Best Tools For Social Media Managers

By | March 3, 2023
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Maintaining a social media presence is essential for any business today. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram give you the opportunity to build rapport with existing customers and connect with new ones.

Best Tools For Social Media Managers

Best Tools For Social Media Managers

In fact, social media is the biggest source of inspiration for buyers, and 71% of consumers say they recommend a brand based on positive social media interactions.

The 14 Best Social Media Management Tools For Online Businesses (2023)

However, taking care of multiple social media profiles can be a time consuming task. It’s easy to spend hours searching for content to post and responding to comments. Most small teams don’t have that kind of time to tweet.

There are hundreds of such apps to choose from, and they all offer something different. Some allow you to schedule posts in advance. Others respond to messages automatically and keep track of important stats.

At Venture Harbor, we don’t like to leave you hanging. To help you start reaping the benefits of social media marketing, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the best tools for every use case and budget.

The main purpose of any social media management tool is to complement each network’s features to save time or improve engagement.

Free And Paid Social Media Analytics For Marketers

Social networks are diverse, and there are many ways companies can use them in marketing. As a result, social media tools are equally diverse in terms of functionality.

Some tools are general, while others focus on specific tasks or networks. In both categories, shining examples can help you build an audience, increase engagement, connect with potential customers, and drive traffic to your website.

For every social media management tool available today, there are five other capable apps that can fill the same role.

Best Tools For Social Media Managers

To help you find the best option for your business, we’ve put together a list of our favourites:

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The 12 Best Social Media Management Tools According To Lately

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t want to cycle through different tools to manage different networks. That’s why we love Crowdfire.

Billed as “the only social media manager you’ll ever need,” this platform lets you handle Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest pages in a single workflow.

The main purpose of this tool is paging and scheduling. Crowdfire helps you find relevant content from around the web, with an organizing feature that can filter content by topic.

Alternatively, you can turn the content on your website into shareable posts. This is really useful for promoting new blogs and products.

Best Social Media Management Tools Of 2023

The platform has a popup calendar to help you schedule posts in advance, or you can let Crowdfire suggest the best time to post. Before publishing, custom previews provide a quick overview of what your post will look like on each platform.

To help you see your return on investment, Crowdfire offers detailed analytics reports. Along with views, likes, and other standard metrics, the app helps you keep track of your competitors.

Crowdfire also allows you to manage replies, comments, and incoming messages. With a single mailbox, you can reply to people on all your networks.

Best Tools For Social Media Managers

For startups and small businesses looking for a complete solution, Crowdfire is probably the best option right now.

Of The Best Free Social Media Management Tools

Pricing: Crowdfire is free for three social accounts and 10 scheduled posts per month. There are three paid plans.

This premium tool only works with Instagram business accounts and Facebook Pages, but it has features you won’t find anywhere else.

In particular, Iconosquare excels in stats. The platform aggregates an impressive array of metrics, from average engagement to organic reach. Track posts and stories, demographic data provides valuable information about your audience.

Use promoted posts? You’ll get a before and after comparison. You can even see how your posts are performing against the big names in your niche, with 100’s of industries to choose from.

Social Media Marketing For Businesses

Iconosquare has good scheduling options, too. You can bulk upload photos and share posts, stories, and Facebook updates across multiple accounts.

We especially like the calendar view. Here you see a preview of the images scheduled for each time period, which means you can plan your posts visually.

Hashtags play an important role on Instagram, and Iconosquare lets you track them down. This makes it easy to run promotions and curate user-generated content. In addition, the platform tracks every mention and every time you are featured.

Best Tools For Social Media Managers

Used by brands like L’Oréal and National Geographic, this platform is the real deal when it comes to Instagram marketing.

Best Social Media Management Tools (free & Affordable)

Pricing: After a 14-day free trial, Pricing for Iconosquare with a Pro account starts at £29 per month (around $38). Teams who want to collaborate will need an Advanced plan at £59 per month (~$77) or a dedicated agency plan.

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While many social media platforms require you to schedule posts individually, Buffer works as a queue. You simply create a schedule for the week and upload your content. The app does the rest, pushing posts out the door every set amount of time.

This system works well for individual entrepreneurs and small teams with limited time. Install the Buffer Chrome extension or mobile app, and you can share everything you’re reading with just a few taps.

With Buffer, you can schedule Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn accounts. The interface is clean and you won’t need to spend hours learning how to use this app.

Best Social Media Management Tools To Use In 2023

For companies that want to spend more time on social media marketing, the Pro and Premium plans unlock some of the more powerful features.

This list includes a visual post layout, easy-to-use analytics, custom reports, and collaborative features – all delivered with a sense of elegance.

We’re not alone in our admiration for Buffer. Notable companies using this platform include Spotify and Shopify.

Best Tools For Social Media Managers

Pricing: Buffer is free for three accounts and 10 scheduled posts per month. There are three distinct “deployment” plans.

Top 10 Social Media Management Softwares In 2022

Most small businesses have to rely on regulation to drive social engagement. We think Post Planner is the best tool for the job.

Aimed primarily at startups and freelancers on a budget, this platform helps you rank posts that look like you in three easy steps.

To help you find content that will interest your audience, Post Planner has a smart discovery engine. Simply type in a topic, and the app will offer a selection of links that attract clicks across the internet.

The builder’s Pinterest-like interface allows you to scan quickly. In addition, Post Planner has a 5-star rating system that predicts the potential impact of posting any given link.

Best Social Media Management Tools For Beginners (free & Paid) (2023)

After you gather some content, you can set up a publishing schedule. One of the cool features is the option to select the type of content (article, photo, video, etc.) to share in each time period.

When it comes to posting, Post Planner optimizes content for each network and collects key performance statistics. This tool currently works with Facebook and Twitter groups and pages; Others will come soon.

For individuals and small businesses, the impact of this app is impressive. A massive study by Buzzsumo and Buffer found that Post Planner delivered 510% better engagement on Facebook pages than its closest competitor.

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Best Tools For Social Media Managers

Pricing: Post Planner is one of the more affordable tools on this list, with three standard plans on offer.

Free Social Media Management Tools

As a small business owner, you probably won’t have the budget to hire a full-time social media manager. Alternatively, you might want to try Edgar.

Instead of just posting your tweets, Edgar helps write them. The platform uses machine learning technology to extract key quotes from your existing content, which you can share or schedule with a single click. It is very clear how this will save time.

Edgar can pull wise words from pages, blog posts, and even audiovisual content like podcasts and YouTube videos. Anything you don’t use initially can be saved in your library for later use.

To maximize the impact of your posts, Edgar runs automatic split A/B testing. For anyone still discovering social media, this feature is very useful.

Best Social Media Management Tools (free And Paid)

Edgar posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and the platform supports a wide range of content sources.

What we love most about this platform is that you can set rules for everything. For example, you could ask Edgar to recycle content or post only once for promotion. It’s a tool that increases your impact and reduces effort.

Pinterest has a rapidly growing community of highly engaged and willing to buy users. At Venture Harbor, we consider Tailwind the best tool for sharing content on this visual discovery network.

Best Tools For Social Media Managers

Designed specifically for managing Pinterest and Instagram accounts, Tailwind allows you to schedule pins and posts in bulk. Content is published when your audience is online, and evergreen posts are automatically recycled.

Sprout Social: Social Media Management Solutions

Tailwind also allows you to create collections of Pinterest boards. This means that you can share pins to multiple boards in one click.

To further boost your Pinterest marketing, you can join the Tailwind Tribes. These are small communities of users who share common interests and work together for their common interest.

As an official Pinterest partner, Tailwind provides guidance on best practices. Regular on-screen hints tell you if you’re doing well or over the mark.

Tailwind is also an official Instagram partner. The platform provides an attractive visual calendar for planning posts in advance, with a layout that mimics the Instagram grid. This means that you can preview how your profile is

Best Social Media Management Tools For 2023

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