Top 10 Cake Shop In Chennai – Are you sweet Planning to bake something extravagant or truly decadent for a close friend? From artistic jelly cakes and Pinteresty fondant cakes to delicious cake tins and baskets, make them all with this list of the best home bakers in Chennai. Read it and try not to …

Top 10 Cake Shop In Chennai

Top 10 Cake Shop In Chennai – Are you sweet Planning to bake something extravagant or truly decadent for a close friend? From artistic jelly cakes and Pinteresty fondant cakes to delicious cake tins and baskets, make them all with this list of the best home bakers in Chennai. Read it and try not to drool!

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Top 10 Cake Shop In Chennai

Top 10 Cake Shop In Chennai

An initiative of Kavitha Murugan, TMOffers amazing cakes that taste as good as they look. Wedding cakes, party cakes, pound cakes, personalized cakes – they do it all. Don’t forget to try their bright, binge-worthy brownies along with their blondes and banana bread.

Best Valentine’s Day Cakes

Their Pinteresty, premium liqueur cakes will have you drooling as soon as you see them. Curated by Keerthy, you can get anything from Beer Truffles to Whiskey Chocolate Cakes, all made using stencils, palette knife painting techniques and watercolor effects. The flavors include pistachio cream cheese, chocolate, salted caramel, chocolate and chocolate cream cheese, lemon blueberry and lemon meringue. Jameson, Glenfiddich, Jack Daniel’s, Black Label for the whiskey brands she uses. Try the Wheat Beer Cake or Whiskey Chocolate Cake with Salted Whiskey Caramel.

If you’re looking for personalized cupcakes, Cakeistry will make it look amazing. Their personalized dentist cake (with all the dental equipment!) is our favorite. You can get cupcakes with tiny little footballs and a trophy on top. Their recent cookie told a story of two people in love, with two little people and symbols of Columbus and San Francisco on the cookies! Do you want a Shin-Chan or Minions cookie? They make those too!

They have a huge fan base and we especially love their shortbread cookies. But it’s their three-layer Theobroma cake that’s the real MVP. A whiff of this cake, and you’ll be sold! Their Tiramisu cake is also worth indulging!

From quirky animal illustrations to frosted drip cakes, Bake My Day truly #MakeYourDay (see what we did there?). Their trippy cake batter art and superhero themed cupcakes are our favorites. They also baked a chocolate cake with a woman wearing a red dress with a huge bottle of absolute vodka (relate, much?) and everything is cake! Watch ours for their Christmas cakes, cookies and other treats.

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Ten Instagram Bakers From Chennai Who Are Blowing Our Minds Right Now!

Key kid, Sabrosa Bakehouse is killing it with their brownies. Started by Sagarika Jain, tuck your people into their Lotus Biscoff or Nutella brownies and there’s no going back! Sneaky and melt-in-your-mouth, she even makes personalized brownies – Lindt, Maltesers – you name it. Oh, there’s also tres leches cake and nice breads.

From a variety of mini cheesecakes to tres leches cakes and Russian cakes – Kay’s Bakes has quite a selection of desserts on offer. Their Russian Honey Cake is our favorite along with their mini chocolate chip cookies. They make themed cakes, fondant cakes, cream filled donuts and also Dulche de Leche cakes.

Their millionaire’s shelves look too good to eat, but taste simply delightful. You can also treat yourself to fresh cookies with gooey centers, cupcakes in exotic flavors, pretzel-topped chocolate bars, marshmallows in fusion flavors, baklava rolls, macaroni, cheese pies, pastries and many more indulgent sweets. Drooling isn’t it? There is more. It’s also one of the few places in town that offers Burnt Basque Cheesecake (a must for cheesecake lovers). They also mini boxes for their cakes and breads.

Top 10 Cake Shop In Chennai

A bakery run by Mridula (who is also a young designer) from her home in Valsaravakkam, Hew & Frost specializes in wedding cakes, but there are also many other delicious items on offer. Her macarons are absolutely spot on and you can also place orders for Pinteresty cakes, gooey brownies, cute cupcakes and more. Their textured cakes are definitely a thing of beauty.

Surprisingly Best Cafes In Chennai, Good Cafes In Chennai

Known for their custom cakes, Bakeman Begins does a great job with party cakes and French entrees. They work with fondant and also make cake pops, macarons, dessert jars, baklava, dessert table items, personalized baskets and more. Everything is made to order. Read more here.

Want to keep the calories down? Contact Ekta Surana who makes Vietnamese jelly cakes that look very beautiful and can be customized to your liking according to the taste, size and appearance of the cakes. Made with sugar, water and milk, these are light, bubbly and come with beautiful flower tubes made by Ekta. They also have vegan and alcohol-infused versions of these as well. Read more here.

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Run by Ann Kumar from her home kitchen, Annz Bakeshop delivers freshly baked cookies that will make you DAYUM! You can choose from curtains, chocolate chunks and Anzac cookies along with simple but delicious cakes along with fondant and ice cream. Read more here.

We tried one of their mini cakes at #DessertBazaar and were instantly sold. Not only do her cakes look gorgeous but they also taste heavenly! Her cookies and cheesecakes are also a delight. You can also try French entremets here. They have flavors like ChocolateCrème brûlée, Tenda coconut lychee, delicate coconut pineapple and more. Look out for her hand-painted macarons too – they’re really something.

Best Bakeries For Elegant & Scrumptious Wedding Cakes Or Favors

7 types of yum brownies and a chili chocolate brownie made from one of the hottest chili peppers in the world – if you’re a brownie lover, this one’s for you. They also have a homemade brownie – just choose your brownie, sauce and toppings! Brownie flavors include triple chocolate, caramel, brookies, walnut, Ferrero Rocher and Nutella. You can make your brownie in just three simple steps. They also have eggless brownies. Brownie cakes, crumbles, pies and cookies are also offered.

Want to ditch your cakes and try something new? Check out The Mousse Studio. Run by Ubaidha, you can find some of the most indulgent mice and musk cakes here. Flavors include Theobroma, Milk Chocolate, Lotus Biscoff, Rasmalai Mousse Cake, Salted Caramel Cheese Mousse Cake (their bestseller) and more. The best part – they are all egg-free. She also makes keto-friendly and sugar-free mousses and mousse cakes.

Freshly baked cookies – three words that can make anyone smile. And Thili’s is about that. Run by Mythili, a lover of all things baked, Thili’s cookies are a blend of drinking chocolate beans, unprocessed whole wheat flour, natural vanilla and lots of love. Absolutely nothing that is artificial goes into making their cookies and that is what sets it apart. Get a bag of their chocolate chip, cranberry and chocolate chip, oat and chocolate chip, or assorted cookie bag and find out for yourself.

Top 10 Cake Shop In Chennai

Started by Kavya Prasad, D’OH has some of the tastiest blondes and brunettes in town. Their caramel triangle bars with a coconut curtain base, caramel and chocolate look absolutely tempting. They also have red velvet cupcakes, Theobroma mousse cake and cheesecakes on offer.

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Best Street Food In Chennai

Her dessert jars won many hearts, especially her water chestnut jar with coconut milk. Ice cream cakes are her other specialty along with melt-in-your-mouth biscuit pudding and Nutella Mousse. Her almond rocks are also very popular.

Pistachio eclairs. profit roles Tres Leches in a jar. Choux pastry. Pecan pies and decadent pies. Lots of fusion flavors – Baked By Sarmi serves all things baked and fancy with a dash of desi, and we love it! Cookies, macarons, cheesecakes and more are offered as well. She also makes healthy treats, so indulge guilt-free and get ready to say hello to your taste buds.

It’s all about enjoying good French desserts with this one. Choux pastries. macaroni Bakewell pies. Petits Gâteaux. Macaroni – these guys do it all. Their Opéra cakes are a hit among customers and look quite elegant. Run by two Le Cordon Bleu, London graduates, you can enjoy all kinds of French entrees along with cheesecakes, geode cakes, cookies and tarts here. Know more here.

Home-baked cookies, cakes, cupcakes and cupcakes in flavors like vanilla buttercream, chocolate truffle, strawberry buttercream and tiramisu. Aren’t you hungry just reading this? This place makes the most drool-worthy cakes with Kitkats, Oreos, Cadbury’s and all our childhood favorite chocolates. They also do customized cakes (we love their camera cake and doll cake). Their Chocolate Overdose is a must.

Best Simple Cake Recipes

We love their cakes in flavors like vanilla, chocolate, red velvet and more. People also love their fudge brownies with milk chocolate drizzle. Their Christmas sugar cookies have adorable designs and art on them. They also make tiny little cookies, personalized cakes and cupcakes. Of course, you can eat the cake and have it too – especially at these cake shops in Chennai. Whether you’re looking for a birthday cake or just a slice, you’re sure to smell the frosting here. Scroll down to find the best cake shops in Chennai and thanks for pudding with us. (wink, wink)

Located on CP Ramaswamy Road, Winner’s Bakery is among Chennai’s best and favorite cake shops. We love them for their delicious desserts and the budget prices. While the fastest moving cakes are White Forest and Red Velvet, you must try their Carrot Cakes and Pineapple Cakes. They also have muffins, muffins, and pies. The cake slices have a price

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