Social Media For Nonprofits Tips

By | March 5, 2023
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Social Media For Nonprofits Tips – Anyone who uses social media for nonprofits knows that there are unique challenges. Get your message out there and make every effort count with these time-saving tips.

Organizations are often run by small teams and volunteers, with limited resources and budgets. And with organic reach plummeting in favor of ad dollars, social media can sometimes seem like a lost cause.

Social Media For Nonprofits Tips

Social Media For Nonprofits Tips

Fortunately, there are several social media tools and resources available to nonprofits. Most platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, offer support and special features for nonprofits. But they’re not useful if you don’t know where to find them or how to use them.

Tips & A Grid For Social Media Measurement

Learn how to set up your nonprofit social media strategy for success. Get your message out there and make every effort count with these time-saving tips.

Bonus: Read the step-by-step social media strategy guide Β with pro tips on how to grow your social media presence.

Social media marketing for nonprofits allows you to share your message globally and locally. Here are the top benefits of using social media for nonprofits.

Education and advocacy is one of the first steps to effect change. Share your nonprofit’s message on social media. Communicate your mission to new followers and spread the word about new initiatives, campaigns and issues within your community. And connect with people who need support.

Small Nonprofit Crash Course: Social Media Tips

Grow your base and recruit potential volunteers, speakers, advocates and mentors. Social media can be a powerful community-building tool for nonprofits. Create channels and groups where people can participate, share resources, and stay informed about the issues they care about.

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Rally people behind your nonprofit with concrete actions they can take to support your cause. Promote marches, protests, marathons and other events. It encourages supporters to call out politicians, lobby or boycott bad actors, or simply adopt more conscientious behavior. And of course, run fundraising campaigns to collect donations.

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Social Media For Nonprofits Tips

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Nonprofit Social Media Posts To Add To Your Editorial Calendar

Show people what your nonprofit can accomplish. Build momentum by celebrating wins, big and small. Let your contributors know you value their contributions and see how their help made a difference. Share accomplishments, gratitude, and positivity, and you’ll attract more support.

Most social media platforms offer special features and resources for nonprofits. Facebook and Instagram allow nonprofits to add “donate” buttons and run fundraising campaigns from their accounts. YouTube offers Link Anywhere cards, production resources, dedicated technical support and fundraising tools.

If your nonprofit collects donations, be sure to add donation buttons on Facebook and Instagram. Both platforms also have fundraising tools. But you never know when someone might discover your nonprofit on social media and want to contribute.

As you add buttons, add links to your social media accounts to your website, newsletters, and email signatures. It makes it easy for people to connect and gives them confidence that they are following official accounts. Find all the icons you need here.

Tips To Boost Your Nonprofits Instagram Presence

There are tons of free social media resources available for nonprofits. So many, in fact, that the time it takes to go through them almost outweighs their benefits.

Nonprofits are often run by lean teams and supported by a network of volunteers with varied backgrounds, schedules, and skill levels. Social media policies for nonprofits allow organizers to provide structure and maintain flexibility.

With clear guidelines, it’s easier to onboard new volunteers and provide consistency regardless of who is managing the accounts.

Social Media For Nonprofits Tips

In addition to the social media policy, it is worth developing social media guidelines. These can be combined or treated as separate documents. Here’s what your guidelines might include:

How To Find And Use The Best Hashtags For Nonprofits[4 Simple Steps]

The guidelines should equip teams with the information they need to be successful and prevent the nonprofit from overstretching limited resources.

A content calendar is a great way to keep your nonprofit team on the same page. It also lets you plan ahead so teams with limited resources aren’t stretched too thin or left scrambling to put things together at the last minute.

Anticipate key events that are important to your cause. For example, a nonprofit that advocates for women will likely want to plan content for International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Gender Equality Week. Don’t forget traditional holidays or important birthdays either.

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Take a look at Twitter’s Marketing Calendar or Pinterest’s Seasonal Insight Planner. Keep keywords and hashtags in mind so you can benefit from greater reach during these events. #GivingTuesday is also an important social network for non-profit events.

How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media To Drive Results

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Once you’ve considered external events, check with your nonprofit for more information. Develop a social media content strategy that complements your organization’s goals. Decide when it might be best to run campaigns and fundraisers.

When are the best times for nonprofits to post on social media? We break down the best times by platform here. Be sure to also check your analytics to confirm when your followers are most connected and likely to see your posts.

Social Media For Nonprofits Tips

Hootsuite Planner is a time saver for teams, especially overworked teams. Assign tasks, approve content and see what’s coming so messages don’t get mixed up. Our composer will also suggest optimal times to publish your content.

Five Essential Tips For Nonprofits Using Social Media To Recruit Board Members β€” One Nine Design

Studies repeatedly confirm that posts with images of people in them tend to receive more engagement. Twitter research finds that videos that include people in the first frames lead to 2x higher retention. Another study by the Georgia Institute of Technology and Yahoo Labs reports that photos containing faces are 38% more likely to receive likes and 32% more comments.

Nowadays, people want to know more and more who is behind the brand and the logo. That’s true for nonprofits as well, especially since building and maintaining trust is imperative. Show your audience who founded your nonprofit and why. Introduce people to your volunteers. Tell the stories of the people and communities you’ve been able to support through your work.

Create content that people want to share. What makes a post shareable? It gives you something that people find valuable. It can be anything from an informative fact to a touching anecdote. And never underestimate the power of sharing strong visuals, especially videos.

How-tos and tutorials continue to be popular on social media, from Pinterest to TikTok. If your nonprofit social media strategy includes education, consider trying these formats.

Social Media Marketing Tips

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Statistics and facts often reveal the cold truths behind certain problems. Infographics can help you tell the story behind the numbers. Take advantage of the carousel format on Instagram to analyze complex or multilingual information in a series of images. Try to design each image as a standalone. This way, people can share the slide that speaks to them the most.

A strong call to action and motivational quotes work here too. Want to rally people behind a message? Think of your post as a sign of protest. What would you like to wear on the streets and wave on your head?

Social Media For Nonprofits Tips

With the right hashtag and nonprofit social media strategy, your organization can highlight important topics.

Social Media Tips For Nonprofits

Choose a hashtag that drives your message home and is easy to remember. For example, UNESCO created the hashtag #TruthNeverDies to raise awareness about crimes against journalists. On its own, it’s pretty self-explanatory and easy to put together. Timed to coincide with the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists, the hashtag gained more than 2 million impressions and was shared on Twitter more than 29,600 times.

Other nonprofits have taken advantage of the popularity of hashtag challenges on TikTok. The United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) has launched a #DanceForChange to promote sustainable agriculture in Africa. More than 33,000 videos were created during the campaign, accumulating 105.5 million views.

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Boost your social media marketing for nonprofits with a fundraiser. Fundraising has always been possible on social media, but now with various fundraising tools, it’s even easier to collect donations.

Nonprofit Social Media Basics

On Facebook, verified nonprofits can create a fundraiser that lives on their page. Other features include a Facebook Live donate button and a thank you tool for fundraising. You can also allow people to create personal fundraisers for your nonprofit and add donate buttons next to their posts.

Instagram also supports live donations, for fundraising that you can do yourself or that other accounts can run on your behalf. You can also create donation stickers for Instagram stories and allow people to share them.


Social Media For Nonprofits Tips

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