Top 10 Nightclubs In Mumbai – The city that never sleeps has to have something to entertain edgy party goers looking for the ultimate night out. Mumbai has a great collection of glitzy bars and disco pubs where you can shake your restless legs and dance the night away. Finding the best pubs in Mumbai …

Top 10 Nightclubs In Mumbai

Top 10 Nightclubs In Mumbai – The city that never sleeps has to have something to entertain edgy party goers looking for the ultimate night out. Mumbai has a great collection of glitzy bars and disco pubs where you can shake your restless legs and dance the night away.

Finding the best pubs in Mumbai among thousands of pubs that also suit your taste is really a difficult task. Do not worry!! We’ve made your search very easy. Here are the top 10 dance floor pubs in Mumbai:

Top 10 Nightclubs In Mumbai

Top 10 Nightclubs In Mumbai

This is a list of the best bars in Mumbai with a dance floor. Find the perfect one near you.

Top 17 Clubs In Mumbai To Party It Up In 2019

Tryst is definitely a popular place for a busy and loud disco night and the signature neon dance floor gives it electricity. The neon floor has a place for everyone who wants to dance the night away, as well as for those who just come to relax and unwind at the end of the day. Tryst opens its doors at 10pm with enthusiastic crowds right from the start.

Located in the Vivanta by Taj hotel, there is no doubt about the opulent luxury of the place. Despite this, it remains a casual restaurant and fun restro bar that offers good food and a swinging disco nightlife.

Mainstream EDM and pop music are popular genres here, and fans have a wild night dancing to the beat at Wink. The theme of the bar is Indo-Japanese and the same goes for the food, but all young people can enjoy a night here. Due to the location and condition, costs remain high and the disco is open until 1am. So if you want an evening party, this pub in Mumbai with a dance floor is the one for you.

With two floors of luxury and a resident DJ, XXO floors partygoers every time with stunning interior decor and a fantastic night of dancing. Exciting music will get you off your feet and you won’t know when the night is over, even if the club closes at 3am.

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In return for the high price, XXO offers great food with a variety of cuisines to choose from and amazing decor with floor to ceiling glass windows making the decor even more Instagrammable.

Another fascinating disco pub in the Lower Parel area, Talaiva has everything you could wish for; from great drinks and food to an electric environment. Drinks and cuisine are inspired by royal families and elaborate traditions. But at night, the disco is not like it is during the day and is crowded with lights, loud music and wild dancing. Compared to the sophisticated environment, the disco pub is relatively cheaper than the others.

Club Sirkus stays open until early morning when the sun is almost out, making it a popular spot for night owls looking for a night full of partying. With popular DJs and music artists performing here, the club will entertain guests all night with much more than just wild dancing and loud music. Located in the Sahara Star Hotel, the club is also a haven for people looking for some desi Bollywood beats to dance to.

Top 10 Nightclubs In Mumbai

Located in Mumbai’s posh LaLiT, Kitty Su is sure to attract a posh and luxury loving crowd to its late night parties. Kitty Su attracts with its typical rustic and old tasteful decor and always attracts a big crowd.

Best Pubs In Mumbai For A Night Of Drinks & Laughter

The most popular pub in town offers amazing music, delicious food and a variety of drinks to choose from. Enchanted by the elegance of Lalit, Kitty Su is one of the few nightclubs that provide pick-up and drop-off.

Offering something for all foodies, the oddly named Hoppipola is one of Mumbai’s most popular pubs. Active at night and especially on weekends, the dance pub is remembered by many for its unique and light atmosphere and even delicious delicacies. There are also other branches in the city with equally delicious food options.

At Neos you can enjoy the ultimate Mumbai nightlife and party till 3 am. In addition, the variety of fast food in Neos and Phoenix Market City will bring out the best hunger in you.

Pair this with a range of alcoholic and beverage options and you’ve got a night out with friends in the bag. You can groove to the rhythm on the huge dance floor, and the lighting enhances the atmosphere.

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Chill out with Saturday Night Fever at Fever in Malad West. The place may not really stand out with unique features like others on this list, but everything it has is spot on. From music, food and drink to a disco atmosphere, it can provide you with everything for a fun night of dancing.

Address: 1 Floor, Jagadamba Commercial Complex, Next to Northern Tadka, New Linking Road Back Side Canchpara Movie Time, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400064

Cavalry The Lounge combines a disco, pub and club experience with a healthier twist. With delicious food and drinks, the lounge invites you to watch the matches on the big screen in the IPL season with your group. While this means a great night out, the DJ and music keep the disco alive all night until almost 2am.

Top 10 Nightclubs In Mumbai

Nightlife in Mumbai never sleeps and neither do the places that entertain us overnight. With lots of other places; bars, pubs and clubs nearby, Mumbai has something for every night owl who wants to have fun. Who doesn’t love a great night out after a long week of tireless toiling at the office or college?! We all deserve a break, dammit! And when you’re in a city like Mumbai, it makes even more sense to throw a party; after all, it is the entertainment capital of India. Celebrities, glam, disco music, gatherings of revelers and clever bartenders preparing otherworldly cocktails define the city’s nightlife. If you’re a night owl who likes to live it big, then you must flock to these 10 best nightclubs in Mumbai:

Best Night Clubs In Mumbai To Party With Friends (2020 List)

The iconic Hugh-Hefner-owned brand, easily recognizable by its bunny logo, has made its foray into India with the launch of the Playboy Club in Mumbai. Bringing the charm and excitement of the original playboy club to Chicago was the main idea behind its founding. After getting past security, you head up the stairs, past the playboy bunnies and over the expensive looking (obviously) animal print carpet to the dance floor. It is a rectangular space with a wooden floor, with a bar at one end and a DJ station at the other. While you can’t attend an actual Playboy party here, you can watch them on the giant screen above the DJ station. On either side of the floor are elegant walls with tiny lights, just below them are oversized sofas. And for its name, the club is not that expensive.

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Don’t be fooled by the huge statue of a Buddhist female deity in the lobby, which seems to be quietly going about its way, pouring water from a pot, and its lush decor into thinking that Shiro is just a fancy restaurant. Sure, its high pyramidal bamboo ceiling, paneled walls, pools of water, crimson beads, plush couches, and twinkling light bulbs almost recreate an East Asian imperial palace screaming opulence and luxury, but at the heart of Shiro lies a nightclub. As the night gets darker, so does the volume of the music playing inside. Head to Shiro, shake your feet to some of the trendiest beats in town, then sit back and enjoy an amazingly fresh array of Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Cantonese and Japanese specialties with a wide selection of drinks.

Floor of what is said to be the highest tower hotel in Mumbai, the club offers you an unforgettable penthouse experience. With wooden floors, stylish high bar tables and king-sized sofas, this elegant lounge looks more like a billionaire’s mansion than a nightclub. In addition to these seats, there are low, cushioned sofas and your typical bar stools; If you want to experience the essence of Exo, try booking a table by the floor-to-ceiling window and the bird’s-eye view of Mumbai’s glittering skyline will surely amaze you. The club employs an in-house DJ who is quite adept at spinning upbeat songs. For drinks, you can go for your favorites or ask the talented bartenders to create a cocktail to your exact preferences.

When we talk about rooftop lounges, one name that must come up is Skky. It has tables in the middle of brick and mortar ponds. The place is dotted with plants that add a touch of freshness; right behind the lounge are lush hills. You will be escorted to the table by an usher who will hand you a tablet from which you can order food. Skky may not be ‘the place’ for a full-on party, but it certainly makes up for it by being the perfect place for a romantic evening. So, if you are staying at FabHotel Aksa International, do it

Top 10 Best Night Clubs In India To Party

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