing Business In Saudi Arabia

Negotiations should always end with some sort of formal ceremony. It is important because it gives face. A photo of a handshake or contract signing is normal and should not be taken lightly. Photo by ITU Pictures on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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Talking down your Saudi colleagues, openly disagreeing with them, publicly bothering them on facts/statistics or appearing to insult their dignity by saying they are ‘wrong’ risks causing great upset.

As such, it is important that you act in a manner that preserves the respect of your colleagues. Respect them by giving them enough time to finish what they have to say, and definitely don’t roll your eyes or disagree with them openly. If you have a problem with something someone said, discuss it in a way that doesn’t blame anyone. Even if you are depressed, don’t show it. Instead, keep calm and smile where possible.

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Gift giving is also a major part of Arab culture and another means of showing respect.

In cases where disputes arise between two parties, it is a local custom to bring in an arbitrator known and trusted by both parties.

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This person acts almost like a broker in finding a mutually beneficial compromise. All in all, staying calm, friendly, willing to communicate and using humor wherever possible will help you get out of most tricky situations.

Women appear only slowly in discussions. Learn about gender differences in Arab culture as well as Islamic doctrine’s expectations of how men and women should interact. Notice how the women are seated separately at this discussion table. Photo by Richter Frank-Jürgen on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

In Saudi negotiation culture, Saudis can raise the volume of their speech significantly – almost shouting.

Doing Business In Saudi Arabia

However, it is a way of showing their passion and commitment to the proceedings. They don’t mean to be disrespectful and you certainly don’t want to take offense. Stay calm and maintain a pleasant, friendly demeanor.

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It’s important to be aware of some possible cultural differences in communication and manners to help you make a good impression.

Win-wins are also a key part of Saudi negotiation culture. As such, try to make concessions as often as possible, as this will be well perceived by your Saudi colleagues and they are likely to return the favour.

If you’re new to negotiating with a different culture, it’s also a good idea to get to grips with some of the basics of cross-cultural negotiation.

If you want to learn more about Saudi business culture, why not take our great new e-learning course?

Start A Business In Saudi Arabia

This is a 30 minute long video full of information on how to best present yourself in Saudi or when working with Saudis. Saudi Arabia has been in the news lately for both positive and negative reasons. Our CEO Ivor Alex recently visited Riyadh and would like to share his views.

There has been a lot of talk about Saudi Arabia over the past few years, and more recently, the purchase of a football team in the English Premier League and hosting a Grand Prix race for the first time, providing further evidence of the kingdom’s desire. Market as a dynamic economy open to the outside world. I visited the country myself in November and would like to share my thoughts on my time there and whether it can really compete with Dubai and other players in the region to do business with.


Doing Business In Saudi Arabia

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